The Sand Marble Rally 500-Foot Race was the successor to the Sand Marble Rally 750-Foot Race, and was also the origin of many Sand Marble Rally athletes. It was a standalone event, not tied to the Sand Marble Rally competition.


Rank Marble Time
1st Comet 2:39.31
2nd Tarantula 2:39.94
3rd Reflektor 2:40.23
4th Pollo Loco 2:40.57
5th Dragon's Egg 2:40.84
6th Glassy 2:41.27
7th Blue Moon 2:41.77
8th Slimer 2:42.54
9th Cobra 2:43.10
10th Deep Ocean 2:43.26
11th Angry Amber 2:43.84
12th Ghost Plasma 2:43.85
13th H2 Blue 2:43.98
14th Supernova 2:44.12
15th Rastafarian 2:44.46
16th Mocha Madness 2:44.54
17th The Flash 2:44.80
18th White Widow 2:45.24
19th Starman 2:45.36
20th Souless Wonder 2:45.74
21st Blazing Fireball 2:45.84
22nd Quicksilver 2:45.99
23rd Crazy Cat's Eye 2:46.34
24th Wisp of Darkness 2:46.53
25th Marbly McMarbleface 2:46.53
26th Big Pearl 2:46.64
27th Snake's Tub 2:46.80
28th Oddball 2:46.83
29th Summer Sky 2:46.94
30th Black Knight 2:47.41
31st Super Turtle 2:47.72
32nd Olympia 2:48.00
33rd El Capitan 2:48.24
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