This was the first race of the Sand Marble Rally 2018 B-League. It was won by White Widow.



Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st White Widow 1:20.84 P1 15p
2nd Blizzard Blaster 1:21.07 P2 12p
3rd Cobra 1:21.97 P9 10p
4th Silver Bolt 1:22.04 P8 8p
5th Pollo Loco 1:22.66 P5 7p
6th Reflektor 1:23.10 P7 6p
7th Wisp of Darkness 1:23.72 P3 5p
8th Blazing Fireball 1:23.84 P10 4p
9th El Capitan 1:24.60 P6 3p
10th H2 Blue 1:25.66 P4 2p
11th Green Turtle 1:25.68 P11 1p
  • Note:
    • P1–P10 is on the front row
    • P11 is on the second row

Championship Standings

Pos. Marble Points
1st White Widow 15p Gold medal.jpg
2nd Blizzard Blaster 12p Silver medal.jpg
3rd Cobra 10p Bronze medal.jpg
4th Silver Bolt 8p
5th Pollo Loco 7p
6th Reflektor 6p
7th Wisp of Darkness 5p
8th Blazing Fireball 4p
9th El Capitan 3p
10th H2 Blue 2p
11th Green Turtle 1p
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