Wispy is one of the members of the Midnight Wisps.

Momomomo IncidentEdit

Wispy collides with Momomomo

Wispy is most known for his collision with Momomomo during the 3rd event of the 2017 Marblelympics (Fidget Spinner Collision), which resulted Team Momo to forfeit their remaining matches in the event, thus causing Momomomo to withdraw from the remainder of the 2017 Marblelympics. The incident was featured #1 in Jelle's "Marblelympics 2017 Top 10 Video Highlights".

Individual EventsEdit

Along with the team events, he has competed individually for his team in the following events:

Event Result Place Points
Sand Race(Qual. 2017) 27.18 sec 4th (Heat 1)

11th (Total)

2 pts
5 Meter Sprint(2017) 7.18 sec (Heat 1)

7.24 sec (Semi-Finals A)

8th 8 pts
Sand Race(2017) 1:28.34 min 7th 9 pts
Ski Jump(2018) 112.4 cm 14th 3 pts
Sand Mogul


5.92 seconds 1st 25 pts
Total 46 pts
  • *Includes points from qualifying events, not counted professionally
  • Wispy's 2018 Sand Mogul win helped Midnight Wisps win the 2018 Winter Marblympics
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