The Savage Speeders are a Marble League team that have uniforms colored red, white, and yellow. The original members of the team are Speedy, Rapidly, Swifty and Velocity, the latter of whom was replaced by Whizzy starting in 2017, though Velocity rejoined the team as reserve member the next year.

The Savage Speeders hail from the European cities of Accellaise, Pace, and Vellis. They were already professional marble athletes themselves, even before Marble League, having competed in Le Tour de Vellis. They are also known to be pretty secretive about their training methods[1].

The Savage Speeders were the first Marble League champions, having won the 2016 season with four gold medals. However, they were also infamous for ruining their title challenges due to having issues with consistency between events, with them losing their title challenges in 2017 and 2018. Still, they have finished anywhere within the top half of every Marble League season so far, including two runners-up finishes in both 2017 and 2018.

As one of the few teams that have appeared in every Marble League edition so far, the Savage Speeders are the most successful team in Marble League history and hold a number of Marble League records. They also hold the record for the most gold medals at 11, the most total medals at 24.

The Savage Speeders were trailing behind the Hazers throughout Marbula One Season 1, but eventually became the first winners of Marbula One.

In the Marble League 2020, the Savage Speeders got off to a rough start, ending up in last place two events in, but the team had a strong second half of the season, and eventually went on to win the Marble League for the second time, thereby completing the treble, after winning both Marbula One Season 1 and the Marble League 2020 Qualifiers.

Team Members


Swifty, Speedy, Rapidly, and Velocity

Speedy, Rapidly, Swifty and Velocity (the team that won Marble League 2016) were the original members of the Savage Speeders. In 2017, Velocity was replaced by Whizzy. However, Velocity returned in 2018 as a reserve member for the team. Speedy became team captain in 2019. In 2020, Whizzy swapped places with Velocity to become the reserve, making the latter a regular member of the team.

2016 Team 2017 Team 2018 Team 2019 Team 2020 Team
Speedy Speedy Speedy Speedy Captain.png Speedy Captain.png
Rapidly Rapidly Rapidly Rapidly Rapidly
Swifty Swifty Swifty Swifty Swifty
Velocity Velocity Velocity Velocity
Whizzy Whizzy Whizzy Whizzy
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member

Members Timeline


Manager From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
Savvy October 2020[2] present 2 0 0 0 0


Coach From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
Quickly 25 February 2019[3] present 46 7 4 6 17 M1 S1 Racers' Championship
M1 S1 Teams' Championship
ML 2020 Qualifiers 1st Place
2020 Marble League Champion

Note: Events include any kind of events (friendlies, qualifiers, other tournaments, ...).


Pre-Marble League

Four of the original members of the Savage Speeders

The Savage Speeders come from three Western European cities – Accellaise on the southern coast, Pace on the same coastline to the east, and the capital city of Vellis, each of which is individually known for its cultural, artistic, and economic significance. Speedy and Rapidly are brothers from Accellaise, Velocity comes from Pace, and Swifty and Whizzy, who are friends, hail from Vellis.

The five met in 2010 during Le Tour de Vellis, a marathon event held in Vellis and running throughout the country. Speedy and Rapidly had previously competed in local tournaments at Accellaise, so they had no hesitation forming a team with Velocity, Whizzy and Swifty when Velocity brought up the idea. The five trained vigorously over the next two years in order to qualify for the marathon. After successfully qualifying, they then made headlines by finishing in fifth, a feat unheard of for a rookie team.

The team disclosed very little about their training as they consider it one of their most important secrets. They continued to compete in the next three years, never finishing below the top five. In 2014, they won the Tour for the first time, and repeated that victory in the next year. The public started to compare the team to the unstoppable force of the Vikings, describing them as "savage". The team liked it and decided to adopt that word for themselves, and that's how they come to be known as the Savage Speeders.


The Savage Speeders were approached by Greg Woods in private to see whether they were interested in taking part in Marble League 2016. After accepting Woods' invitation, the team announced they would retire from Le Tour de Vellis. They purchased a stadium in Accellaise and named it Le Course de Sauvage. The lack of explanation led to widespread confusion and disappointment from their fans.

The Savage Speeders competed in Marble League 2016, but during the tournament, Whizzy chose to watch from the sidelines. The team started Marble League 2016 fairly inauspiciously, finishing in fifth in the first event, Balancing. They earned their first gold medal and set a new Marble League Record in Event 2, Relay Race. After accumulating a single point throughout the next three events, the team were starting to fall behind. But then, Velocity won the team another gold medal in Event 6, Water Race, and Rapidly won one more and broke another Marble League Record in Event 8, 10 Meter Sprint.

However, the Savage Speeders didn't earn any more points until the final event, Hurdles. In the event, Speedy made it to the final. The final race came down to a photo finish between them and Yellup of Mellow Yellow. The slow-motion replay revealed that Speedy had won, winning their team their fourth gold of Marble League 2016, and in turn winning them the Marble League championship. The final race of the hurdles event holds the record of the closest grand final race in Marble League history (0.01 seconds).

Because of potential media attention, the Savage Speeders had to close their stadium before they began travelling around the world on a victory tour. The tour ended with the team arriving in Vellis, where a day-long parade was held along the same route as the year's Le Tour de Vellis. The team were presented with an honorary key to the city, leading to the team hashtag, "#SpeedIsKey".

Over the next six months, the Savage Speeders revealed nothing to the public about their offseason training, which becomes standard practice for the team. Their stadium is usually closed to the public and is guarded by local police 24 hours a day. In response, some marble sports fans post joke events on MarBook every year, which involve raiding the stadium in an attempt to discover the team's secrets. None have ever happened, although one year a streaker rolled past the stadium and was apprehended by the police.


Since the Savage Speeders had won the previous Marble League edition, they automatically qualified for Marble League 2017 and did not have to participate in the qualifiers. Whizzy took Velocity's place and participated in Event 1, Funnel Race, coming 4th. This was followed by a sixth place finish for Rapidly in Event 2, Long Jump, and an eleventh place finish for the team in Event 3, Fidget Spinner Collision. The team had only accumulated 27 points in the first three events, and were in 11th place overall.

Savage Speeders on the podium after the Relay Race event

However, the Savage Speeders proved their status with a silver medal for Speedy in 5-meter Sprint, followed by another silver for Swifty in Hurdles. The team jumped to first, then stretched their lead to 22 points with a gold medal in Event 6, Relay Run. They hovered around a 20-point lead for the next two events, Block Pushing and High Jump. They then went on to win another gold medal in Event 9, Steeplechase. The team remained in the lead after the event, and were 27 points ahead of Mellow Yellow.

Unfortunately, the Savage Speeders could not keep their momentum and did not medal again. In fact, the next two events, Archery and Underwater Race, saw the team perform very poorly, earning only 7 points in the process. Meanwhile, the O'rangers, who were high in morale at the time, rose to second overall and were 10 points behind following their silver medal in the Underwater Race event.

At this point, the Savage Speeders started to fear they could end up losing their much-desired second Marble League championship. That fear was confirmed when Swifty was eliminated in the heats of the final event, Sand Rally. At the final of the event, the O'rangers finished second and won another silver medal. As a result, the O'rangers had won Marble League 2017, while the Savage Speeders, after having stayed in first for the last seven events, dropped to second, six points behind.


The Savage Speeders disappeared from the public for much of the offseason, and made their next public appearance at the Marble League 2018 Friendly Round, having automatically qualified for Marble League 2018. Velocity rejoined the team as the reserve member. The Savage Speeders came third in all events and finished the Friendly Round in last place. They were certainly not very happy with this.

True to the fears from their bombed Friendly Round performance, the Savage Speeders had waves of good and bad finishes throughout Marble League 2018. The team started the season with a bronze medal in the 5 Meter Ice Dash event, putting them behind the Oceanics and the rookie Hazers in the standings. However, Speedy faltered in Ski Jump and came in last, and the team plunged to 9th overall.

Because of this, Velocity was called in to replace Speedy for the next event, Halfpipe. It worked, and the Savage Speeders won a silver medal, despite coming in last in the first round. The team then had a disappointing thirteenth place finish in Event 4, Bobsled, but claimed another silver medal in Event 5, Speed Skating. After a twelfth place finish in Team Pursuit, they yet again claimed their third silver medal of the season in Snow Rally. This finally put the team in first place in the standings. Even then, many fans believe this silver medal was the reason why the Savage Speeders did not win Marble League 2018.

The Savage Speeders held onto the lead until Event 9, Curling. Their second-to-last finish in the event made the team drop to third in the standings, and they remained there after Event 10, Biathlon. Despite managing to finish on the podium in the final two events, Ice Hockey and Sand Mogul Race, the team fell one point short of the eventual overall winners, the Midnight Wisps, who passed them in the last minute of Marble League 2018.

The Savage Speeders took a long rest for the offseason before making a few more public appearances due to fan demand. Whizzy represented the team in the 100 Meter Water Race, and they finished sixth. The team also took part in the Amazing Maze Marble Race. In the group stage, the Savage Speeders missed out on first in their group, but qualified for the semifinals thanks to their pointage of 41. The team went on to advance to the final and finish third.


The Savage Speeders' next offseason public appearance was at the Marble League 2019 Friendly Round, which they again attended due to their automatic qualification for Marble League 2019. Once again, the team finished in last with only nine points. In fact, they didn't win any of the four events of the round. Desperate for help, the team decided to get a new coach.

In late February 2019, the Savage Speeders hired Quickly as their coach. After observing the team members' pent-up frustration from missing out on the last two Marble League championship titles, Quickly deduced the team blamed the other teams for their losses instead of trying to get over those losses, leading to a lot of toxic energy. They then advised them to transmute their toxic energy into a positive performance.

The Savage Speeders had a strong start to Marble League 2019, with a gold medal for Rapidly in the first event, Underwater Race, followed by another gold for Speedy in Event 2, Funnel Race. Afterwards, the team slipped away, placing within the top half in only three of the next seven events. They held the lead in the standings for the first four events, but in Event 5, the 5 Meter Sprint, Whizzy shocked everyone by finishing in dead last, and the team slipped to second. They hoped to recoup in Event 6, Relay Run, but they came last in their heat and finished in 12th. They then dropped to 7th place after Summer Biathlon, and stayed there after Event 9, Hurdles Race. A bronze medal in the Hubelino Maze event brought the team up to 4th place.

The next event, Dirt Race, set the tone for the rest of the season. Swifty qualified for the final. They nearly crashed out during the first third of the final, but with a burst of speed, they rolled past Ducky of the Green Ducks into first. However, just before the finish line, Pinky Toe of the Pinkies zoomed down the course out of nowhere, ending up just behind Swifty, who promptly responded by trying to block them. Pinky Toe got past Swifty and won the Pinkies their first ever gold medal. Swifty was so stunned, they didn't even notice they were passed by Ducky. Rozzy of the Raspberry Racers beat them for the bronze medal for the last five-hundredth-a-second.

The Savage Speeders were left trailing the top three teams by twenty points. A string of mediocre finishes followed. After Event 14, Surfing, the team could still finish in the top three with good finishes in the final two events, but they fell apart and came last in Event 15, Collision. They fell to fifth, losing out on fourth to Mellow Yellow. Rapidly could not turn this around as they finished the final event, Sand Rally, in fifth. The Savage Speeders concluded Marble League 2019 in fifth overall, the team's worst result so far. Not only was this the first time they had finished outside of the top three, this was also the first time they would not automatically qualify for a Marble League tournament.


The Savage Speeders disappeared from the public in order to ponder what happened. Sometime later, Quickly announced to the team that they had been invited to take part in Marbula One Season 1. The team promptly accepted the invitation, and chose Speedy and Rapidly, going by the nicknames of "Speed Freak" and "Maroon Missile" respectively, to represent them. The Savage Speeders had also been selected to host the first ever Marbula One Grand Prix[4]. The rest of the team went on to prepare Le Course de Sauvage for Marbula One, building the course themselves. They named the course the Savage Speedway, and also renamed the stadium to clear up confusion.

Speedy was selected to take part in the Savage Speedway Grand Prix and, during the qualifiers, set a time of 31.20 seconds. Unfortunately, everyone else managed to beat that time, leaving them distraught as they qualified in last place. However, Speedy was able to make up for it in the race. By lap 3, they had even moved all the way up into third place, and Speedy eventually finished the race in fifth, earning ten points and also an extra point for setting the fastest lap.

Rapidly debuted at the second Grand Prix, the O'raceway Grand Prix, and qualified in sixth. During the race, Rapidly managed to enter the top five and stayed there for most of the race. They only left the top five when they assisted Wospy of the Midnight Wisps, who had fallen off the conveyor belt and stopped rolling. Their bump got Wospy moving again. Rapidly climbed up the ranks again into second, and closed in on Billy of the Green Ducks. Ultimately, Rapidly was unable to surpass them and finished in second place. The Savage Speeders rose to third in the team standings.

Living up to their name, the Savage Speeders continued to do well in the next two events. Speedy came sixth at the Momotorway Grand Prix, while Rapidly got another second place finish at the Hivedrive Grand Prix. This put them into first in the individual racers' standings and helped the Savage Speeders stay in third in the team standings. The team started to feel better for the moment.

However, Rapidly was tired from their last Grand Prix and finished the Greenstone Grand Prix in 15th place. Coach Quickly decided to put Speedy in for the Short Circuit Grand Prix, where they finished in third after leading the race for four of the laps. This put the Savage Speeders into first overall, but Rapidly lost the lead in the individual standings. Rapidly managed to redeem themself by finishing seventh in their last Grand Prix, the Razzway Grand Prix, but the team dropped to second, fourteen point behind the Hazers, thanks to Smoggy's race win there. Rapidly was no longer able to win the individual Racers' Championship.

The Savage Speeders went into the final looking to win the first ever Marbula One season, just like in Marble League 2016. Speedy captured pole position at the Qualifiers for the Midnight Bay Grand Prix, which was unfortunately mired in controversy due to the fact that they started their qualifying lap a few seconds after Clementin of the O'rangers started their lap. Even though Speedy was found to have gained no advantage from their early start, some angry fans started to accuse the Savage Speeders of cheating once again.

Unfazed by the controversy, Speedy went on to the race and shot into the lead, staying there for all but two of the laps. Their fight for the lead with Prim of Team Primary notwithstanding, Speedy was still able to finish the race in first, earning them the much-desired individual Racers' Championship title. With Hazy of the Hazers finishing in eighth, the Savage Speeders had also won the Marbula One Season 1 Teams' Championship.

The Savage Speeders were very happy with their most recent victory as they decided to take a rest before training again for the Marble League 2020 Qualifiers. In fact, they were more than eager to prove their place in the Marble League once more, as their success in Marbula One would serve as a great boost to their morale for the qualifiers. Sometime after Marbula One, the team had a change in their roster, where Whizzy and Velocity would swap places, with Velocity back to the main team roster and Whizzy becoming the reserve member.[5]

The Savage Speeders entered the Marble League Qualifiers for the first time, and were able to finish top of the qualifiers, therefore qualifying for Marble League 2020. Once the season started however, things went horrifyingly wrong. In the first event Balancing, the Savage Speeders failed to have anyone land at the finish zone, one of only four teams to do so, and they finished an abysmal 14th. Things only got worse for them as they finished second-to-last in the Halfpipe event, as they stumbled to rock bottom of the League for the first time in their history with just 3 points. To worsen the situation, their fiercest rivals, the O'rangers, managed a gold medal in the same heat, leaving them frustrated with their performances.

However, they would recover with a bronze medal in the Funnel Endurance event (courtesy of Whizzy), then a 9th place finish at the Newton's Cradle event. The Savage Speeders continued to deliver, with consistent top half finishes in the next 6 events, topped off with bronze medals from Swifty in the 5 Meter Hurdles, and Velocity in the 5 Meter Sprint. This propelled them into 7th in the Marble League, just 1 point off 6th place Hazers, and 8 points above 8th place Team Galactic. Their 24-event gold medal drought would finally end in the 11th event, with Speedy and Rapidly clinching the win with a stellar 100-second time. This was followed by a stellar performance in the 5 Meter Relay which they won at the expense of the O'rangers, sending them just 10 points off the O'rangers with four events left to go. However, a miscalculated landing early on by Whizzy hampered their performance in the High Jump event, causing them to finish dead last. The O'rangers took advantage of this and won the event with a dominating performance, extending their lead at the top to 35 points. It seemed almost impossible for anyone to surpass them.

But then again, the same was said for the Savage Speeders themselves back in 2017.

Capitalizing on Oceanics' upset victory over the O'rangers in the first round of the Team Aquathlon, the Savage Speeders fought their way to the final, earning themselves a silver medal after losing to the Midnight Wisps. The O'rangers lead shrunk to 20 points. Then, in a colossal improvement of showing in the Collision, coach Quickly finally earned true vindication for their tactics as the Speeders cruised to a gold medal in the penultimate event, a direct reverse from their 16th place finish the year earlier. This performance, on top of the O'rangers 16th place finish (another reverse of the 2019 event), brought Savage Speeders to the top of the leaderboard, with a slender 5 point lead carried into the final event: the Marathon.

The marathon initially went well for Speedy, who performed well in the placement race to finish 2nd. Unfortunately, a hard collision as the actual event started cost Speedy all their momentum, leaving them stranded. However, with the Wospy of the Midnight Wisps pushing for a podium position (which would've won them the Marble League had Speedy finished below 13th), Speedy regained their composure and pulled back a few spots towards the end to finish 9th, shattering the Midnight Wisps' hope for their repeat title. All the Savage Speeders needed was for Kinnowin, racing for the O'rangers, to finish below 4th. He finished 11th.

The Savage Speeders, against all odds, finally had their revenge after their 2017 heartbreak, and won the 2020 Marble League with a final total of 202 points, 7 points ahead of runners-up O'rangers. In doing so, they become the first team in the history of Marble League to win the championship twice.

After the trophy presentation, they formed a circle around the trophy with title rivals O'rangers in celebration, as a gesture of goodwill and sportsmanship, a fitting way to end off one of the greatest title races in Marble League history. Both teams, alongside the third-placed Minty Maniacs, secured a spot in the 2021 Marble League, which will be hosted by the Crazy Cat's Eyes.

With their historic treble-winning campaign, the Savage Speeders were invited to participate in Marbula One Season 2, which they accepted, and sent out Speedy and Rapidly again for the season. Before the season, the Speeders were tipped as a favorite for the Marbula One title, as they will be competing off the back of a comeback season. The season didn't start off too well. During Lap 5 in the first Grand Prix of the season, Speedy fell off the conveyor belt, and fell in-between the guides. The Speeders subsequently dropped out of the Grand Prix. Thankfully, it was confirmed that Speedy's injuries were minor, and should be able to compete soon. This injury took a toll on his sibling Rapidly's performance, as Rapidly finished dead last in the O'raceway Grand Prix. As a result, the team dropped to second-to-bottom.

But then, in the Honeydome Grand Prix, Speedy has fully recovered from the injury, and put up a stellar performance, as Speedy took pole position, earning the Speeders their first point of the season. Then, Speedy came back from 8th place to first overall, and kept it throughout the second-half of the race. The Savage Speeders fans eurpted, as their captain won the Grand Prix and the Pole Position, shooting the Speeders all the way up to 5th place overall. Many thought Rapidly would also perform well in the Aquamaring Grand Prix, but he ended up qualifying 16th out of 20 racers, and finished last. By now, many people are raising serious questions whether or not Rapidly still has it or not, with many beginning to compare him to a cube, a term once used for Team Primary's Mary. Rapidly's poor performance caused the Savage Speeders to drop to 7th overall.

Marble League 2016

Main article: Marble League 2016

The Savage Speeders finished first in this season with 4 gold medals and 44 points.

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Balancing All 297 cm 5th 3 5th
Relay Race All 22.94 sec. (MR) 1st 10 1st
Collision All Heat Loss 10th 0 3rd
Sand Rally Swifty 0:58.59 10th 0 5th
Long Jump Speedy 90.4 cm 8th 1 6th
Water Race Velocity 1:16.08 1st 10 2nd
High Jump Swifty X 11th 0 3rd
10 Meter Sprint Rapidly 4.968 sec. (MR) 1st 10 1st
Team Pursuit All 27.55 sec. 15th 0 2nd
Precision Slalom All 8 pts 11th 0 2nd
Quartet Diving All 28.88 pts 11th 0 2nd
Hurdles Speedy 5.33 sec. 1st 10 1st

Marble League 2017

Main article: Marble League 2017
Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Funnel Race Whizzy 1:24.82 4th 12 4th
Long Jump Rapidly 69.9 cm 6th 10 7th
Fidget Spinner Collision All Heat Loss 11th 5 11th
5-meter Sprint Speedy 6.15 sec. 2nd 20 3rd
Hurdles Swifty 9.19 sec. 2nd 20 1st
Relay Run All 11.74 sec. 1st 25 1st
Block Pushing All 74.5 cm 5th 11 1st
High Jump Whizzy 37 cm 5th 11 1st
Steeplechase All 41.57 sec. 1st 25 1st
Archery All 32 pts 13th 3 1st
Underwater Race Speedy 14.08 sec. 12th 4 1st
Sand Rally Swifty 1:28.31 12th 4 2nd

Marble League 2018

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Friendly Round

2018 Savage Speeders logo

The Savage Speeders automatically qualified for Marble League 2018 due to their 2nd place finish in Marble League 2017 as the top 4 from the previous season qualify. They participated in the Friendly Round, a tournament for pre-qualified teams against hosts the Snowballs, Mellow Yellow and 2017 Champions the O'rangers.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
5 Meter Ice Dash Swifty 4.95 sec. 3rd 2 3rd
Curling All - 3rd 2 4th
Halfpipe All 37.92 sec. 3rd 2 4th

Main Tournament

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
5 Meter Ice Dash Swifty 5.06 sec. 3rd 15 3rd
Ski Jump Speedy 111.8 cm 16th 0 9th
Halfpipe All 28.68 sec. 2nd 20 4th
Bobsled All 15.52 sec. 13th 3 6th
Speed Skating Rapidly 30.57 sec. 2nd 20 3rd
Team Pursuit All 31.59 sec. 12th 4 6th
Snow Rally Whizzy 46.23 sec. 2nd 20 1st
Snowboard Cross Swifty 52.50 sec. 4th 12 1st
Curling All Heat Loss 15th 1 3rd
Biathlon All 24.04 sec. 8th 8 3rd
Ice Hockey All 3rd Place Match Winner 3rd 15 2nd
Sand Mogul Race Whizzy 6.19 sec. 2nd 20 2nd

Other 2018 Competitions

The Savage Speeders took part in two other competitions in 2018: the 100 Meter Water Race and the Amazing Maze Marble Race.

Event Participant Final Result Place
100 Meter Water Race Whizzy 4:01.22 6th
Amazing Maze Marble Race All 28 pts 3rd

Marble League 2019

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Savage Speeders' original logo for the 2019 season, designed by Hersh.

Savage Speeders logo, designed by Pim Leurs.

The Savage Speeders again automatically qualified for Marble League in 2019 because of their second place finish in 2018.

Friendly Round

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Funnel Race Whizzy 1:26.10 3rd 2 3rd
Block Pushing All 78.9 cm 4th 1 4th
Relay Run All 10.69 sec. 3rd 2 4th
Underwater Race Speedy 30.34 sec. 2nd 4 4th

Main Tournament

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Underwater Race Rapidly 15.18 sec. 1st 25 1st
Funnel Race Speedy (C) 2:11.07 1st 25 1st
Balancing All 268 cm 7th 9 1st
Gravitrax Slalom All 9.70 sec. 8th 8 1st
5 Meter Sprint Whizzy 6.367 sec. 16th 0 2nd
Relay Run All 9.686 sec. 12th 4 4th
Block Pushing All 61.5 cm 7th 9 4th
Summer Biathlon Rapidly 33.34 sec. 13th 3 7th
Hurdles Race Velocity 9.194 sec. 10th 6 7th
Hubelino Maze All 73 3rd 15 4th
Dirt Race Swifty 1:21.05 4th 12 4th
Rafting All 38.41 sec. 10th 6 4th
Elimination Race Whizzy 25.95 sec. 12th 4 4th
Surfing Speedy (C) 47.88 sec 7th 9 4th
Collision All Group Loss 16th 0 5th
Sand Rally Rapidly 2:01.62 5th 11 5th

Marbula One Season 1

Main article: Marbula One Season 1
Season Entrant SAV ORA MOM HOR GDK TBO RSP MNW Points Total
S1 Speedy 5 6 3 1 1st (59) 1st (101)
Rapidly 2 2 15 7 6th (42)
Grand Prix Participant Qualifying
Time Place Points Overall
Savage Speedway Speedy 16th 5:27.92 5th 11 5th 5th -
O'raceway Rapidly 6th 5:20.56 2nd 18 3rd 9th 3rd
Momotorway Speedy 7th 5:43.17 6th 8 3rd 6th 8th
Hivedrive Rapidly 7th 5:34.04 2nd 18 3rd 9th 1st
Greenstone Rapidly 11th 6:12.86 15th 0 3rd 14th 1st
Short Circuit Speedy 2nd 5:30.53 3rd 15 1st 5th 3rd
Razzway Rapidly 3rd 5:35.90 7th 6 2nd 7th 4th
Midnight Bay Speedy 1st 7:54.57 1st 25 1st 1st 6th

Marble League 2020

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The Savage Speeders qualified for Marble League 2020.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Balancing All 372 cm 3rd 18 3rd
Funnel Endurance Whizzy 2:09.89 6th 14 2nd
Block Pushing All 69.3 cm 2nd 21 1st
5 Meter Sprint Swifty 5.203 sec. 1st 25 1st

Main Tournament

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Balancing All 233 cm 14th 2 14th
Halfpipe All 51.50 sec. 15th 1 16th
Funnel Endurance Whizzy 2:03.13 3rd 15 11th
Newton's Cradle Rapidly & Speedy 99.80 cm 9th 7 11th
Long Jump Velocity 81.80 cm 4th 12 9th
5 Meter Hurdles Swifty 8.565 sec. 3rd 15 7th
Block Pushing All 81.80 cm 4th 12 7th
Triathlon Rapidly 34.79 sec. 7th 9 8th
Sand Mogul Race Swifty 9.343 sec. 4th 12 8th
5 Meter Sprint Velocity 6.007 sec. 3rd 15 7th
Black Hole Funnel Rapidly & Speedy 102.24 sec. 1st 25 5th
Relay Run All 8.372 sec. 1st 25 2nd
High Jump Whizzy 35.5 cm 16th 0 2nd
Team Aquathlon All 18.05 sec. 2nd 20 2nd
Collision All Winner 1st 25 1st
Marble Marathon Speedy 10:43.49 9th 7 1st

Marbula One Season 2

Main article: Marbula One Season 2
Season Entrant MNT ORA BEE OCE BOC SNO Points Total
S2 Speedy DNF 1st 26* 7th (26)*
Rapidly 16th 16th 0*

* Season still in progress

Grand Prix Participant Qualifying
Time Place Points Overall
Minty Mania Speedy 4th DNF 16th 0 16th 16th -
O'raceway Rapidly 10th 8:49.54 16th 0 19th 32nd 31st
Honeydome Speedy 1st 7:52.81 1st 26* 5th 4th 34th
Aquamaring Rapidly 16th 8:25.61 16th 0 7th 5th 37th

* Speedy qualified for pole position, earning him 1 extra point


Marble League

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2016 12 4 0 0 4 1st 44
2017 12 2 2 0 4 2nd 150
2018 12 0 4 2 6 2nd 138
2019 16 2 0 1 3 5th 146
2020 16 3 1 3 7 1st 202
2021 Qualified

Marbula One

Season Grands
Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
S1 8 1 2 1 4 1st 101
S2 12 TBD

Team Members' Individual Scores

Marble League

Marble Competed in Individual events
participated in
Medals Won Total Individual Points
Rapidly Marble League 2016
Marble League 2017
Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
10 Meter Sprint (2016)
Long Jump (2017)
Speed Skating (2018)
Underwater Race (2019)
Summer Biathlon (2019)
Sand Rally (2019)
Newton's Cradle (2020)
Triathlon (2020)
Black Hole Funnel (2020)
3 gold medals
1 silver medal
0 bronze medals
120 pts
Speedy Marble League 2016
Marble League 2017
Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
Long Jump (2016)
Hurdles (2016)
5-Meter Sprint (2017)
Underwater Race (2017)
Ski Jump (2018)
Funnel Race (2019)
Surfing (2019)
Newton's Cradle (2020)
Black Hole Funnel (2020)
Marble Marathon (2020)
3 gold medals
1 silver medal
0 bronze medals
108 pts
Swifty Marble League 2016
Marble League 2017
Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
Sand Rally (2016)
High Jump (2016)
Hurdles (2017)
Sand Race (2017)
5 Meter Ice Dash (2018)
Snowboard Cross (2018)
Dirt Race (2019)
5 Meter Hurdles (2020)
Sand Mogul Race (2020)
0 gold medals
1 silver medal
2 bronze medal
90 pts
Velocity Marble League 2016
Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
Water Race (2016)
Hurdles Race (2019)
Long Jump (2020)
5 Meter Sprint (2020)
1 gold medal
0 silver medals
1 bronze medals
43 pts
Whizzy Marble League 2017
Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
Funnel Race (2017)
High Jump (2017)
Snow Rally (2018)
Sand Mogul Race (2018)
5 Meter Sprint (2019)
Elimination Race (2019)
Funnel Endurance (2020)
High Jump (2020)
0 gold medals
2 silver medals
1 bronze medal
82 pts

Italics - As reserve member

Marbula One

Marble Competed in Races participated in Medals Won Total Individual Points
Rapidly Marbula One S1
Marbula One S2
O'raceway GP (S1)
Hivedrive GP (S1)
Greenstone GP (S1)
Razzway GP (S1)
O'raceway GP (S2)
0 gold medals
2 silver medals
0 bronze medals
42 pts
Speedy Marbula One S1
Marbula One S2
Savage Speedway GP (S1)
Momotorway GP (S1)
Short Circuit GP (S1)
Midnight Bay GP (S1)
Minty Mania GP (S2)
Honeydome GP (S2)
2 gold medals
0 silver medals
1 bronze medal
85 pts

Marble League Records

Games Event Record Holder Result
Marble League 2016 10 Meter Sprint Rapidly 4.968 s
Marble League 2016 Relay Race Savage Speeders 22.94 s
Marble League 2017 Hurdles Swifty 8.69 s*

Notes: * - Record was set in the semi-final round of the event

Medal History

Marble League 2016

Event Participant Result Medal Notes
Relay Race All 22.94 s Gold MR
Water Race Velocity 1:16.08 Gold
10 Meter Sprint Rapidly 4.968 s Gold MR
Hurdles Speedy 5.33 s Gold

Marble League 2017

Event Participant Result Medal Notes
5 Meter Sprint Speedy 6.15 s Silver
Hurdles Swifty 9.19 s Silver
Relay Race All 11.74 s Gold
Steeplechase All 41.57 s Gold

Marble League 2018

Event Participant Results Medal Notes
5 Meter Ice Dash Swifty 5.06 s Bronze
Halfpipe All 28.68 s Silver
Speed Skating Rapidly 30.57 s Silver
Snow Rally Whizzy 27 sp

46.10 s

Ice Hockey All --- Bronze
Sand Mogul
Whizzy 6.19 s Silver

Marble League 2019

Event Participant Results Medal Notes
Underwater Race Rapidly 15.18 s Gold
Funnel Spinning Speedy 2:11.07 Gold
Hubelino Maze All 73 p Bronze

Marble League 2020

Event Participant Results Medal Notes
Funnel Endurance Whizzy 2:03.13 Bronze
5 Meter Hurdles Swifty 8.565 s Bronze
5 Meter Sprint Velocity 6.007 s Bronze
Black Hole Funnel Rapidly and Speedy 102.24 Gold
Relay Run All 8.372 s Gold
Team Aquathlon All 18.05 s Silver
Collision All Winner Gold



  • In both the 2016 and 2017 editions of the Marble League, some viewers accused the Savage Speeders of doping due to strong performances in both editions. Jelle's Marble Runs did, however, confirm that all testings discovered no illegal substances[6].
  • After winning Steeplechase on 9 August 2017, the Savage Speeders become the first team to win different events on the same day of different years. They won the Relay Race on 9 August 2016.
  • Each of the Savage Speeders team members has finished on the podium of individual events at least once.
  • In every Marble League season they have competed in, the Savage Speeders have at one point held the lead for points. They have also won at least three medals per season.
  • The Savage Speeders currently hold the record for the most total medals (24), most gold medals (11), and most silver medals (7) at the Marble League (excluding all Qualifier and Showdown results).
  • The Savage Speeders had been the only team to have automatically qualified for every Marble League edition, until 2019 in which they placed 5th. This still makes them sit as one of only six teams who qualified for every single Marble League so far.
  • Sand Marble Rally competitor El Capitan shares their colors with those of the Savage Speeders.
  • The Savage Speeders were the third team to win two consecutive gold medals. These medals were in the first two events of Marble League 2019, the Underwater Race and the Funnel Race. The first two teams were the Balls of Chaos and the Midnight Wisps, who achieved the feat during Marble League 2018.
  • The Savage Speeders have a rivalry with a number of other Marble League teams, such as Mellow Yellow, the O'rangers, the Midnight Wisps, and the Hazers.
  • In 2020, at the end of Marbula One's first season, there were again allegations of doping and bribery by the Savage Speeders, mainly due to their strong performances. In addition to this, a controversy was born in the last GP of the season at Midnight Bay: during the qualification, Speedy started from the conveyor belt much earlier than expected, and this, according to some viewers, might have given them an advantage due to the draft of Clementin (the previous marble), even though the JMRC deemed the run provided no advantages for Speedy. Because of this, many people protested with the hashtag #SavageCheaters.
  • The Savage Speeders have won both inaugural seasons of every major competition they have ever been in. They won Marble League 2016 and Marbula One Season 1.
  • The Savage Speeders became the first team to swap a reserve member and a regular member. This occured when Velocity became a regular team member, replacing Whizzy.
  • They are the first team to win two Marble Leagues - ML 2016 and ML 2020, also being the first team to win two different tournaments in one year. (Marbula 1 and Marble League).
  • They are the first team to place 16th and 1st in the overall leaderboard at one point in one Marble League.
  • They are currently the only team to lead the overall leaderboard at one point in every Marble League.


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