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This page is about the B Division of the 2018 Sand Marble Rally.
For the Main Tournament see Sand Marble Rally 2018

The 2018 Sand Marble Rally B League was the first edition of the B-Division. It was the secondary division tournament for marbles who didn't qualify for the main tournament.

Due to poor conditions for track construction, as well as time restraints, only four races were competed. The competition was won by H2 Blue, beating Pollo Loco by a narrow margin. White Widow placed third in the competition.

Participating Marbles

  1. Wisp of Darkness
  2. El Capitan
  3. Blizzard Blaster
  4. Reflektor
  5. Blazing Fireball
  6. Cobra
  7. H2 Blue
  8. Pollo Loco
  9. Silver Bolt
  10. White Widow
  11. Super Turtle


Rank Marble B1 B2 B3 B4 Points
1st H2 Blue 2 6 15 15 38 Gold medal.jpg Gold medal.jpg
2nd Pollo Loco 7 15 12 4 38 Gold medal.jpg Silver medal.jpg
3rd White Widow 15 2 8 10 35 Gold medal.jpg Bronze medal.jpg
4th Wisp of Darkness 5 12 5 12 34 Silver medal.jpg Silver medal.jpg
5th Blizzard Blaster 12 1 6 8 27 Silver medal.jpg
6th El Capitan 3 8 10 6 27 Bronze medal.jpg
7th Cobra 10 7 DNF 7 24 Bronze medal.jpg
8th Green Turtle 1 10 7 2 20 Bronze medal.jpg
9th Silver Bolt 8 5 4 1 18
10th Reflektor 6 4 2 5 17
11th Blazing Fireball 4 3 3 3 13

Point System

  • 1st: 15pts
  • 2nd: 12pts
  • 3rd: 10pts
  • 4th: 8pts
  • 5th: 7pts
  • 6th: 6pts
  • 7th: 5pts
  • 8th: 4pts
  • 9th: 3pts
  • 10th: 2pts
  • 11th: 1pt
  • DNF: 0pts

Race 1

The opening race was a tight fought affair. Blazing Fireball, Pollo Loco and Wisp of Darkness all spent time at the front of the race, but a decisive hairpin gave the eventual winner, White Widow, the lead.

Race 2

The season's second race was dominated early on by Pollo Loco and Green Turtle, who opened a large gap over the rest of the field. Wisp of Darkness challenged these two for the lead, but Pollo Loco held on for the win.

Race 3

The slalom heavy third race was led by Blizzard Blaster for the first minute of the race, but was overtaken by H2 Blue, who fought off attacks from Pollo Loco to win the race in a close finish.

Race 4

The final race of the season left six marbles with a chance at the championship, although Pollo Loco held the lead by a comfortable nine points over second place. The race had a chaotic start until H2 Blue took the lead at a hairpin. H2 Blue held the lead until the end of the race, with Wisp of Darkness coming in second.

H2 Blue and Pollo Loco were left tied on 38 points after the race, but the championship was awarded to H2 Blue for 2 gold medals versus Pollo Loco's gold and silver.

Qualification for 2019


  • There was only one DNF in 4 races, which is quite impressive.