The fourth race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 was held at Doornse Gat on the 8th July 2016. 33 marbles participated in the race.



Wisp of Darkness took an early lead out of the gate. Marbly McMarbleface briefly had a moment in second, but was passed by Ghost Plasma. While the two were fighting, Tarantula snuck by to take second from Ghost Plasma. Pollo Loco took fourth from Marbly McMarbleface as they went through a turn, just before Ghost Plasma overtook Tarantula for second. On the straightaway that followed, Marbly McMarbleface was able to regain their fourth place position over Pollo Loco. Picking up speed, they tried to pass Tarantula as well, and the two ran side-by-side for a moment. However, they were able to fend off the challenge and keep third place. Mocha Madness, after passing Dragon's Egg, overtook Pollo Loco as the racers came into a split, which got them into fifth.

Yet again, most of the racers did not take the low line, but this time The Flash was able to maneuver into it, bringing them all the way up into first place when the split sections reconvened. The racers came into another set of diverging paths. The current first and second competitors (The Flash and Wisp of Darkness) took the low line, and the third and fourth racers (Ghost Plasma and Tarantula) took the high line. The high line ended up being faster, as Ghost Plasma and Tarantula were able to rocket ahead of the old first place, The Flash. In fact, both The Flash and Wisp of Darkness ended up losing several spots, giving the third and fourth positions to Mocha Madness and Pollo Loco respectively, who had each taken the quicker higher line at the split.

As they left the split, a block laid down by Dragon's Egg caused six racers (apart from themselves) to come to a complete stop for a moment, before getting started up again by the racers behind them. The racers entered another set of diverging paths, and into a teardrop, where Mocha Madness and Pollo Loco were able to pass Tarantula offscreen. Ghost Plasma came out of the obstacles with a comfortable lead, and was first into the hairpin curve. Mocha Madness kept second, but Pollo Loco went too high, and was passed by Tarantula. Ghost Plasma entered the set of braids with a significant lead over Mocha Madness and Tarantula. Silver Bolt started gaining on Pollo Loco, looking for fourth.

Offscreen, Tarantula passed Mocha Madness, taking second place. This was likely where Mocha Madness got pushed off the course, as they were not seen again after that. The racers entered a set of slalom curves, and then a second hairpin turn. Ghost Plasma and Tarantula got through with no problem, but Pollo Loco ended up getting passed by Silver Bolt. As the racers entered another split, Ghost Plasma stretched their lead over the other competitors. The top four held their positions as they entered a straightaway. Here the marbles slowed to a crawl, which brought down Ghost Plasma's lead significantly. As they went over the bridge, Ghost Plasma kept their lead.

Ghost Plasma held the lead into the final turn, and easily finished in first place. Tarantula seized second, over a second behind Ghost Plasma. Silver Bolt had a glancing bump off the stick before the finish line, but kept enough speed to keep third place out of the hands of Pollo Loco. Starman, after being a bit of a non-factor in the first three races, managed to come fifth. Dragon's Egg had another good finish in sixth, but with their biggest rival taking the gold, it would not be enough to take the lead in the overall standings. Big Pearl slotted into seventh, before Rastafarian crossed the line in eighth. Super Turtle barely kept ninth place over Reflektor, who would round out the top ten. This was the first race Rastafarian had finished this season. This race had only two DNFs. Oddball would fail to complete the race, as well as Mocha Madness, who had been running in second for a while in this race.


Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st Ghost Plasma 2:35.54 P4 30p
2nd Tarantula 2:36.76 P11 25p
3rd Silver Bolt 2:37.94 P8 21p
4th Pollo Loco 2:38.10 P10 18p
5th Starman 2:38.84 P26 16p
6th Dragon's Egg 2:39.26 P6 15p
7th Big Pearl 2:40.11 P12 14p
8th Rastafarian 2:42.13 P18 13p
9th Super Turtle 2:42.85 P32 12p
10th Reflektor 2:43.01 P16 11p
11th Fantasy 2:43.93 P15 10p
12th Glassy 2:44.04 P1 9p
13th Snake's Tub 2:44.08 P23 8p
14th Quicksilver 2:44.12 P24 7p
15th Marbly McMarbleface 2:44.13 P5 6p
16th Blazing Fireball 2:44.25 P17 5p
17th Blue Moon 2:44.82 P33 4p
18th Slimer 2:44.84 P21 3p
19th El Capitan 2:45.17 P13 2p
20th White Widow 2:45.80 P27 1p
21st Crazy Cat's Eye 2:46.06 P20 0p
22nd Comet 2:46.19 P2
23rd Summer Sky 2:46.22 P19
24th Olympia 2:46.70 P14
25th Cobra 2:46.84 P22
26th Black Knight 2:47.11 P28
27th The Flash 2:47.99 P7
28th Blue Smoke 2:48.85 P31
29th H2 Blue 2:49.94 P25
30th Deep Ocean 2:49.51 P30
31st Wisp of Darkness 2:50.38 P3
32nd Mocha Madness DNF P9
33rd Oddball P29
  • Note:
    • P1–P7 is on the front row
    • P8–P13 is on the second row
    • P14–P20 is on the third row
    • P20–P26 is on the fourth row
    • P27–P33 is on the back row

Championship standings after the race

Pos. Marble G Gold1.png S Silver2.png B Bronze3.png Total DNFs Points
ArrowSIDE.png 00 1st Ghost Plasma 1 2 0 3 0 98p
ArrowSIDE.png 00 2nd Dragon's Egg 1 0 0 1 0 81p
ArrowSIDE.png 00 3rd Pollo Loco 1 0 0 1 0 72p
ArrowUP.png 02 4th Big Pearl 0 0 1 1 0 59p
ArrowDOWN.png 01 5th El Capitan 1 0 0 1 0 55p
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