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Swifty is a member of the Savage Speeders. Along with fellow team member and teammate Whizzy, they hail from the city of Vellis, the place where Le Tour de Vellis were held, also the place where they met their fellow teammates, Speedy, Rapidly and Velocity.

Known for their excellency in the Hurdles event, Swifty is one of the less famous members among the team. However, they are one of the most underrated marbles in Marble Sports, as they have managed to earn 3 individual medals across six years, also getting another 10 medals alongside the team. Swifty managed to score 90 points in their career across 6 years of competition.

Swifty is an expert in speed events as they managed to score all their three medals in speed events, one of the example is the comeback in semi-final B in Hurdles where they managed to rise from last to 1st in the race, also beating the Marble League Record by 0.03 seconds. They are also known for their consistency as they have managed to get top 5 in every of their individual appearance since Marble League 2018 Friendly Round.


Pre-Marble League

Swifty and Whizzy are friends who hail from Vellis, and met Speedy, Rapidly and Velocity in 2010 during Le Tour de Vellis, a marathon event held in Vellis and running throughout the country. Speedy and Rapidly had previously competed in local tournaments at Accellaise, so they had no hesitation forming a team with Velocity, Whizzy and Swifty when Velocity brought up the idea. The five trained vigorously over the next two years in order to qualify for the marathon. After successfully qualifying, they then made headlines by finishing in fifth, a feat unheard of for a rookie team.They continued to compete in the next three years, never finishing below the top five. In 2014, they won the Tour for the first time, and repeated that victory the next year. The public started to compare the team to the unstoppable force of early berserkers, describing them as "savage". The team liked it and decided to adopt that word for themselves, becoming the Savage Speeders.


Swifty in the starting gate in Sand Rally

Swifty participated in the Marble League 2016 alongside with three other teammates. Swifty competed in the first event, Balancing with their team. Swifty scored 66, third most among the team and the team finished 5th in this event. The following event, Relay Race saw them breaking the record in the final, getting a gold medal. The team started to lose momentum as they scored only 1 point in the next three events, including Swifty's 10th in Sand Rally. Things turned out better as Velocity's gold in Water Race elevated them back to 2nd.

Savage Speeders on top of the tower in ML 2016

Swifty did not make it past the first round in High Jump and finished only 11th, getting no points in either individual events.The team was able to jump to the top with Rapidly's gold in 10 Meter Sprint. Swifty then participated in the next three consecutive team events and the team failed to score a single point, placing 2nd, two points behind the leader Thunderbolts. Speedy's gold in the final event abled the team to win the season.


Swifty's incredible comeback in semi-final B in Hurdles

The Savage Speeders automatically qualified for Marble League 2017 because of getting 1st in Marble League 2016. The Savage Speeders went out off a good start but quickly went downhills in the Fidget Spinner Collision, as they failed to win one single match in group stage and finished only 11th in this event. As a result, they dropped to 11th in the standings. Speedy's silver in 5 Meter Sprint elevated them to 3rd in the standings and Swifty was sent to compete in the next event, the Hurdles. Swifty barely managed to qualify in 2nd in Heat A after beating Skip from Jungle Jumpers. Swifty made one of the biggest comebacks in Marble League history. They started last out of the 4 competitors but kept bursting since the first hurdle and was able to break the Marble League Record by 0.03 seconds. Swifty wasn't able to repeat the victory and placed 2nd in this event. Savage Speeders The team then participated in Relay Run and Swifty served as the third runner.

Savage Speeders on the podium after the Relay Run

Savage Speeders went off to a very slow start in the heats but Swifty was able to come from behind and almost caught up with Chocolatiers and Pinkies, the two of which were far ahead from the rest of pack. The Savage Speeders eventually qualified in 2nd in the heats. The team also easily qualified in the semi-final and qualified for the final. The team was able to took the lead in the anchor, which stretched their lead in the standings up to 22 points. The Savage Speeders continued to impress but slowed down after their gold in Steeplechase, getting only 7 points in Archery and Underwater Race, and O'rangers were just 10 points behind with only one event to go.

Swifty in the starting gate in Sand Rally

Swifty was sent to participate in the final event, Sand Rally. Swifty was placed in Heat A and got off to a slow start, battling to get to a transfer spot but just couldn't do so in the early part of the race, and dropped to last for quite a few times during the race. After a bump with Yelley from Mellow Yellow, Swifty was miles behind the rest of the pack and couldn't be even seen in the screen. Swifty was able to rise to 6th at the end of the race but was still not enough to qualify. Meanwhile, Clementin from the O'rangers was able to qualify for the final. Swifty only got 12th in this event, getting 4 points, which means that Clementin only needs to get top 3 in this event in order to let the team win the season. Clementin got off to a huge lead right after the start and eventually finished 2nd, which was enough for the O'rangers to win this season. The Savage Speeders finished 2nd this season with 6 points behind the O'rangers.


The Savage Speeders automatically qualified for Marble League 2018 because of getting 2nd in Marble League 2017. They participated in the Friendly Round and Swifty got 3rd out of 4 in Ice Dash. The team eventually finished last.

Swifty getting the bronze in Ice Dash

Swifty was sent to participate in the first event of Marble League 2018, Ice Dash. Swifty was able to turn things around by placing 3rd in the final. The team continued to produce inconsistent finishes and eventually rise to the top of the standings after Whizzy's bronze in Snow Rally. Swifty then participated in Snowboard Cross and got a decent 4th-place-finish. Curling and Biathlon slowed the team down as they dropped to 3rd, but a bronze in Ice Hockey was enough for them to elevate into 2nd place, just two points behind the leader, Oceanics. Whizzy's silver in Sand Mogul Race wasn't enough for them and they settled the season in 2nd,

Swifty crossing the finish line in Amazing Maze Marble Race Final

The team participated in Amazing Maze Marble Race and Swifty did not finish the race in Group D, scoring only 2 points for the team and the team eventually finished 2nd in the group and barely qualified. Swifty was able to finish 7th in the semi-final, the 2nd highest among the team, and the team qualified for the final. Swifty got 14th in the final and the team placed 3rd.


The Savage Speeders automatically qualified for Marble League 2019 because of getting 2nd in Marble League 2018. They participated in the Friendly Round and Swifty participated in both team events. The Savage Speeders got last in the Friendly Round again.

Swifty battling with Pinky Toe from Pinkies for the lead in Dirt Race

The team again got off to a good start by getting two consecutive gold medals. Then the team started to lose momentum and dropped all the way into 7th after Summer Biathlon, but a bronze in Hubelino Maze bounced them back into 4th. Swifty then participated in Dirt Race. Swifty got off to a slow start and fell to last. Swifty was not seen for most of the time in the race and eventually finished 3rd, earning a qualifying spot in the final.

The Savage Speeders lose to the Pinkies in Collision

Swifty started out strong and took the lead immediately, but the burst of lead made them went over the course and almost got stuck in the branches, but still managed to get back on track and fell to 4th. As the leader Smoggy, who are from Hazers got caught on the course and lost the lead, Swifty moved into 3rd. Swifty suddenly started to gain speed and moved all the way from 3rd into 1st. Pinky Toe from Pinkies gained speed too and immediately got close to Swifty. Swifty tried to block Pinky Toe but failed to do so, letting them pass by. Swifty lost a bunch of speed during the battle with Pinky Toe and dropped all the way from 1st to 4th, missing the podium. A couple of poor finishes dropped them to 5th and Rapidly's 5th place finish in Sand Rally wasn't able to save them and they settled the season in 5th.


Swifty in the starting gate in 5 Meter Sprint

The Savage Speeders participated in Marble League 2020 Qualifiers, attending the qualifiers for the first time. Savage Speeders stayed strong in the first three events and rised into top of the leaderboard. Swifty was sent to participate in 5 Meter Sprint and managed to get 1st in this event.

The photo-finish in group stage in 5 Meter Hurdles

The Savage Speeders did not keep the momentum in Marble League 2020 as they placed last after two events, Whizzy's bronze in Funnel Endurance jumped them into 11th. The team jumped to 9th after Long Jump. Swifty then participated in 5 Meter Hurdles. Swifty started out second and dropped to 3rd after a few hurdles. Swax from Bumblebees started bursting and Swifty dropped to last, they were able to turn things around and eventually finished 2nd, barely qualifying for the semi-final. Swifty easily got 2nd in the semi-final and got 3rd in the final, elevating the team to 7th in the standings. Followed by a bunch of top half finishes, including Swifty's 4th place finish in Sand Mogul Race rose the team to 8th in the standings. The next three events turned out to be a huge success for the team as they managed to get podium in all three of them, including the incredible comeback in the Relay Run final, where they were able to come from last to first and beat the O'rangers to take out the win. At this point the team were only 10 points behind O'rangers.

Savage Speeders win Marble League 2020

The team 's high spirits were off in High Jump, as Whizzy ironically placed last in this event, ending the team's streak of 8 consecutive top 8 finishes, also giving Mandarin from O'rangers a chance to stretch the lead and managed to do so with a record-breaking performance which was enough to win the gold medal. With three events left, the team was 35 points behind. O'rangers shockingly lost to Oceanics in the first round and the Savage Speeders were able to move on to the final until they were beaten by Midnight Wisps by 0.01 second. The next event, Collision, was similar to the one held in 2019 and that time the team got last and O'rangers got 1st. Savage Speeders were able to get rid of the bad luck and managed to win every single match in group stage, moving onto the quarter-finals. O'rangers, on the other hand, only managed to get 1 point and got last in this event. The team kept winning and never stopped as they clinched the gold medal in this event, overtaking the O'rangers and moved into the top position. The last event, Marble Marathon saw Speedy getting 2nd place in qualifiers and Kinnowin from O'rangers at the back of the pack. Despite finishing only 9th, the Savage Speeders were able to win this season.


Savage Speeders losing to Raspberry Racers in Ice Hockey Final

The Savage Speeders were invited to participate in the Marble League Winter Special and accepted. They got off to a decent start, with Swifty getting 5th in the Ice Dash, along with Whizzy getting 6th in Snowboard Cross. However, Velocity's 15th place in Speed Skating dropped them to 9th in the standings. A 6th place finish in Bobsled was not enough and they dropped to 10th in the standings, losing the chance to become champion in this tournament. Still, they ended the Winter Special on a high note by winning a silver medal in Ice Hockey, finishing the tournament in 7th overall.

Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Marble League 2016 Balancing Team 5th 297 cm 3
Relay Race Team 1st 22.94 sec. 10
Collision Team 10th Heat Loss 0
Sand Rally Individual 10th 0:58.59 0
High Jump Individual 11th X 0
Team Pursuit Team 15th 27.55 sec. 0
Precision Slalom Team 11th 8 pts 0
Quartet Diving Team 11th 28.88 pts 0
Marble League 2017 Fidget Spinner Collision Team 11th Heat Loss 5
Hurdles Individual 2nd 9.19 sec. 20
Relay Run Team 1st 11.74 sec. 25
Block Pushing Team 5th 74.5 cm 11
Steeplechase Team 1st 41.57 sec. 25
Archery Team 13th 32 pts 3
Sand Rally Individual 12th 1:28.31 4
Marble League 2018 Friendly Round 5 Meter Ice Dash Individual 3rd 4.95 sec. 2
Curling Team 3rd - 2
Halfpipe Team 3rd 37.92 sec. 2
Marble League 2018 5 Meter Ice Dash Individual 3rd 5.06 sec. 15
Halfpipe Team 2nd 28.68 sec. 20
Bobsled Team 13th 15.52 sec. 3
Team Pursuit Team 12th 31.59 sec. 4
Snowboard Cross Individual 4th 52.50 sec. 12
Curling Team 15th Heat Loss 1
Biathlon Team 8th 24.04 sec. 8
Ice Hockey Team 3rd 3rd Place Winners 15
Amazing Maze Marble Race 2018 Maze Team 3rd 3rd Place -
Marble League 2019 Friendly Round Block Pushing Team 4th 78.9 cm 1
Relay Run Team 3rd 10.69 sec. 2
Marble League 2019 Balancing Team 7th 268 cm 9
Gravitrax Slalom Team 8th 9.70 sec. 8
Relay Run Team 12th 9.686 sec. 4
Block Pushing Team 7th 61.5 cm 9
Hubelino Maze Team 3rd 73 pts 15
Dirt Race Individual 4th 1:21.05 12
Rafting Team 10th 38.41 sec. 6
Collision Team 16th Heat Loss 0
Marble League 2020 Qualifiers Balancing Team 3rd 372 cm 18
Block Pushing Team 2nd 69.3 cm 21
5 Meter Sprint Individual 1st 5.203 sec. 25
Marble League 2020 Balancing Team 14th 233 cm 2
Halfpipe Team 15th 51.50 sec. 1
5 Meter Hurdles Individual 3rd 8.565 sec. 15
Block Pushing Team 4th 81.80 cm 12
Sand Mogul Race Individual 4th 9.343 sec. 12
Relay Run Team 1st 8.372 sec. 25
Team Aquathlon Team 2nd 18.05 sec. 20
Collision Team 1st Winners 25
Marble League Winter Special Ice Dash Individual 5th 4.771 sec. 11
Bobsled Team 6th 7.125 sec. 10
Ice Hockey Team 2nd Final Loss 20

Career Points

Marble League

# Events Gold Silver Bronze Points
2016 2 0 0 0 0
2017 2 0 1 0 24
2018 2 0 0 1 27
2019 1 0 0 0 12
2020 2 0 0 1 27
2021 TBD
Total 9 0 1 2 90



  • Swifty is the only member of the Savage Speeders to not to get any points or medals in Marble League 2016.
  • Swifty has managed to place in top 5 in every individual event in any competitions since Marble League 2018, a streak they managed to keep up until 5 Meter Hurdles in 2021, where they finished 8th.