Reflektor is a marble competing in the Sand Marble Rally (now Marble Rally). Reflektor is currently in the A League but is generally considered a poor racer. Reflektor has competed in the Sand Marble rally since 2016, but only once (not including 2019) in the A League.

(Sand) Marble Rally Edit

2016 Sand Marble Rally Edit

Reflektor picked up 29 points from the first 6 races of the season, but was eliminated.

2017 Sand Marble Rally Edit

After failing to finish in the qualifier, Reflektor did not compete in 2017.

2018 Sand Marble Rally Edit

Reflektor again did not qualify for the A League but competed in the B League. Reflektor continued to disappoint fans (if there are any) with dismal performances, leading to a tenth place finish.

2019 Marble Rally Edit

Reflektor surprised viewers by successfully qualifying for the A League by winning the wildcard race. Reflektor won his first podium, with second place in race 3. He followed this up with a bronze medal in the next race.

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