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The Oddballs Race was a race with marbles of different sizes, weights and shapes. It was followed by another race featuring the marbles from the 500 Foot Race.



It was a fight between Hole In One, Fishy Fishy, Lemon Head and Colossus for the lead. Gaia, Fishy Fishy, Trojan, and some others took the low line in the split. Fishy Fishy and Trojan joined the battle for the lead. Lemon Head was demoted to fifth after losing out to Gaia in a slalom. Trojan then took the lead in a jump.

Hole in One, however, with much determination, took the lead near the finish line and won. Trojan took second, with Fishy Fishy taking third. Gaia, Lemon Head, Steamroller the 14th, Happy Lady, Jupiter, Prometheus and Dicey took fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth respectively. Juggernaut took eleventh, and Colossus took twelfth after being in the top 3. There was only one DNF.


Pos. Marble Time Starting Pos.
1st Hole in One 1:10.71 P6
2nd Trojan 1:10.82 P11
3rd Fishy Fishy 1:12.04 P5
4th Gaia 1:12.12 P2
5th Lemon Head 1:12.26 P1
6th Steamroller the 14th 1:13.04 P7
7th Happy Lady 1:14.35 P12
8th Jupiter 1:15.20 P3
9th Prometheus 1:15.71 P4
10th Dicey 1:16.58 P9
11th Juggernaut 1:17.00 P10
12th Colossus 1:25.26 P13
DNF Dildor Did not finish P8

Extra Race

The Extra Race was a sand rally featuring the marbles from the 500 Foot Race. A lot of the marbles failed to finish due to a twig on the track.


Pos. Marble Time Delta Starting Pos.
1st Snake's Tub 1:55.75 - P6
2nd Ghost Plasma 1:56.60 +0.85 P12
3rd Dragon's Egg 1:57.94 +2.19 P31
4th Quicksilver 1:58.10 +2.35 P28
5th Mocha Madness 1:58.16 +2.41 P7
6th Cobra 1:58.82 +3.07 P5
7th Olympia 1:58.92 +3.17 P2
8th Starman 1:59.28 +3.53 P10
9th Angry Amber 1:59.71 +3.96 P1
10th White Widow 2:00.03 +4.28 P8
11th Black Knight 2:00.19 +4.44 P29
12th Blazing Fireball 2:00.39 +4.64 P3
DNF Big Pearl Did not finish P23
DNF Blue Moon Did not finish P20
DNF Comet Did not finish P19
DNF Crazy Cat's Eye Did not finish P17
DNF Deep Ocean Did not finish P13
DNF El Capitan Did not finish P32
DNF Glassy Did not finish P14
DNF H2 Blue Did not finish P20
DNF Marbly McMarbleface Did not finish P33
DNF Oddball Did not finish P11
DNF Pollo Loco Did not finish P16
DNF Rastafarian Did not finish P24
DNF Reflektor Did not finish P30
DNF Slimer Did not finish P4
DNF Souless Wonder Did not finish P22
DNF Summer Sky Did not finish P9
DNF Super Turtle Did not finish P26
DNF Supernova Did not finish P15
DNF Tarantula Did not finish P25
DNF The Flash Did not finish P27
DNF Wisp of Darkness Did not finish P18