The Sand Marble Race: Tournament 2016 was the inaugural season of the Sand Marble Rally, with only a few one-off sand marble rally events occurring before the start of the 2016 season.

The first race of the first season was aired on June 18th, 2016 and was watched by about 4k people.

The Race was located in "Doornse Gat", National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug, the Netherlands. It has many obstacles such as Weaves/Braids, Ribbons/Slaloms, Jumps, Bridges, Crosses, and many more. 


The Qualifiers Race never aired but the creator has gave info and extra footage of it but not the full event. In the first race 33 out of 100 marbles made it into the Rally. It took 7 hours to construct and it's surface is composed of sand and corals.

Another qualification race followed, this one would determine the starting positions for the race 1. This race did get uploaded.


The season consisted of 12 races, where points were awarded based on the finishing position of each marble. The points awarded for finishing in each position are detailed in the table below (no points are awarded for finishing outside the top 20 or for a DNF);

In addition to awarding points, the finishing positions of the marbles determines their starting position for the next race, with the 7 top finishers lining up in the front row. The rest of the marbles are in random compacted order.[1] After six races, the cumulative total scores were used to determine the best 20 marbles over the first half of the season, and only these 20 marbles competed in the later half of the season. After 12 races, the marble with the highest overall points tally is crowned the Sand Marble Rally Champion for 2016.

Rank Status Marble Points-Race 6 Points-Final
1st Winner/Gold Ghost Plasma 104 194
2nd Runner-Up/Silver Big Pearl 70 173
3rd Bronze Dragon's Egg 102 171
4th Survived Race 6 Slimer 42 150
5th El Capitan 58 144
5th Marbly McMarbleface 78 144
7th Starman 45 142
8th Pollo Loco 73 140
9th Summer Sky 39 126
10th The Flash* 65 123*
11th Fantasy 43 122
12th Tarantula 70 121
13th Silver Bolt 42 104
14th Wisp of Darkness 56 102
15th H2 Blue 36 99
16th Blue Smoke 38 98
17th Glassy 51 92
18th Super Turtle 44 89
19th Rastafarian 40 84
20th Comet 33 66
21st Eliminated After Race 6 Blazing Fireball 32 N/A
21st Olympia 32
23th Reflektor 29
24th Quicksilver 27
25th Mocha Madness 26
26th Oddball 25
26th Cobra 25
28th Black Knight 22
29th White Widow 13
30th Snake's Tub 8
30th Crazy Cat's Eye 8
32nd Blue Moon 4
33rd Deep Ocean 0
  • The Flash's score as of Race 12 showed up as 108, but that was his score as of Race 11. The Flash got 6th place and 15 points in Race 12, so his real score was 123. As a result, The Flash was actually 2 spots higher than what some of you probably thought, and he got 10th place instead of 12th.


Race Winner Time Margin Starting position
R1 Pollo Loco P6
R2 El Capitan P5
R3 Dragon's Egg P4
R4 Ghost Plasma P4
R5 Marbly Mcmarbleface P18
R6 Summer Sky P2
R7 Slimer P6
R8 Big Pearl
R9 Starman P7
R10 Slimer P5
R11 El Capitan 3:26.31 +2.03 P12
R12 Summer Sky P17
  • Note:
    • P1–P7 is on the front row
    • P8–P13 is on the second row
    • P14–P20 is on the third row (from race 7 on the back row)
    • P21–P26 is on the fourth row (is gone from race 7 on)
    • P27–P33 is on the back row (is gone from race 7 on)

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