Speedy is a member of the Savage Speeders. Tied with fellow team member Rapidly, Speedy is the two most successful marbles ever in the MarbleLympics in terms of medals. He has earned two gold medals and one silver medal, earning a total of 59 points in his career.

Speedy is also well known for winning Savage Speeders the MarbleLympics championship in 2016, where he won the hurdles event by 0.01 of a second.

Individual EventsEdit

Event Year Place Points
Long Jump 2016 8th 1
Hurdles 2016 1st 10
5 Meter Sprint 2017 2nd 20
Underwater Race 2017 13th 3
Ski Jump 2018 16th 0
Funnel Spinning 2019 1st 25
Total 59 pts
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