The 8th and final race of the 2018 Sand Marble Rally was hosted in Klimduin Brechtdorp. The weather conditions were clear (although a rainshower appeared before the race began), with the temperature 10 degrees Celsius. Rookie Phoenix achieved the first win of their career, while contender Red Number 3 took second place to give them the championship over rivals Superball and Black Knight.



As the beginning of the race unfolded, Big Pearl and Quicksilver dashed away from the pack swiftly, while championship contenders Red Number 3, Superball and Black Knight all started on the back row and needed to make their way through the field. Ghost Plasma, the first ever Sand Marble Rally champion, looked like they would return to the form they showed in 2016, as they went on the attack against Quicksilver. Quicksilver responded by overtaking Big Pearl for the lead while Phoenix and Marbly McMarbleface caught up with the top 3. After some close battling, Phoenix got past Ghost Plasma to take 3rd as Big Pearl's battle with Quicksilver would rage on. Quicksilver would lose some momentum in a slalom corner, which left Phoenix with the opportunity to gain 2nd. Phoenix would then take the lead from Big Pearl in a split, taking the lower lane followed by Ghost Plasma and Quicksilver.

Meanwhile, Superball would try to fight back from the bottom as they made another soaring jumpcut that mimicked the jump they made in the last race. However, field congestion marked them improbable to win the championship. Phoenix dominated the first half of the race, extending their lead heavily entering the second. At the back of the pack, Black Knight's championship chances were over as they got stuck in a corner, forcing them to retire from the race.

Back at the front, Red Number 3 emerged from nowhere as they sped up towards Phoenix, pushing their lead further and almost ensuring the championship for them. Phoenix and Red Number 3 duelled for the win as they took separate lanes at a split. Not to be outdone, Summer Sky also forged a comeback and followed behind in 3rd. Phoenix would eventually end as the victor, taking their first win of the season. Red Number 3 would end the season as the champion, having finished ahead of rivals Superball and Black Knight.


Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st Phoenix 2:57.26 P17 25p
2nd Red Number 3 2:58.37 P14 18p
3rd Summer Sky 2:59.49 P16 15p
4th Lollipop 2:59.55 P12 12p
5th Big Pearl 3:00.00 P5 11p
6th Grasshopper 3:02.20 P10 10p
7th Quicksilver 3:02.28 P8 9p
8th Nemo 3:03.26 P6 8p
9th Comet 3:03.32 P1 7p
10th Dragon's Egg 3:03.39 P20 6p
11th Ghost Plasma 3:03.56 P3 5p
12th Marbly McMarbleface 3:03.90 P4 4p
13th Deep Ocean 3:04.21 P9 3p
14th Ducktape 3:04.98 P19 2p
15th Slimer 3:05.74 P15 1p
16th Crazy Cat's Eye 3:06.08 P2 1p
17th Blue Moon 3:06.29 P7 1p
18th Superball 3:07.14 P18 1p
19th Rastafarian 3:07.82 P13 1p
DNF Black Knight Did not finish P11
  • Note:
    • P1–P10 is on the front row
    • P11–P20 is on the back row

Championship standings after the race

Bold text indicates the 2018 Sand Marble Rally champion

Pos. Marble Points
Skrattarblue.jpg 1st Red Number 3 107pGold medal.jpgSilver medal.jpgSilver medal.jpgSilver medal.jpgBronze medal.jpg
Greenarrowup.png 2 2nd Phoenix  85p Gold medal.jpgBronze medal.jpgBronze medal.jpg
Redarrowdown.png 1 3rd Superball  82p Gold medal.jpgSilver medal.jpg
Redarrowdown.png 1 4th Black Knight  75p Gold medal.jpgSilver medal.jpgSilver medal.jpg
Greenarrowup.png 6 5th Summer Sky  59p Gold medal.jpgBronze medal.jpg
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