Sublime is an active member of the Limers.

2016 Edit

Sublime participated in a total of 9 events, 6 of these events were team events.

2017 Edit

He participated in a total of 6 events, 5 of which were team events. Again, othing noteworthy from him occurred.

2018 Edit

He participated in 7 events. 5 of these were team events. In this year he got gold in the Snowboard Cross event, coming out of nowhere in the final stretch.

2019 Edit

The Limers failed to qualify for the 2019 Marblelympics, but in the qualifiers he participated in the two team events. He assisted his team in getting 2nd in Block Pushing.

Other Info Edit

Sublime got second in the 100 meter water race, losing the lead to Skip of the Jungle Jumpers at the very end. This race was just a practice for the Marblelympics, so it isn’t included in his medals.

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