The eleventh race of 2016 Sand Marble Rally season was the penultimate round of the season. The track was dubbed as "one of the most challenging courses ever" as it was a long track with a lot of twists and turns. Championship leader Ghost Plasma led the championship by 23 points ahead of Big Pearl. If Ghost Plasma's lead is bigger than 30 points after the race he'll be crowned champion.



At the start it was Marbly Mcmarbleface who took the lead, but more importantly it was Big Pearl, who started in P19, who got already up to second place. While championship leader Ghost Plasma, who started in P14, couldn't get out of the back of the field.

Marbly Mcmarbleface lost his lead to H2 Blue at a halfpipe. Short after Big Pearl jumped into the lead at the hairpin. Behind Big Pearl it was H2 Blue, Fantasy, The Flash, El Capitan and Pollo Loco. While Big Pearl stretched her lead, it was Glassy who jumped into fourth place. At another halfpipe H2 Blue, Fantasy and El Capitan jumped over the halfpipe to reduce Big Pearl's lead. At a funnel afterwards Big Pearl again lost some time to H2 Blue. A couple of corners later H2 Blue regained the lead from Big Pearl with Fantasy running in third.

After sitting on H2 Blue's tail for a while, Big Pearl again took the lead and H2 Blue fell back to fourth and El Capitan moved to second and Fantasy to third. Big Pearl again started to build up a lead, but started to lose it again after a while. And yet another switch for the lead followed at another halfpipe as El Capitan took the lead.

Big Pearl kept on pushing to get past El Capitan while Summer Sky moved up to fifth, but El Capitan started to drift away in the lead and Big Pearl started to get challenged by Fantasy. And a couple of turns later it was H2 Blue who moved up to second past Big Pearl and Fantasy. A little bit later Fantasy also got past Big Pearl. On the final straight El Capitan extended his lead while Fantasy and H2 Blue dueled for second place. The finish was located behind a pole where the marbles needed to get around of.

But it was El Capitan who won, 2 seconds ahead of H2 Blue in second and Fantasy in third. Summer Sky was able to get up to fourth as Big Pearl fell back to fifth. Starman ended in sixth, Comet in seventh, Silver Bolt in eight, Dragon's Egg in ninth and Glassy in tenth. Wisp of Darkness finished in eleventh, Slimer in twelfth, Blue Smoke in thirteenth and championship leader Ghost Plasma only in fourteenth. Pollo Loco finished fifteenth, Marbly McMarbleface finished sixteenth after his strong start. And Tarantula got classified as seventeenth despite not racing the race. As during a test run of the track he got stuck somewhere and Jelle forgot the take him out and Tarantula was left on the track. So for the race he was replaced by a red marble. Tarantula did get 4 extra consolation points due to this incident[1]. Rastafarian, The Flash and Super Turtle didn't finish the race.


Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st El Capitan 3:26.31 P12 30p
2nd H2 Blue 3:28.34 P6 25p
3rd Fantasy 3:28.54 P3 21p
4th Summer Sky 3:28.62 P16 18p
5th Big Pearl 3:29.43 P19 16p
6th Starman 3:30.42 P17 15p
7th Comet 3:32.90 P9 14p
8th Silver Bolt 3:33.02 P18 13p
9th Dragon's Egg 3:34.52 P8 12p
10th Glassy 3:35.19 P2 11p
11th Wisp of Darkness 3:35.29 P10 10p
12th Slimer 3:35.70 P7 9p
13th Blue Smoke 3:36.08 P1 8p
14th Ghost Plasma 3:36.09 P14 7p
15th Pollo Loco 3:36.24 P5 6p
16th Marbly McMarbleface 3:38.02 P4 5p
17th Tarantula 3:38.66 P14 8p[1]
DNF Rastafarian Did not finish P15
DNF The Flash Did not finish P11
DNF Super Turtle Did not finish P20
  • Note:
    • P1–P7 is on the front row
    • P8–P13 is on the second row
    • P14–P20 is on the back row

Championship standings after the raceEdit

Marbles in Bold have a chance to win the championship.

Pos. Marble Points
Skrattarblue 1st Ghost Plasma 180p Gold medalSilver medalSilver medalSilver medal
Skrattarblue 2nd Big Pearl 165p Gold medalSilver medalBronze medal
Skrattarblue 3rd Dragon's Egg 160p Gold medalBronze medal
Skrattarblue 4th Pollo Loco 140p Gold medalSilver medalBronze medal
Skrattarblue 5th Slimer 138p Gold medalGold medalBronze medal
  1. 1.0 1.1 Tarantula got 4 consolation points
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