The second race of 2016 was raced in het Doornse Gat.



As in last race, the racers came right into a split. Dragon's Egg was in the lead on the lower lane over Big Pearl, and Ghost Plasma led on the higher lane over El Capitan. At the crossroads, Ghost Plasma and El Capitan ended up taking the faster, lower lane, while Dragon's Egg took the higher lane, which seemed slower. Additionally, Wisp of Darkness passed Dragon's Egg, adding insult to injury. However, Dragon's Egg made up many spots as he jumped over the bridge that was on his lane. He managed to jump into third with this move. However, Wisp of Darkness quickly passed into third, even though he had taken a slower line.

Through a set of slaloms, Ghost Plasma stretched his lead, and the gap from third through seventh grew smaller. Through another set of turns, the top seven started to separate more, as they paired off into distinct groups. As the racers left the turns, El Capitan had a burst of speed which allowed him to take the lead from Ghost Plasma.

The racers entered another split, where El Capitan kept his lead over Ghost Plasma. Super Turtle came off the splits fast enough to overtake Ghost Plasma, who was already struggling to get back into first. Through a braided section, Ghost Plasma managed to recover his second place position over Super Turtle. Wisp of Darkness, who had been running in fourth at this time, having also come through the braided section well, and was closing in on Super Turtle. Unfortunately for these racers, they got caught up on the upper lane of the teardrop, and came to a stop. They were able to get rolling again thanks to some bumps by their fellow racers, but they had lost their top spots.

Meanwhile, El Capitan and Ghost Plasma, with their closest competitors stopped, managed to finish first and second, respectively. This was Ghost Plasma's second silver medal in a row. The Flash, who had been running around sixth to seventh place, took advantage of Wisp of Darkness and Super Turtle's momentary stoppage, and passed them into third place. His last minute charge secured him a bronze in this race. Dragon's Egg also benefited from the halting of those competitors, and managed to overtake Wisp of Darkness after running behind him for most of the race, and just missed out on a podium with a fourth place finish. This would also be Dragon's Egg's second fourth place finish. Marbly McMarbleface, who had been staying quietly in the upper half of the pack for most of the race, was able to take advantage of his opponent's mistakes to get fifth place. Big Pearl finished in a comfortable sixth, after playing it safe that race. Finally, Wisp of Darkness crossed the line in seventh, leading a train of other racers. His one mistake cost him four valuable positions just before the end of the race. Blue Smoke came in eighth, just before Super Turtle, the other racer who had gotten caught up at the teardrop. Super Turtle had been even more affected by the stoppage than Wisp of Darkness, as he lost six spots. Rounding out the top ten was Pollo Loco, the previous race's winner. It was a big drop from first, but he was still able to finish in the top ten. Many racers failed to finish this race as well. Snake's Tub, Mocha Madness, Reflektor, Blue Moon, and Deep Ocean were this race's DNFs.


Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st El Capitan 2:13.13 P5 30p
2nd Ghost Plasma 2:13.64 P6 25p
3rd The Flash 2:15.97 P14 21p
4th Dragon's Egg 2:16.64 P4 18p
5th Marbly McMarbleface 2:17.34 P17 16p
6th Big Pearl 2:19.05 P2 15p
7th Wisp of Darkness 2:20.14 P12 14p
8th Blue Smoke 2:20.26 P9 13p
9th Super Turtle 2:20.60 P3 12p
10th Pollo Loco 2:20.74 P7 11p
11th Fantasy 2:20.84 P1 10p
12th Black Knight 2:21.12 P27 9p
13th Glassy 2:21.20 P24 8p
14th Rastafarian 2:21.38 P13 7p
15th Quicksilver 2:21.44 P15 6p
16th H2 Blue 2:22.07 P10 5p
17th Starman 2:22.30 P32 4p
18th Silver Bolt 2:22.62 P19 3p
19th Oddball 2:23.01 P13 2p
20th Comet 2:23.05 P16 1p
21st Slimer 2:23.61 P8
22nd Blazing Fireball 2:23.73 P25
23rd Cobra 2:24.10 P20
24th Summer Sky 2:24.32 P33
25th Olympia 2:24.63 P22
26th Tarantula 2:24.83 P23
27th White Widow 2:25.68 P11
28th Crazy Cat's Eye 2:25.77 P26
DNF Snake's Tub Did not finish P21
DNF Mocha Madness Did not finish P28
DNF Reflektor Did not finish P29
DNF Blue Moon Did not finish P30
DNF Deep Ocean Did not finish P31
  • Note:
    • P1–P7 is on the front row
    • P8–P13 is on the second row
    • P14–P20 is on the third row
    • P21–P26 is on the fourth row
    • P27–P33 is on the back row

Championship standings after the raceEdit

Pos. Marble Points
Greenarrowup 1 1st Ghost Plasma 50p Silver medalSilver medal
Greenarrowup 4 2nd El Capitan 45p Gold medal
Redarrowdown 2 3rd Pollo Loco 41p Gold medal
Redarrowdown 1 4th Big Pearl 36p Bronze medal
Redarrowdown 1 5th Dragon's Egg 36p
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