The Season 1 Savage Speedway Grand Prix was the first race of Marbula One Season 1, held on 15-16 February 2020.



Speedy of the Savage Speeders had a terrible performance here, setting a really poor qualifying lap of 31.20 seconds, which eventually led to him being positioned at the back of the grid. Clementin of the O'rangers, on the other hand, did really well and set a qualifying lap that remained unbeaten, 28.11 seconds. He was thus awarded the pole position.

True to her name, Starry of Team Galactic also had a stellar performance. Unfortunately, she was still unable to beat Clementin's qualifying lap. Her qualifying lap was 28.37 seconds, which was enough to put her beside Clementin in the front row.

Clutter of the Balls of Chaos performed poorly and set a qualifying lap of 31.12 seconds, just eight-hundredths of a second ahead of Speedy. He joined Speedy in the back row.



Pos. Marble Team Time
1 Clementin O'rangers 28.11
2 Starry Team Galactic 28.37
3 Momo Team Momo 28.40
4 Yellow Mellow Yellow 28.70
5 Snowy Snowballs 28.71
6 Razzy Raspberry Racers 28.72
7 Prim Team Primary 28.96
8 Vespa Hornets 29.11
9 Hazy Hazers 29.34
10 Mallard Green Ducks 29.54
11 Wispy Midnight Wisps 29.98
12 Rojo Uno Rojo Rollers 30.08
13 Shock Thunderbolts 30.29
14 Sublime Limers 30.41
15 Clutter Balls of Chaos 31.12
16 Speedy Savage Speeders 31.20



After the first turn, the top five marbles stayed the same as the starting grid. At the chaotic split, Starry of Team Galactic exhibited her agility and emerged from the split first, followed shortly after by Hazy of the Hazers. Going up the Conveyor Belt for the first time, not much had changed.

Going into the second lap, Prim of Team Primary took second place. In turn 12, Snowy of the Snowballs took first place, and that's how the pack went into lap 3.

During the third lap, Speedy of the Savage Speeders, who started in dead last, made an impressive recovery and jumped to third. Snowy was in first while going up the Conveyor Belt for the third time.

Prim took the lead going into lap 4. Speedy was still doing really well in third, but he unfortunately hit the attenuator at the pit lane. He also lost his third place to Starry after briefly bouncing away from the Conveyor Belt.

During the lap 6, Starry had a great overtake on Snowy, taking the better route at the split. While Snowy tried to take first place from Prim, they both had a little collapse, and with a great maneuver, Starry took the lead once again.

In lap 8, Hazy, who was having a good advance, took first place at the split, but Starry quickly retook the lead before the next turn.

Coming off the Conveyor Belt, Hazy took the lead again, but not for long. At the split, Starry overtook him once more. Hazy ended up rolling through the pit lane at the straight, allowing Prim to enter the final lap at second.

But Hazy refused to give up and started attacking his fellow podium candidates at the split, successfully overtaking Prim, who was later forced into a fight for third place against Snowy. Prim eventually missed out on the podium finish at the straight section. Hazy tried to take first place in the last turn, but Starry looked really strong resisting the attack. As a result, Starry took the first-ever Marbula One victory.

Despite his awful performance at the qualifying, Speedy managed to make up for it by finishing in 5th. But that wasn't all, he also took a bonus point for the fastest lap. Sublime of the Limers, who started in fourteenth, had an unsurprisingly poor performance, mirroring the Limers' overall performance in Marble League Showdown 2019, and was the last to finish the race.


Pos. Marble Team Laps Time Difference Grid Points
1 Starry Team Galactic 10 5:24.42 - 2 25
2 Hazy Hazers 10 5:24.47 +0.05 9 18
3 Snowy Snowballs 10 5:24.94 +0.52 5 15
4 Prim Team Primary 10 5:25.83 +1.41 7 12
5 Speedy Savage Speeders 10 5:27.92 +3.50 16 11*
6 Clementin O'rangers 10 5:28.32 +3.90 1 8
7 Razzy Raspberry Racers 10 5:30.61 +6.19 6 6
8 Mallard Green Ducks 10 5:31.42 +7.00 10 4
9 Yellow Mellow Yellow 10 5:34.43 +10.01 4 2
10 Wispy Midnight Wisps 10 5:34.46 +10.04 11 1
11 Clutter Balls of Chaos 10 5:35.28 +10.86 15 0
12 Momo Team Momo 10 5:36.50 +12.08 3 0
13 Vespa Hornets 10 5:36.77 +12.35 8 0
14 Rojo Uno Rojo Rollers 10 5:36.81 +12.39 12 0
15 Shock Thunderbolts 10 5:38.46 +14.04 13 0
16 Sublime Limers 10 5:39.98 +15.56 14 0

*Speedy set the fastest lap in this race and was awarded an extra point


Yellow Flags 0
Red Flags 0
Distance Covered 127.25 meters
Top 5 Overtakes 47*
Lead Changes 9*

*Excluding the first 10 seconds

Lap Leaders

Lap 1 Starry - Team Galactic
Lap 2 Snowy - Snowballs
Lap 3 Snowy - Snowballs
Lap 4 Prim - Team Primary
Lap 5 Prim - Team Primary
Lap 6 Starry - Team Galactic
Lap 7 Starry - Team Galactic
Lap 8 Starry - Team Galactic
Lap 9 Starry - Team Galactic
Winner Starry - Team Galactic


  • This race holds the current Marbula One record for most lead changes with 9.
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