Roldo is loads of time hiding during games. Just like his human counterpart Wally or Waldo.

Roldo is a weird marble, he's not very round, but more like an egg. His color is dark blue with red, yellow and white stripes.

In the 2019 MarbleLympics, he's hidden in the odd events (E1, E3, E5, etc). Depending of the event, he can be hidden along the track, near the starting gate, but he can also be in the fan stands. Sometimes Roldo appear briefly before being covered by on-screen scoring graphics.


2018 MarbleLympics appearances will be added later

# Event Time Stamp Difficulty Location
1 MarbleLympics 2019 Event 1: Underwater Race 06:02 Medium At the bottom left of the starting gate.
2 MarbleLympics 2019 Event 3: Balancing 04:13 Easy Underneath the MarbleLympic flame.
3 MarbleLympics 2019 Event 5: 5 Meter Sprint 05:11 Hard Behind the fans
(See picture below)
4 MarbleLympics 2019 Event 7: Block Pushing 03:31 Medium At the bottom left, behind the block.
5 MarbleLympics 2019 Event 9: Hurdles Race 05:15 Medium At the left next to the fallen hurdle.
6 MarbleLympics 2019 Event 11: Dirt Race 06:20 Medium At the back of the grandstands near the exit.
7 MarbleLympics 2019 Event 13: Elimination Race 08:21 Medium At the left side of the track, behind the ball bearing.
8 MarbleLympics 2019 Event 15: Collision 11:11 Hard At the bottom left, next to the MarbleLympics banner.
9 Marble League Showdown 2019 Event 1: Sand Rally 03:44 Medium At the back of the grandstands
10 Marble League Showdown 2019 Event 2: Collision 04:49 Hard Behind the upper wall of dominoes and to the left of the yellow slide.

Gallery Edit

Roldo behind Mellow Yellow

Roldo (behind the Mellow Yellow fans) in event 5 of ML2019.

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