The fifth race of the 2018 Sand Marble Rally was hosted in Doornse Gat. The conditions of the weather were sunny, with the temperature at 12 degrees Celsius and the sand in moderate condition. Comet edged out 2016 Sand Marble Rally champion Ghost Plasma for their first win and podium of the season.



The race got off to an anticlimactic start, as a gate malfunction resulted in a false start. This led to the racing being restarted with the gate to be released by hand. Upon the restart, Ghost Plasma, Ducktape, and Comet all of whom were sitting in the bottom half of the overall standings coming into the race, quickly separated themselves from the rest of the pack. Although sitting third in the leading pack near the halfway point, Comet was able to maintain enough speed to roll all the way over a steep wall, an alternate path which ultimately gave them a lead they wouldn't relinquish. On the final stretch, Ghost Plasma managed a final push, but was expertly blocked by the leader, who remained victorious by a mere 0.02s. The result launched Comet 15 spots up the general standings to third place, while the rookie Ducktape moved up 10 spots to fourth.


Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st Comet 2:20.44 P4 25p
2nd Ghost Plasma 2:20.46 P6 18p
3rd Ducktape 2:22.20 P2 15p
4th Nemo 2:23.25 P5 12p
5th Blue Moon 2:23.47 P3 11p
6th Superball 2:23.76 P20 10p
7th Grasshopper 2:24.80 P8 9p
8th Lollipop 2:24.92 P1 8p
9th Deep Ocean 2:25.11 P7 7p
10th Big Pearl 2:25.35 P9 6p
11th Dragon's Egg 2:25.69 P13 5p
12th Black Knight 2:26.13 P15 4p
13th Red Number 3 2:26.43 P11 3p
14th Crazy Cat's Eye 2:26.51 P18 2p
15th Quicksilver 2:26.72 P17 1p
16th Rastafarian 2:28.88 P16 1p
17th Summer Sky 2:29.31 P19 1p
18th Phoenix 2:29.36 P12 1p
19th Marbly McMarbleface 2:30.21 P10 1p
DNF Slimer Did not finish P14
  • Note:
    • P1–P10 is on the front row
    • P11–P20 is on the back row

Championship standings after the race

Pos. Marble Points
Skrattarblue.jpg 1st Superball 60p Gold medal.jpg
Skrattarblue.jpg 2nd Red Number 3 49p Silver medal.jpgSilver medal.jpg
Greenarrowup.png 15 3rd Comet 43p Gold medal.jpg
Greenarrowup.png 10 4th Ducktape 39p Bronze medal.jpg
Redarrowdown.png 2 5th Summer Sky 38p Gold medal.jpg
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