Wispy is the captain of the Midnight Wisps. They are most known for winning the Midnight Wisps the 2018 championship, winning the gold medal in the final event, the Sand Mogul Race. Wispy is also known for their collision with Momomomo during the 3rd event of Marble League 2017 (Fidget Spinner Collision), which resulted in Team Momo forfeiting their remaining matches in the event, thus causing Momomomo to withdraw from the remainder of Marble League 2017. The incident was featured #1 in Jelle's "Marblelympics 2017 Top 10 Video Highlights".



Wispy debuted in Marble League 2017 Qualifiers and participated in Sand Race where they got 11th. Midnight Wisps eventually qualified for Marble League 2017.

Wispy colliding with Momomomo from Team Momo

Wispy's first individual event was 5 Meter Sprint and got 8th in this event. Midnight Wisps kept placing middle until Underwater Race, Wospy's gold was able to elevate the team to 4th. In the final event, Wispy have a chance to overtake Mellow Yellow and let the team finish on the podium, but failed just short, and placed 9th in this event. Midnight Wisps finished 4th this season and Wispy scored 17 individual points


Wispy beating Whizzy from Savage Speeders in Sand Mogul Race Final in ML 2018

Midnight Wisps successfully qualified after being placed in Group B, just one point ahead of Kobalts.Wispy only managed to get 14th in Ski Jump. Midnight Wisps got three bronzes in first ten events and only placed 10th in the standings. However, the gold in Ice Hockey elevated the team to 4th place, and was eligible to win the season. Wispy participated in the final event, Sand Mogul Race and successfully qualified for the final alongside championship contender, Whizzy from the Savage Speeders. Wispy gained a huge lead after the race start and never let it go, they won the final event for the Midnight Wisps, which was enough for them to win the season.


Wispy participated in three individual events but failed to impress in all three of them, getting only 18 points. Midnight Wisps eventually finished 10th this season.


Wispy, alongside Wospy participated in Marbula One Season 1. This seaso turned out to be mediocre for Wispy as they scored only one point in the first three Grands Prix. Things turned out better for Wispy, as they did well in Razzway Grand Prix. After placing in 5th for most of the time in the race, they were able to overtake Anarchy from Balls of Chaos and finished the race in 4th, gaining 12 points. Wispy eventually finished 25th out of 32 competitors, and Midnight Wisps finished 13th out of 16 teams.

Midnight Wisps successfully qualified for this season. Wispy participated in three individual events. They failed to impress in first two, getting 11th in both of them. They, alongside Wespy, participated in Black Hole Funnel and managed to get a silver. Midnight Wisps eventually finished 4th and Wispy scored 30 individual points this season.

They and Wospy are again selected to participate in Marbula One Season 1 but Wispy was able to turn around the tables this time. They got pole in O'raceway Grand Prix but only managed to finish 8th. Wispy did not fall and their results kept getting better, as they scored a 6th and a 5th in next two Grands Prix, getting 29 points in just three Grands Prix, more than the double of what they got in S1. Wispy placed 11th out of 40 competitiors during midway of the season.


Midnight Wisps participated in Marble League Winter Special but only participated in team events.

Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Marble League 2017 Qualifiers Relay Race Team 16th 12.78 sec. 0
Sand Race Individual 11th 27.18 sec. 2
Block Pushing Team 8th 60.9 cm 5
Marble League 2017 Fidget Spinner Collision Team 6th Quarterfinal Loss 10
5-meter Sprint Individual 8th 7.24 sec. 8
Relay Run Team 9th 11.53 sec. 7
Block Pushing Team 11th 128.4 cm 5
Steeplechase Team 3rd 42.03 sec. 15
Archery Team 12th 32.5 pts 4
Sand Rally Individual 7th 1:28.34 9
Marble League 2018 Qualifiers Curling Team 2nd Runners Up 7
Halfpipe Team 5th 37.20 sec. 4
Marble League 2018 Ski Jump Individual 14th 112.4 cm 2
Halfpipe Team 3rd 28.47 sec. 15
Bobsled Team 3rd 13.39 sec. 15
Team Pursuit Team 16th 35.77 sec. 0
Curling Team 10th Heat Loss 6
Biathlon Team 4th 23.16 sec. 12
Ice Hockey Team 1st Winners 25
Sand Mogul Race Individual 1st 5.92 sec. 25
Amazing Maze Marble Race 2018 Maze Team 9th Heat Loss -
Marble League 2019 Friendly Round Block Pushing Team 2nd 96.6 cm 4
Relay Run Team 2nd 10.50 sec. 4
Marble League 2019 Underwater Race Individual 8th 16.08 sec. 8
Balancing Team 10th 220 cm 6
Gravitrax Slalom Team 6th 9.03 sec. 10
Relay Run Team 16th DSQ 0
Block Pushing Team 1st 68.2 cm 25
Summer Biathlon Individual 15th 33.87 sec. 3
Hubelino Maze Team 15th 26 pts 1
Rafting Team 2nd 36.06 sec. 20
Elimination Race Individual 9th 22.59 sec. 7
Collision Team 13th Heat Loss 3
Marbula One Season 1 Savage Speedway Grand Prix Individual 10th 5:34.46 1
Momotorway Grand Prix Individual 12th 5:48.89 0
Short Circuit Grand Prix Individual 13th 5:34.82 0
Razzway Grand Prix Individual 4th 5:33.47 12
Marble League 2020 Qualifiers Balancing Team 11th 311 cm 9
Block Pushing Team 1st 69.8 cm 25
Marble League 2020 Balancing Team 3rd 353 cm 15
Halfpipe Team 4th 59.34 sec. 12
Long Jump Individual 11th 80.90 cm 5
Block Pushing Team 1st 85.80 cm 25
5 Meter Sprint Individual 11th 6.179 sec. 5
Black Hole Funnel Duo 2nd 95.56 sec. 20
Relay Run Team 11th 8.633 sec. 5
Team Aquathlon Team 1st 18.04 sec. 25
Collision Team 5th Quarterfinal Loss 11
Marbula One Season 2 O'raceway Grand Prix Individual 8th 8:42.19 7*
Aquamaring Grand Prix Individual 5th 8:12.64 12
Arctic Circuit Grand Prix Individual 6th 8:10.91 10
Marble League Winter Special Bobsled Team 12th 7.681 sec. 4
Ice Hockey Team 11th Round of 16 Loss 5

*Wispy won pole position, thus earning them a bonus point

Career Points

Marble League

# Events Gold Silver Bronze Points
2017 2 0 0 0 17
2018 2 1 0 0 27
2019 3 0 0 0 18
2020 3 0 1 0 30
2021 TBD
Total 10 1 1 0 92

Marbula 1

# GPs Gold Silver Bronze Points
S1 4 0 0 0 13
S2 3* 0* 0* 0* 29
Total 7 0 0 0 42



  • Wispy has most individual points among all racers in Marbula One with no podium finishes.
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