White Widow is a marble competing in the Sand Marble Rally. White Widow is entirely white in colour, making her one of the few monochrome competitors in the Marble Rally. White Widow placed third in the 2018 B League, but has remained there for 2019.

Sand Marble Rally career Edit

White Widow has been competing in the Sand Marble rally since 2016, but has found no success in the A League.

2016 seasonEdit

White Widow earned just 13 points over the first six races of the season, resulting in elimination.

2017 seasonEdit

White Widow failed to qualify in 2017.

2018 seasonEdit

White Widow failed to qualify and thus was placed in the B League for 2018. White Widow began the season well by winning the first race, and, after a second podium finish during the season, was able to place third from the B League.

2019 seasonEdit

Unfortunately for White Widow, her B League third place was just not enough to guarantee a place in the A League for 2019 and she had to complete a qualifier race. For the third time in a row, White Widow failed to qualify for the A League, finishing eighth in her qualifier.

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