This page lists all marbles in the Sand Marble Rally history, along with their performance timeline and lists of standings by season/year

As of 2017, twenty marbles participate in the Sand Marble Rally each year. The top twelve marbles from the previous year's Sand Marble Rally, along with the top four Showdown marbles from the previous year automatically qualify. The rest of the main tournament and the Showdown mid-placed marbles take part in a race-off in an attempt to qualify for the main tournament. The top four join the main tournament, while the rest compete in the Showdown.

All Competitors and Their Colors

Sand Marble Rally Qualified Marbles Timeline

Marble 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Appearances
Big Pearl 2nd 18th 9th X 3
Black Knight 28th 9th 4th 14th Q 4
Blazing Fireball 21st X Q 2
Blizzard Blaster - 13th X 6th Q 3
Blue Moon 32nd X 18th X 2
Blue Smoke 17th X Ret 1
Cobra 26th X 17th Q 3
Comet 20th 19th 11th 10th Q 5
Cool Moody - 8th Q 2
Crazy Cat's Eye 30th 8th 8th 4th Q 5
Deep Ocean 33rd 16th 17th X 3
Dragon's Egg 3rd 1st 7th 9th Q 5
Ducktape - 16th X Q 2
El Capitan 5th 5th X 5th Q 4
Fantasy 10th 12th Ret 2
Ghost Plasma 1st 20th 19th 2nd Q 5
Glassy 18th 7th Ret 2
Grasshopper - 10th X 1
Green Turtle 19th X 1
H2 Blue 15th 6th X 20th X 3
Lollipop - 10th 13th X Q 3
Marbly McMarbleface 6th X 12th 17th Q 4
Mocha Madness 25th X Ret 1
Nemo - 14th 15th X Q 3
Oddball 27th Ret 1
Olympia 21st Ret 1
Phoenix - 2nd 19th X 2
Pollo Loco 8th 11th X 7th Q 4
Quicksilver 24th 4th 6th 11th Q 5
Rastafarian 16th X 20th X 2
Red Number 3 - 2nd 1st 1st Q 4
Reflektor 23rd X 16th X 2
Silver Bolt 13th X 15th X 2
Slimer 4th 3rd 14th 13th Q 5
Snake's Tub 30th X Ret 1
Starman 7th X Ret 1
Summer Sky 9th 15th 5th 12th Q 5
Superball - 3rd 3rd Q 3
Tarantula 11th X Ret 1
The Flash 12th X Ret 1
White Widow 29th X 1
Wisp of Darkness 14th 17th X 2

Table Legend

Symbol Meaning
1st Champion
2nd Runner-up
3rd 3rd Place
[Placement] Marble participated in Marble Rally
[Placement] Marble was eliminated after Race 6 (2016)
Marble finished last in Marble Rally (2017 onwards)
Q Marble has qualified or was invited
? Marble eligible for qualification
X Marble did not qualify or was not invited
- Marble has not entered yet
Ret Marble has retired

Original Competitors

The following marbles debuted in the Sand Marble Rally 2016:





Retired Competitors

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