Race 1 was the first ever video about the Sand Marble Rally 2016. 33 marbles participated in the course. Here are the results for Race 1:

R1 1st: Pollo Loco

2nd: Ghost Plasma

3rd: Big Pearl

4th: Dragon's Egg

5th: Fantasy

6th: El Capitan

7th: Super Turtle

8th: Slimer

9th: Blue Smoke

10th: H2 Blue

11th: White Widow

12th: Wisp of Darknes

13th: Rastafarian

14th: Tarantula

15th: Olympia

16th: Starman

17th: Glassy

18th: Comet

19th: Quicksilver

20th: Marbly McMarbleface

21st: Mocha Madness

22nd: Oddball

23rd: The Flash

24th: Cobra

DNF: Silver Bolt

Snake's Tub

Blazing Fireball

Crazy Cat's Eye

Black Knight


Blue Moon

Deep Ocean

Summer Sky

This video was uploaded by Jelle's Marble Runs, at that time known as jelleknikkers. When his old channel got deleted, the video, along with the channel, got removed and till this day, he hasn't uploaded it on his new channel.

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