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The 750-foot race was a Sand Marble Rally standalone event that was won by Red Number 3. This event was largely where they got their initial fame from.

Many future Sand Marble Rally athletes participated in this race under different pseudonyms, including Blazing Fireball, Black Knight, Slimer, Phoenix, Cobra, and Nemo.


Pos. Marble Time Delta Starting
1st Red Number 3 4:14.57 - P11
2nd White 4:17.52 +02.95 P2
3rd Dark Red
(Blazing Fireball)
4:17.57 +03.00 P3
4th Dark Blue 4:19.27 +04.70 P12
5th Diamond 4:21.32 +06.75 P1
6th Black
(Black Knight)
4:22.06 +07.49 P8
7th Yellow
4:22.48 +07.91 P9
8th Green
4:25.58 +11.01 P4
9th Lime
4:25.63 +11.06 P5
10th Orange
4:27.18 +12.61 P10
11th Blue
4:27.96 +13.39 P12
12th Purple DNF P7