The second race of the 2018 Sand Marble Rally was also held in 't Peeske Montferland.



Grasshopper went off course just after the race began.Dragon's Egg took the lead,but was quickly overtaken by Rastafarian.Crazy Cat's Eye rounded up the top three.Quicksilver and Red Number 3 were close behind.Rastafarian took a wrong line and falls to fifth.After some slaloms,Slimer made it to the sixth place and Rastafarian went back to third. In the end,reigning champion Dragon's Egg was victorious in race 2 after holding off Quicksilver. Rastafarian was able to hold onto third place. Crazy Cat's Eye finished fourth ahead of Slimer, Red Number 3 and Lollipop. Grasshopper and Marbly McMarbleface both DNF'ed


Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st Dragon's Egg 1:20.93 P3 25p
2nd Quicksilver 1:21.22 P4 18p
3rd Rastafarian 1:21.76 P8 15p
4th Crazy Cat's Eye 1:22.31 P10 12p
5th Slimer 1:22.63 P2 11p
6th Red Number 3 1:22.86 P5 10p
7th Lollipop 1:22.94 P12 9p
8th Black Knight 1:23.19 P11 8p
9th Phoenix 1:23.30 P18 7p
10th Ducktape 1:24.26 P1 6p
11th Superball 1:24.82 P13 5p
12th Summer Sky 1:25.27 P17 4p
13th Deep Ocean 1:25.32 P16 3p
14th Blue Moon 1:25.37 P19 2p
15th Big Pearl 1:25.46 P15 1p
16th Comet 1:25.62 P9 1p
17th Nemo 1:25.64 P7 1p
18th Ghost Plasma 1:25.73 P6 1p
DNF Grasshopper Did not finish P20
DNF Marbly McMarbleface Did not finish P14
  • Note:
    • P1–P10 is on the front row
    • P11–P20 is on the second row

Championship standings after the raceEdit

Pos. Marble Points
Skrattarblue 1st Summer Sky 29p Gold medal
Greenarrowup 5 2nd Quicksilver 27p Silver medal
Greenarrowup 13 3rd Dragon's Egg 26p Gold medal
Redarrowdown 2 4th Black Knight 26p Silver medal
Redarrowdown 1 5th Phoenix 19p
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