Wisp of Darkness is a black and white marble who competes in Sand Marble Rally races. Wisp of Darkness has raced been racing since 2016 and is currently in the B League.

Sand Marble Rally career Edit

2016 Edit

Wisp of Darkness successfully survived elimination after race 6 and went on to finish 14th overall, with 102 points.

2017 Edit

In 2017, Wisp of Darkness qualified for the Sand Marble Rally. Despite a generally poor season, Wisp of Darkness won race 10. Wisp of Darkness went on to finish 17th overall having earned 67 points.

2018 Edit

In 2018, Wisp of Darkness failed to qualify for the A League but showed his prowess in the 2018 B League. Wisp of Darkness won two silver medals and finished 4th overall, missing out on third by just a single point to White Widow.

2019 Edit

Wisp of Darkness again did not qualify for the A League in 2019.

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