Ruzzy is the reserve member of the Raspberry Racers. They are best remembered for their gold medal in the 5 Meter Hurdles, after coming on for the injured captain Razzy.


Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Marble League 2018 Speed Skating Individual 4th 30.87 sec. 12
Ice Hockey Team 15th Heat Loss 1
Marble League 2019 Hubelino Maze Team 10th 62 pts 6
Collision Team 5th Quarterfinal Loss 11
Marble League 2020 5 Meter Hurdles* Individual 1st 8.311 sec. 25
Triathlon Individual 11th 32.63 sec. 5
Relay Run Team 4th 8.601 sec. 12
High Jump Individual 15th 36.0 cm 1
Collision Team 15th Heat Loss 1

*Ruzzy took Razzy's place in the final after Razzy was injured.


  • Ruzzy is the first reserve member to win a gold medal in an individual event. However, Ruzzy only competed in the final of the 5 Meter Hurdles. They stepped in for the final after Razzy was injured.
    • This also makes Ruzzy the second marble to sub in for a teammate mid-event, after Mimo replaced Momomo due to their altitude sickness.
    • However, Ruzzy is the only marble to sub in for a teammate during an individual event.
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