Team Phoenix were introduced in Hubelino Tournament 2016, and are yellow with red stripes. They were replaced by the Bumblebees for the Hubelino Tournament 2018.

Team MembersEdit

2016 Team

Team Phoenix during Block Pushing

Hubelino Tournament 2016Edit

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Funnel Spinning - - 7th 2 7th
Catwalk All 20 pts 6th 3 7th
Halfpipe Crash All 4 pts 6th 3 8th
Elimination Maze Nix Eliminated 1st 8th 1 8th
Quartet Jump All 24 pts 1st 15 6th
Pursuit Slalom All 16.49 sec. 8th 1 7th
Swing Wave All 17 pts 6th 3 7th
Combination - - 6th 3 7th
Halfpipe Dash - - 2nd 10 7th
Relay Course All 12.24 sec. 2nd 10 7th
Block Push All 7.8 pts 2nd 10 5th
Ball Battle All 3rd Place Winner 3rd 7 4th
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