The Royal Family of Snoronto consists of the Icicle King and the Icicle Queen. They are the leaders of the nation that the Snowballs come from.

Jelle and Dion Bakker, as well as Greg Woods, met the family before they went on to Hailfern to see the Arctic Circle, the stadium of the Snowballs. They liked the stadium so much, they invited the Snowballs to host Marble League 2018. The King and Queen led the procession at the start of Marble League 2018 and were present throughout the competition, helping to award medals for certain events.

After the Snowballs failed to qualify for Marble League 2019, Snowflake made a comment that the conditions were unfair. The Oceanics, the hosts of Marble League 2019, were upset at the comments. The Royal Family advised the Snowballs to drop the charges after they negotiated with the Royal Family of Dunduei.[1]


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