Tangerin O'Marble is one of the members of the O'rangers Marble League team.

History Edit

Tangerin got to compete in the original MarbleLympics in 2016 to represent the O'Rangers. He competed in the Sand Rally where he finished 13th after 58.99 seconds, and in the High Jump where he finished 10th.

Other than that, he also competed in the Balancing, Relay Race, Collision, Team Pursuit, Precision Slalom, and Quartet diving along with his team. He did however never win a medal.


  • Tangerin is of Dutch heritage and lives in the Floridian panhandle on the O'Marbles orange farm.[1]
  • Kinnowin was one of the founding members of the O'rangers alongside his brothers Clementin, Mandarin, Kinnowin, and his sister, Orangin.[1]


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