The third race of 2016 was held at Doornse Gat and was won by Dragon's Egg. The Flash was second and Wisp Of Darkness was 3rd. 7 marbles got stuck and failed to finish.


Report Edit

In this race, the competitors moved on to a new track design. The racers go through a few wide turns, in which Dragon's Egg took a comfortable lead over the current second place, Marbly McMarbleface, and Wisp of Darkness in third. Behind them was the championship leader, Ghost Plasma, who used his blocking ability to hold up all the marbles from fourth on back. However, The Flash was able to get past his block, and take fourth. Soon, a possibly faster lane opened up to the racers, but due to the slope of the course, no one took it.

As they came upon a split, Marbly McMarbleface tried to pass up Dragon's Egg, but had a sharp bump on the lane divider and was not successful. Ghost Plasma was able to pass The Flash in the chaos of the split. Almost all the racers took the lower lane, except for Comet and H2 Blue. When the paths fully merged, Wisp of Darkness and Ghost Plasma passed Marbly McMarbleface to take second and third, respectively.

The racers came upon a second set of diverging paths, the leader Dragon's Egg taking the low line, with Wisp of Darkness and Ghost Plasma taking the high line. When the paths converged, Marbly McMarbleface regained second, The Flash came into third, and Pollo Loco passed Ghost Plasma for fifth. The racers entered a hairpin turn, with Dragon's Egg still leading the race. Unfortunately for him, Marbly McMarbleface came into the hairpin too high, and was bumped past by The Flash, Wisp of Darkness, and Pollo Loco.

The racers came into. second hairpin, which Dragon's Egg easily got through. The Flash and Wisp of Darkness kept second and third, but Marbly McMarbleface passed Pollo Loco for a split-second before getting passed again. The racers quickly had to enter a split. Dragon's Egg took the lower line, as well as The Flash, Pollo Loco, and Marbly McMarbleface. On the top line was Wisp of Darkness and Ghost Plasma Luckily for Marbly McMarbleface, Pollo Loco went too high on one of the sides of his lane, and was passed. As the lanes converged, Dragon's Egg kept the lead over The Flash. Marbly McMarbleface and Pollo Loco did not have enough speed coming out of the splits, which allowed Wisp of Darkness and Ghost Plasma to pass them and take third and fourth. A momentary hesitation by Wisp of Darkness when he bounced off a small twig gave Ghost Plasma an opportunity to draft by, but he was unable to.

As they came onto the final stretch, Dragon's Egg held a commanding lead over The Flash. A brief bounce off a twig just before the finish line slowed Dragon's Egg down, but he still finished in first place. The Flash came less than a second behind, having not been able to catch up. Wisp of Darkness and Ghost Plasma crossed in third and fourth, which were helpful points to both these competitors. Marbly McMarbleface had a dangerous bump against the twig, where he almost lost out to Pollo Loco, but was able to remain in control. In fact, Pollo Loco was hung up much longer, and lost two positions to Comet and Glassy right before the finish line, to settle in eighth. Rounding out the top ten were Tarantula and Olympia, both racers who had not yet finished in the top ten. 7 racers failed to finish this race. Cobra, Fantasy, Oddball, Reflektor, Slimer, Snake's Tub, and White Widow were this race's DNFs.


Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st Dragon's Egg 2:33.53 P4 30p
2nd The Flash 2:34.10 P5 25p
3rd Wisp of Darkness 2:35.95 P7 21p
4th Ghost Plasma 2:36.05 P2 18p
5th Marbly McMarbleface 2:37.21 P6 16p
6th Comet 2:38.04 P20 15p
7th Glassy 2:38.62 P11 14p
8th Pollo Loco 2:39.00 P12 13p
9th Tarantula 2:39.32 P16 12p
10th Olympia 2:39.55 P22 11p
11th Silver Bolt 2:39.74 P24 10p
12th Big Pearl 2:40.07 P1 9p
13th El Capitan 2:40.27 P3 8p
14th Blazing Fireball 2:40.76 P14 7p
15th Super Turtle 2:41.19 P9 6p
16th Starman 2:42.08 P26 5p
17th Mocha Madness 2:42.15 P17 4p
18th Crazy Cat's Eye 2:42.20 P19 3p
19th Quicksilver 2:42.33 P21 2p
20th Rastafarian 2:42.96 P18 1p
21st H2 Blue 2:43.09 P30
22nd Summer Sky 2:43.14 P29
23rd Deep Ocean 2:43.58 P23
24th Black Knight 3:10.22 P13
25th Blue Moon 3:10.34 P25
26th Blue Smoke 3:10.67 P8
DNF Cobra Did not finish P27
DNF Fantasy Did not finish P10
DNF Oddball Did not finish P31
DNF Reflektor Did not finish P15
DNF Slimer Did not finish P28
DNF Snake's Tub Did not finish P33
DNF White Widow Did not finish P32
  • Note:
    • P1–P7 is on the front row
    • P8–P13 is on the second row
    • P14–P20 is on the third row
    • P21–P26 is on the fourth row
    • P27–P33 is on the back row

Championship standings after the raceEdit

Pos. Marble Points
Skrattarblue 1st Ghost Plasma 68p Silver medalSilver medal
Greenarrowup 3 2nd Dragon's Egg 66p Gold medal
Skrattarblue 3rd Pollo Loco 54p Gold medal
Redarrowdown 2 4th El Capitan 53p Gold medal
Greenarrowup 5 5th The Flash 46p Silver medalBronze medal
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