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The third race of the 2018 Sand Marble Rally was hosted in Klimduin Brechtdorp. The weather conditions were partially cloudy with a little bit of wind. The sand condition was dubbed 'moderate'. It was the first race to feature a Gimbal (Stabilizer) for the camera.



At the beginning, Ghost Plasma and Red Number 3 went side-by-side for the lead until Comet managed to get in between the pair. Marbly McMarbleface and Grasshopper then sped past to take the top two spots. While Ghost Plasma and Comet dropped back and were never a factor again, Red Number 3 quickly recovered as they and Ducktape accelerated towards Marbly McMarbleface and Grasshoper. The 2017 runner-up took second behind Marbly McMarbleface, but then lost the position to Superball, who had also passed fellow rookies Grasshopper and Ducktape in the split seconds before their move on Red Number 3. Big Pearl then replicated Superball’s action and took third in front of Red Number 3, while Rastafarian completed the top five after also getting past Grasshopper and Ducktape.

The tightly packed top four rapidly distanced themselves from Rastafarian. Superball lost momentum after a touch to the wall and fell back to fourth. Big Pearl tried to take the lead from Marbly McMarbleface but instead bounced off of them and went into a wall, which allowed Red Number 3 to reclaim second. Superball managed to overtake Big Pearl but was re-passed moments later. Off-screen, Rastafarian dropped two positions as Ducktape and Slimer were now contending for fifth. As the race started to come to a close, Red Number 3 launched attempts to take the lead, but was blocked by Marbly McMarbleface. The latter won the race 0.13 seconds ahead of the former with Big Pearl and Superball behind. Slimer took fifth from Ducktape in the last possible moment, with Rastafarian drafting them to the line in seventh. Grasshopper took eighth after running in second early on, ahead of Crazy Cat's Eye, Ghost Plasma, Nemo, Comet, Quicksilver, Lollipop, Deep Ocean, Blue Moon, Black Knight and Phoenix. Dragon's Egg in nineteenth was the last marble to finish, more than 2 seconds behind Phoenix. Championship leader Summer Sky was the only marble who failed to complete the course.


Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st Marbly McMarbleface 1:26.10 P5 25p
2nd Red Number 3 1:26.23 P9 18p
3rd Big Pearl 1:26.58 P7 15p
4th Superball 1:27.47 P1 12p
5th Slimer 1:27.92 P14 11p
6th Ducktape 1:28.02 P3 10p
7th Rastafarian 1:28.05 P16 9p
8th Grasshopper 1:28.40 P2 8p
9th Crazy Cat's Eye 1:29.16 P17 7p
10th Ghost Plasma 1:29.28 P4 6p
11th Nemo 1:29.69 P8 5p
12th Comet 1:29.93 P6 4p
13th Quicksilver 1:30.02 P11 3p
14th Lollipop 1:30.38 P15 2p
15th Deep Ocean 1:30.98 P18 1p
16th Blue Moon 1:31.06 P10 1p
17th Black Knight 1:31.13 P12 1p
18th Phoenix 1:32.25 P13 1p
19th Dragon's Egg 1:34.58 P19 1p
DNF Summer Sky Did not finish P20
  • Note:
    • P1–P10 is on the front row
    • P11–P20 is on the second row


Pos. Marble Points
Greenarrowup.png 1 1st Quicksilver 30p Silver medal.jpg
Redarrowdown.png 1 2nd Summer Sky 29p Gold medal.jpg
Greenarrowup.png 4 3rd Slimer 29p
Greenarrowup.png 10 4th Red Number 3 28p Silver medal.jpg
Redarrowdown.png 2 5th Dragon's Egg 27p Gold medal.jpg
Redarrowdown.png 2 6th Black Knight 27p Silver medal.jpg
Greenarrowup.png 13 7th Marbly McMarbleface 26p Gold medal.jpg
Greenarrowup.png 1 8th Rastafarian 25p Bronze medal.jpg
Greenarrowup.png 2 9th Superball 25p
Redarrowdown.png 2 10th Crazy Cat's Eye 24p
Redarrowdown.png 6 11th Phoenix 20p
Greenarrowup.png 5 12th Big Pearl 19p Bronze medal.jpg
Redarrowdown.png 6 Deep Ocean
Redarrowdown.png 1 14th Grasshopper 19p
Redarrowdown.png 5 15th Lollipop 17p
Skrattarwhite.jpg 0 Ducktape
Redarrowdown.png 5 17th Blue Moon 13p
Redarrowdown.png 2 18th Nemo 10p
Redarrowdown.png 1 Ghost Plasma
Redarrowdown.png 1 20th Comet 6p