The Arctic Circle is a MarbleLympics stadium located in the Arctic region of Earth. It is owned by the Royal Family of the Snowballs and operated by the International Marblelympic Committee. It is currently the home of the Snowballs MarbleLympics team and the Royal Snowflakes. The venue served as the primary stadium of the Winter MarbleLympics of 2018.

History Edit


Exterior view of the stadium.

Construction and opening Edit

Construction of the stadium started in 2014, designed by the designer and architect Nick Orlovcic, originally being home of the Gliding Glaciers. It opened in january 2015.

Risk on wildlife worries Edit

After the IMC operating the stadium, the organization spoke up about the worries questioning the endangerment on the biodiversity of the location. They have since installed a multitude of efficiency systems to shrink the Global Footprint to its bare minimum.[1]


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