The sixth race of 2016 was raced in Klimduin Schoorl.



Out of the gate, Summer Sky took an early lead, followed closely by Blazing Fireball in second and Oddball in third. The racers came upon a split, where most of the racers, including the top three, took the bottom line. Taking a good line through the split, Blazing Fireball managed to pass Summer Sky by the time the lanes merged. As the racers entered a small set of slalom curves, Silver Bolt managed to overtake Oddball for third. The racers entered a wide turn, where Silver Bolt was able to pass both Summer Sky and Blazing Fireball to take first. The racers entered another set of gradual curves, where Oddball dropped multiple spots, taking them out of the top five.

The racers hit a high embankment, where Blazing Fireball dropped two spots off-screen to Summer Sky and Rastafarian. As the racers entered another set of slalom curves, Blazing Fireball managed to overtake Summer Sky on a turn, who proceeded to drop into fifth. Through another turn, Blazing Fireball pulled off a second pass on Rastafarian, who had been running in second, while Summer Sky climbed back into fourth.

The racers dove through a hairpin turn, where the first four kept their positions. Off-screen, Summer Sky dropped into sixth. Challenging Rastafarian was Big Pearl, who had been hounding them in fourth for a while. Big Pearl took advantage of a bump off the wall that had happened to Rastafarian, putting on a burst of speed to pass them and get into third. As the racers wove through some gradual turns, Silver Bolt had their undoing. After having been in first for much of the race, their speed built up so much that they weren't able to make a turn, and dove right over a low wall, earning them a DNF. This gave the lead to Blazing Fireball.

As the racers went through a set of helices, Blazing Fireball was passed by Rastafarian and Big Pearl, who took first and second respectively. As the the racers went through another set of slaloms, Big Pearl snatched first from Rastafarian, before losing it moments later. The racers entered a teardrop, where the top three kept their positions, and Summer Sky crept back into fifth, chasing down Slimer for fourth. As the racers entered a split, the top three took the far slower high line, while Slimer and Summer Sky took the low line, bringing them into the lead. Summer Sky held first through the split, lost it momentarily to Slimer as they exited, but quickly passed back into fourth. The top two held a large lead over third and fourth, who happened to be Cobra and Comet. Through a set of gradual turns, Comet dropped into fifth, while Cobra passed up Slimer to take second.

Down the final stretch, Summer Sky held the lead, to come across in first place, as they had been at the very beginning of the race. Cobra came in second, having greatly benefited from taking the low line at the split. In third was Slimer, shortly before Reflektor, who had played it safe during most of the race. Next came a close train of racers. Oddball, The Flash, and Comet took fifth, sixth, and seventh, all within 21 milliseconds of each other. in eighth came Black Knight, and Olympia in ninth. Big Pearl rounded out the top ten, having dropped all the way from second because they had chosen the wrong line. This race had five DNFs, with Blue Smoke, Quicksilver, Rastafarian, Silver Bolt, and Starman failing to finish the race.


Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st Summer Sky 2:25.32 P2 30p
2nd Cobra 2:25.83 P20 25p
3rd Slimer 2:26.11 P10 21p
4th Reflektor 2:26.66 P33 18p
5th Oddball 2:27.24 P6 16p
6th The Flash 2:27.33 P30 15p
7th Comet 2:27.45 P17 14p
8th Black Knight 2:28.98 P27 13p
9th Olympia 2:29.13 P26 12p
10th Big Pearl 2:29.49 P8 11p
11th Wisp of Darkness 2:30.11 P28 10p
12th Marbly McMarbleface 2:30.37 P18 9p
13th H2 Blue 2:30.61 P13 8p
14th Fantasy 2:30.88 P31 7p
15th Blazing Fireball 2:31.16 P4 6p
16th Crazy Cat's Eye 2:31.33 P5 5p
17th Mocha Madness 2:31.88 P11 4p
18th El Capitan 2:32.13 P16 3p
19th White Widow 2:32.86 P22 2p
20th Tarantula 2:32.98 P24 1p
21st Dragon's Egg 2:33.42 P19
22nd Glassy 2:24.20 P15
23rd Super Turtle 2:34.43 P12
24th Ghost Plasma 2:35.24 P29
25th Pollo Loco 2:35.82 P14
26th Deep Ocean 2:35.89 P3
27th Blue Moon 2:35.96 P21
28th Snake's Tub 2:36.10 P7
DNF Blue Smoke Did not finish P23
DNF Quicksilver Did not finish P25
DNF Rastafarian Did not finish P1
DNF Silver Bolt Did not finish P9
DNF Starman Did not finish P32
  • Note:
    • P1–P7 is on the front row
    • P8–P13 is on the second row
    • P14–P20 is on the third row
    • P21–P26 is on the fourth row
    • P27–P33 is on the back row

Championship standings after the race

Pos. Marble Points
Skrattarblue.jpg 1st Ghost Plasma 104pGold medal.jpgSilver medal.jpgSilver medal.jpg
Skrattarblue.jpg 2nd Dragon's Egg 102pGold medal.jpgBronze medal.jpg
Greenarrowup.png 1 3rd Marbly McMarbleface  78p Gold medal.jpg
Redarrowdown.png 1 4th Pollo Loco  74p Gold medal.jpgBronze medal.jpg
Skrattarblue.jpg 5th Tarantula  70p Silver medal.jpgSilver medal.jpg


Pos. Marble Points
21st Blazing Fireball 32p
21st Olympia 32p
23rd Reflektor 29p
24th Quicksilver 27p
25th Mocha Madness 26p
26th Cobra 25pSilver medal.jpg
27th Oddball 25p
28th Black Knight 22p
29th White Widow 13p
30th Snake's Tub 8p
30th Crazy Cat's Eye 8p
32nd Blue Moon 4p
33rd Deep Ocean 0p
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