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The Raspberry Racers are a magenta team with baby pink stripes that debuted in Marble League 2018, and are currently represented by Razzy, Rezzy, Rizzy, Rozzy and Ruzzy. They are currently one of the ten teams that has never missed a Marble League edition since their debut in 2018.

Regarded as one of the best teams in the Marble League, the Raspberry Racers hails from the city of Rubow in Central Europe, before competing in the Fruit Circuit. They would finish 4th in the Fruit Circuit, which denied them a spot in Marble League 2016. They would go on to enter the Marble League Qualifiers in 2018, qualifying in 2nd and finished 8th in the main tournament that year. Later in 2018, the Raspberry Racers would win the Amazing Maze Marble Race, leading to many to mark them as one of the favourites for Marble League 2019. They did go on to win Marble League 2019, putting up a dominating performance in Marble League 2019, winning 8 medals and scoring 216 points in total.

Despite being one of the best teams in the Marble League, the Raspberry Racers are notorious for their poor showings in Marbula One, as they only finished 14th in both seasons, with then finishing behind the Limers, their bitter rivals in Season 1. They would start well in Marble League 2020, but they were inconsistent towards the end of the season, and ended in 9th with a last-place-finish in the final event, tying on 133 points and 3 medals with last season's "basement team", the Oceanics. They were able to clinch two medals in Marbula One Season 2, however it wasn't enough to lift them out of 14th place in Marbula One Season 2, this time finishing ahead of Mellow Yellow. They would eventually redeem themselves in Marble League 2021 as they finished top of their qualifying group with the highest point total of all competing teams in Marble League 2021 Qualifiers. They were able to stay in the top three all season, however they would finish 2nd with 159 points, behind Mellow Yellow.

The Raspberry Racers are also known for their long-standing rivalry with the Limers, a rivalry that developed during their years at the Fruit Circuit. As of 2021, the Raspberry Racers has finished above the Limers in every competition.

Team Members

Razzy, Rezzy, Rizzy, Rozzy and Ruzzy are the original and current members of the team. Razzy became team captain in 2019.

2018 2019 -
Razzy Razzy Captain.png
Rezzy Rezzy
Rizzy Rizzy
Rozzy Rozzy
Ruzzy Ruzzy
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member

Members Timeline


Coach From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
Berry 15 March 2019[1] present 82 8 8 9 25 2019 Marble League Champion
2020 Marble League Friendly Winner
2021 Marble League Runner-up


Pre-Marble League

The Raspberry Racers come from the city of Rubow in Central Europe, which is renowned as the raspberry capital of the world, as seen with the many raspberry farms within its vicinity. Razzy was introduced to Rozzy through their trainer Williamette at their local training club. They were then joined by Rezzy and Rizzy from another sports club when the former two are scouted for a Rubovian Professional Team. The team were later joined by Barry as they started competing in the Fruit Circuit, during which they developed a rivalry with the Limers, who hail from the city of Sotsevsa, which is in fact not quite far away from Rubow.[2]

In 2015, when Jelle and Dion Bakker announced the Marble League, Greg Woods announced that the Fruit Circuit would enter the final season. The Bakker brothers reserved three spots in Marble League 2016 for the top three Fruit Circuit teams. The Raspberry Racers were doing very well until an incident in the third-to-last race, where Razzy briefly crashed just after launching off the starting gate. They could not recover their position and ended up in sixth. After the end of the race, they confronted Slimelime in a fit of rage and accused them of blocking them at the starting gate.

By the end of the penultimate race of the season, the Raspberry Racers had been comfortably sitting within the top three all along, standing right behind the Limers in the standings at the time. The team decided to have Barry represent them in the final race through a winery in Southern Europe. Unfortunately, during the race, Barry overshot a curve and went off the road. This mishap allowed Mellow Yellow and the O'rangers to overtake the Raspberry Racers into the final standings, denying them a spot in Marble League 2016.

The Raspberry Racers were distraught that they had failed to qualify for the Marble League, and proceeded to fire Barry for their failure in the final Fruit Circuit race. Meanwhile, Razzy, Rezzy, Rizzy, and Rozzy returned to Rubow, the raspberry capital of the world, to visit their families, after which the four seemingly retired from marble racing. Even after the team disbanded, it soon became clear that the four still wanted to race, and so they decided to participate in the Hubelino Tournament.

Razzy and Rozzy joined the Bluefastics, while Rezzy and Rizzy joined the Valiant Violets. The four trained hard as preparation for the Hubelino Tournament 2016. During the tournament, neither teams were doing quite well, even though they did manage to win some medals. A string of shaky performances, apart from those medals, saw the Bluefastics and the Valiant Violets conclude the tournament in sixth and eighth, respectively.

During this time, Razzy, Rezzy, Rizzy, and Rozzy were secretly training together, hoping to get themselves into the Marble League. A month after the Hubelino Tournament 2016 ended, the four left their teams and regrouped with Ruzzy, who had regularly joined them in their training sessions beforehand. The Raspberry Racers were back after a long hiatus, and Ruzzy had became their reserve member.[2]


The team being placed in the same group with their rival, the Limers.

The Raspberry Racers were invited to take part in the Marble League 2018 Qualifiers, where they ended up in Group C, competing against, among many others, the rival Limers. The team had a poor start to the qualifiers, coming 6th in Curling and 4th in Snow Race. Razzy later made up for it by finishing first in 5 Meter Ice Dash, and the team jumped to second behind the Balls of Chaos. After the final event of the qualifiers, Halfpipe, they remained in second with 22 points. Meanwhile, the Limers also qualified for Marble League 2018 in fourth.

The Raspberry Racers beating the Limers by a hair in the semi-final of Team Pursuit

Unfortunately, the Raspberry Racers had a poor start to Marble League 2018, with two bottom half finishes in the first two events. However, the team were not deterred and started to make amendments. They proceeded to perform well in the next four events, finishing fifth in Event 3, Halfpipe, and coming in fourth in the next two events, Bobsled and Speed Skating. The team rose to 11th overall. The next event, Team Pursuit, saw the Raspberry Racers face off against their rivals, the Limers, in the semifinal. The two teams were neck-and-neck for the whole race, until the Raspberry Racers pulled ahead at the end and won the race by 0.02 seconds. The team advanced to the final, only to lose to the Snowballs. This jumped to 5th place overall and brought the team together and made them feel truly united. Sadly, Rizzy had a poor performance in the next event, Snow Rally. where Rizzy finished in 15th. The Raspberry Racers dropped to 7th overall.

The team beating the Limers in the Quarter-finals of Curling

Snowboard Cross saw the Raspberry Racers and the Limers get into the final. Unfortunately, they tired out in the final and finished in 7th, while Sublime went on to pull an upset win and claim a gold medal. The two teams faced off against each other once again in the next event, Curling, in the quarterfinals. Rozzy got their revenge, knocking Sublime off the house. The Raspberry Racers went on to the next round, and later beat the O'rangers for the bronze medal, putting the team into 6th in the standings. The Raspberry Racers ended strong With a sixth place finish in Event 10, Biathlon, and a solid fifth place finish for Rizzy in Event 12, Sand Mogul Race, the team ended Marble League 2018 in eighth overall, losing out to the host Snowballs for seventh place in medal tally. They were very happy with the result, especially because they had, in fact, done much better than the Limers all along.

The team on the top of the podium of Amazing Maze Marble Race

The Raspberry Racers had a busy offseason to boot, participating in the 100 Meter Water Race, where Rezzy, who had never participated in any individual event of Marble League 2018, finished in 13th place. However, the team performed exceptionally in the Amazing Maze Marble Race and won the tournament, foreshadowing their rise to among the Marble League elites in the next few years. The team declined the invitation to participate in the Hubelino Tournament 2018 as they kept an eye on Marble League 2019.[2]


The Raspberry Racers participated in the Marble League 2019 Qualifiers with their coach, Berry. The team started on a sour note, coming in 19th in Funnel Race. However, they started to turn things around by coming 4th in Block Pushing, moving them up to 13th place. They followed this up with a seventh place finish in Relay Race. This put the team into the exact qualifying threshold in 12th.

The fight between the Raspberry Racers and Team Primary

Unfortunately, this event was marred with controversy. During the Raspberry Racers' heat, Team Primary DNF. Inexplicably, a fight broke out between Raspberry Racers and Team Primary fans. Former team member Barry, who was watching from the stands, got caught in the fight. But that incident didn't matter to the Raspberry Racers as they went on to end their qualifiers with a fifth place finish for Razzy in the final event, Underwater Race, finishing in 8th overall and qualifying for Marble League 2019. The Limers, on the other hand, failed to qualify, losing out to the Chocolatiers for the final qualifying spot by three points.

Razzy narrowly losing to Speedy from the Savage Speeders in the final of Funnel Race

The Raspberry Racers went on to become the most consistent of all teams in Marble League 2019. In fact, the team started strong with with a fifth place finish for Rezzy in Event 1, Underwater Race, and a silver medal for Razzy in Event 2, Funnel Race. In said event, Razzy was doing very well in the final, staying in the final funnel for 34 seconds before losing to Speedy of the Savage Speeders. The Raspberry Racers jumped to second in the standings. The Raspberry Racers had a flip-flop between good and bad performances in the next four events, moving back and forth between third and fifth in the standings. The team finished in a disappointing 14th place in Event 3, Balancing, but later managed to win their second silver medal in the next event, Gravitrax Slalom. Then, Rozzy faltered in Event 5, 5 Meter Sprint, finishing in 9th. However, the team kept pushing and won a bronze medal in the next event, Relay Run.

Razzy in the starting gate of Hurdles Race

At this point, the Raspberry Racers would start to dominate the season. The team jumped to second following their fourth place finish in Event 7, Block Pushing. Rizzy followed this up by winning the team another bronze medal in Event 8, Summer Biathlon. The Raspberry Racers took the lead in the standings as a result, and they had won more medals than every other team in the tournament so far. The Raspberry Racers proceeded to keep this up in the next three events, starting with Razzy winning a silver medal in Event 9, Hurdles Race. Unfortunately, the team surprised the audience by failing to replicate their victory in the Amazing Maze Marble Race in Event 10, Hubelino Maze. Their tenth place finish notwithstanding, the team remained in the lead, and Rozzy went on to win a bronze medal in Event 11, Dirt Race.

Rezzy crossing the finish line in 1st in the final of Elimination Race

However, the Green Ducks went on to steal the lead from the Raspberry Racers following their win in Event 12, Rafting. Then came the next event, Elimination Race. The Raspberry Racers chose Rezzy to represent them. In the final of the event, it was down to them, Ducky of the Green Ducks, and Red Eye of the Crazy Cat's Eyes. Rezzy emerged victorious in the final as both their opponents crashed out, winning the team their first ever gold medal. A fourth place finish for Rizzy in Event 14, Surfing, took the Raspberry Racers back into the lead in the standings. The team proceeded to stay in first for the remainder of the tournament, with a fifth place finish in Collision, followed by the team's fourth bronze medal in the final event, Sand Rally. This victory was a proof of the team's consistency that kept them within the top five, and also enabled them to set a record number of medals within a single Marble League season – they had won a medal in half of the events of the season.

While harvesting raspberries from the Von Neuman Farm in Tumbletown, a town on the outskirts of Rubow which are a growing tourist destination for their natural colors and beauty extending out from the city of Rubow, the Raspberry Racers received an invite from the JMRC for Marbula One Season 1. The team accepted and selected Razzy, "Rider in Rose", and Rezzy, "Framboise Flash", to represent them. Given their recent success in the Marble League, namely that they were the reigning champions, expectations were really high for the Raspberry Racers. They were also selected to host the seventh Grand Prix at the Razzway.[2]


Marbula One Season 1

Razzy in the starting gate of Savage Speedway Grand Prix

At first, Razzy was able to fulfill the expectations for the team. In their debut at the Savage Speedway Grand Prix, they qualified in 6th. During the race, they were able to get into the top five at one point, but then dropped down and finished the race in 7th. Rezzy made their debut at the O'raceway Grand Prix. They qualified in 3rd, but unfortunately dropped to 8th by the end of the race, putting the Raspberry Racers in 8th overall. The Raspberry Racers never managed to rebound from this. Razzy failed to score any points at the Momotorway Grand Prix and the Short Circuit Grand Prix. Rezzy, on the other hand, managed to earn 9 points total at the Hivedrive Grand Prix and the Greenstone Grand Prix, with a 6th and 10th place finish respectively. The team dropped to 14th in the team standings.

The starting gate of Razzway Grand Prix

Razzy finished the season in Tumbletown at their home track, the Razzway Grand Prix. The race was notorious for featuring the season's only red flag and a fan invasion. Despite rumors, Coach Berry confirmed the invading fan was not Barry. It was later revealed to be Razzputin.[3] Razzy qualified in 14th, but managed to climb to 9th by the end of the race, earning two points. Unfortunately, the Raspberry Racers fell to 15th place in the team standings. Rezzy finished their season with a 7th place finish at the Midnight Bay Grand Prix, lifting the Raspberry Racers back to 14th place, one place and two points ahead of their rivals, the Limers.

Fans were very disappointed, especially since they had been expecting so much for the Raspberry Racers to do well in Marbula One. But team coach Berry stressed the differences between the Marble League and Marbula One, one of which is the fact that the latter lacks team events. They also claimed that both Razzy and Rezzy had the relevant skills, as shown by their performances in Marble League 2019, but they weren't ready to translate that to Marbula One yet. In fact, Berry had already promised that their team would do well in Marble League 2020.[2]

Marble League 2020

The Raspberry Racers went on to dominate the Friendly Round of Marble League 2020, finishing second in both team events and first in both individual events. This continued with a great start to Marble League 2020, winning a silver medal by scoring a respectable 355 in the first event, Balancing. They faltered against the Minty Maniacs in Halfpipe, only grabbing 9th and falling to 4th place overall. Rezzy participated in Funnel Endurance in Group B. They made contact with multiple marbles in the final funnel, lost quite a bit of speed, and just barely missed out on the 8-marble final, finishing 9th again.

Ruzzy getting gold in the final of 5 Meter Hurdles

In Event 4, the Newton's Cradle, the Raspberry Racers picked up momentum again with a bronze for Rizzy and Rozzy. However, in the Long Jump, the team elected Rizzy to compete again. Unfortunately, they finished 15th, the team's worst result since Ice Hockey. Still, the team remained in fourth overall. However, in the 5 Meter Hurdles, Razzy managed to set the fastest time in the marble league twice, but in the final, had Ruzzy sub in for them due to their injuries. Ruzzy went on to win the event, and the team's second Marble League gold medal. The team stayed in fourth. That gold gave team false confidence and blinded the team, and that's where they started to fall hard.

Rezzy coming in last in Marble Marathon

The team then continued delivering unsatisfying mid-pack finishes and somehow stayed in 5th after 5 Meter Sprint despite being further and further from the top teams.The team then got two top-five finishes and two 15th-place-finishes, dropping to 6th and are out of championship contention. Instead of redemption, the team completely faltered in the last two events as the bar for them was "Just Score Points", and thus they got a 15th-place-finish in Collision and a last-place-finish in Marble Marathon, which dropped them all the way to 9th, their worst performance in the Marble League despite a strong start, It was also the first time they've dropped out of top half in the standings since Sand Mogul Race.[2]

Despite their disastrous season, the team were still invited for Marbula One Season 2. But this time they subbed Ruzzy, "Nimble Thimble" to replace Rezzy to compete because of Rezzy's poor performance in Marble Marathon and Ruzzy's amazing performance in 5 Meter Hurdles Final.

Marbula One Season 2

Ruzzy in a three-way tie for 2nd place in lap 7 in Arctic Circuit GP

Razzy proved that they deserved the spot as they immediately put up a strong performance in Minty Mania Grand Prix, qualifying in 6th and finishing in 6th. This was the opposite case when it comes to Ruzzy as they did not qualify for O'raceway Grand Prix. The team then got three consecutive 11th-place-finishes in the next three Grands Prix, earning 6 points and dropped to 15th in the standings. Ruzzy qualified in 14th in Arctic Circuit Grand Prix. Despite this, Ruzzy got off to a very strong start as they jumped up to 2nd in just 2 laps and managed to take the lead on lap 8, Ruzzy dropped all the way to 5th in lap 13 before they rose to 3rd and finished the race in 3rd. That was their first ever medal in Marbula One and it jumped them to 9th in the standings during midway of the season with Ruzzy in 19th in the individual standings.


Marble League Winter Special

The team were invited to compete in Marble League Winter Special, to which they accepted. Ruzzy's bronze in Arctic Circuit GP was the confidence boost the team needed coming into this tournament, and their old rival, the Limers, ironically, weren't invited to compete. The team got off to a good start, by placing top five in the first two events, placing 4th in the standings. The team then got two bottom half finishes and dropped to 9th, completely out of championship contention.[2]

The Raspberry Racers getting the gold in Ice Hockey

Coming into the final event, Ice Hockey, a bracket-styled event based on the current standings, saw the leading team, Oceanics losing to the Chocolatiers who were in last with a score of 0:1, putting their fates into other teams' hands. The Thunderbolts, Team Momo and the Green Ducks were eliminated in Round of 16, leaving the Hazers, the O'rangers and the Minty Maniacs challenging for winning the tournament. O'rangers managed to beat Minty Maniacs, advancing to the semi-finals while Hazers were getting eliminated, meaning that the O'rangers were the only team that were eligible to win the tournament if they win gold in this event. The Raspberry Racers reminded of Oceanics fans screaming "Noceanics" back in Marble League 2019, hoping to stop the O'rangers from taking their title, in which they did by beating them with 3-1. The Oceanics would be the champion of Marble League Winter Special regardless of the results. The team went on to win the event and finished the tournament in 4th.[2]

Marbula One Season 2

Razzy in the top three in the penultimate lap of Midnight Bay Grand Prix

The second half of the season started with a disaster as Razzy got stuck on the track and was saved by the safety marble, but they later almost got lapped by Red Eye from the Crazy Cat's Eyes and Speedy from the Savage Speeders, and was shown blue flag twice in the Raceforest Grand Prix. Despite this, Razzy did not finish last as Limelime from the Limers got stuck in the same spot on the track just before the finish line. It only got worse for the team as the team failed to score a single point in the following four Grands Prix, with 2 DNQs and two bottom-three finishes. But that was about to change as Razzy managed to redeem by entering into Q3 in Midnight Bay Grand Prix for the first time in history of the team, placing 3rd in the qualifiers. Their main race was also amazing as Razzy managed to lead seven laps and eventually getting bronze, their second medal in this season. This jumped the team to 14th in the standings, also jumping Razzy into 20th in the individual standings. Although this season is still far from satisfactory, but the team would take it heading into the off-season.

Razzy participated in Marble League 2021 Practice Race in the off-season and got 22th.

Marble League 2021

The team was placed into Group B in Marble League 2021 Qualifiers and dominated the qualifiers by winning the first two events and getting 3rd in the third one, pre-qualifying with one event left. The team eventually qualified in 1st place with 42 points, the most out of all teams, making them favourites to win Marble League 2021.

Rezzy finishing the final of Funnel Endurance in 2nd

The team proved them to be a force to be reckoned with as they podiumed in the first two events, placing 1st in the standings. The next event was 5 Meter Sprint, which Razzy got 4th in 2020, but they failed miserably this time by placing dead last, dropping to 3rd in the standings. Rezzy was sent to participate in Funnel Endurance due to winning this event in the qualifiers. Rezzy immediately impressed everyone by breaking their own record in the qualifiers with an astounding score of 2:35.68, more than 36 seconds ahead of who were in second. However, Rezzy was in the back of the pack for most of the time in the finals, but managed to make a comeback in the final funnel. But their effort was not enough as Mocha from the Chocolatiers pushed Rezzy down the final funnel, and it was another silver for the team and it helped the team retake the lead in the standings.

The team's record-breaking run in Block Pushing

The team then got three mid-pack finishes but it was far from enough to hold the lead as Team Momo were on a podium streak, as they got one gold, one silver and one bronze in the three events, extending their lead up to 27 points. Block Pushing saw the team breaking the Marble League Record set by the Midnight Wisps in 2020 with more than 7 centimetres, and another 85-plus score was enough for them to win this event, gaining a total of 106 points in the first half of the season, 4 more than what they got in the first half of Marble League 2019, but Team Momo were still ahead of them with 115 points. The team did not keep their momentum going as they quickly slowed down in the next three events by only scoring 19 points and the gap between them and the teams behind kept shrinking as Mellow Yellow were only six points behind them after winning two consecutive golds, and a lot of other teams were catching up as well.

Rezzy being eliminated in Round 9 of Elimination Race

At the same time, Team Momo is performing bad as well and the team were actually only seven points away from them. Mellow Yellow jumped to the top of the standings after their silver in Diving, dropping the team to 3rd. In the next event, Elimination Race, saw one of the biggest surprises as Mimo from Team Momo and Yellup from Mellow Yellow were eliminated in Round 1 and Round 2 respectively, and the door was wide open for Rezzy. Rezzy finished in 8th and the Raspberry Racers retook the lead by a single point. The team was still in the lead after the penultimate event with a margin of seven points ahead of the Hazers, nine ahead of Mellow Yellow and a total of 11 teams can challenge for the overall champion.

Rizzy passing Hazy from the Hazers just before the finish line in the last lap in Marblocross

The team made a bold move by putting Rizzy into Marblocross, a Marbula-One styled event which Rizzy has never been a part of, which means that Rizzy have to battle with multiple excellent athletes from Marbula One. Rizzy started in last because of the race starting in reverse order. Rizzy was in dead last since the race started but the points advantage they've gained kept them in 1st place in the standings despite being briefly taken by the Shining Swarm and the Green Ducks in the first 8 laps. The Hazers and Mellow Yellow were also doing poor as well. It all changed when Yellup started to climb up and Mellow Yellow took the lead in the standings since lap 9 as Yellup jumped to 5th in this event while Rizzy was still in dead last. Rizzy was never able to catch up and only passed Hazy from the Hazers before the finish line. Yellup was in second in the final lap but was passed by Kinnowin from the O'rangers just before the finish line, but it was still not enough as the Racers finished this season in 2nd, 5 points behind Mellow Yellow.

Marble League 2018

Main article: Marble League 2018

2018 Raspberry Racers logo


The team finished 2nd in their group and qualified for the 2018 Winter Marble League. They competed in Group C.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Curling All First Round Loss 6th 3 6th
Snow Race Rizzy DNF 4th 5 7th
5 Meter Ice Dash Razzy 4.87 sec. 1st 8 2nd
Halfpipe All 38.60 sec. 3rd 6 2nd

Main Tournament

The team finished 8th in this tournament with 110 points, one silver and one bronze.

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standings
5 Meter Ice Dash Razzy 5.16 sec. 14th 2 14th
Ski Jump Rozzy 113.9 cm 10th 6 14th
Halfpipe All 28.10 sec. 5th 11 12th
Bobsled All 13.66 sec. 4th 12 11th
Speed Skating Ruzzy (R) 30.87 sec. 4th 12 8th
Team Pursuit All 30.97 sec. 2nd 20 5th
Snow Rally Rizzy 52.16 sec. 15th 1 7th
Snowboard Cross Rozzy 57.75 sec. 7th 9 7th
Curling All 3rd Place Winner 3rd 15 6th
Biathlon All 23.47 sec. 6th 10 6th
Ice Hockey All Heat Loss 15th 1 9th
Sand Mogul Race Rizzy 6.25 sec. 5th 11 8th

Other 2018 Competitions

The Raspberry Racers took part in two other competitions in 2018: the 100 Meter Water Race and the Amazing Maze Marble Race.

Event Participant Final Result Place
100 Meter Water Race Rezzy 4:06.76 13th
Amazing Maze Marble Race All 43 pts 1st

Marble League 2019

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Raspberry Racers' original logo for the 2019 season, designed by Hersh.

The 2019 Raspberry Racers' logo, designed by Pim Leurs.


The Raspberry Racers qualified for Marble League 2019.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Funnel Race Rezzy 0:47.40 19th 1 19th
Block Pushing All 107.5 cm 4th 15 13th
Relay Race All 10.33 sec. 7th 12 12th
Underwater Race Razzy (C) 28.78 sec. 5th 14 8th

Main Tournament

The team won the season with an astounding 216 points, 1 gold, 3 silvers and 4 bronzes.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Underwater Race Rezzy 15.13 sec. 5th 11 5th
Funnel Race Razzy (C) 2:06.86 2nd 20 2nd
Balancing All 199 cm 14th 2 5th
Gravitrax Slalom All 8.63 sec. 2nd 20 3rd
5 Meter Sprint Rozzy 6.140 sec. 9th 7 5th
Relay Run All 10.514 sec. 3rd 15 3rd
Block Pushing All 64.3 cm 4th 12 2nd
Summer Biathlon Rizzy 32.065 sec. 3rd 15 1st
Hurdles Race Razzy (C) 8.763 sec. 2nd 20 1st
Hubelino Maze All 62 10th 6 1st
Dirt Race Rozzy 1:21.00 3rd 15 1st
Rafting All 37.72 sec. 6th 10 2nd
Elimination Race Rezzy 16.08 sec. 1st 25 2nd
Surfing Rizzy 49.92 4th 12 1st
Collision All Quaterfinal Loss 5th 11 1st
Sand Rally Razzy (C) 2:00.65 3rd 15 1st

Marbula One Season 1

Main article: Marbula One Season 1

The Raspberry Racers took part in Marbula One Season 1. The team consisted of Razzy and Rezzy.

Season Entrant SAV ORA MOM HOR GDK TBO RSP MNW Points Total
S1 Razzy 7th 14th 12th 9th 28th (8) 14th (27)
Rezzy 8th 6th 10th 7th 19th (19)

The team finished 14th in this tournament.

Grand Prix Participant Qualifying
Time Place Points Overall
Savage Speedway Razzy 6th 5:30.61 7th 6 7th 7th -
O'raceway Rezzy 3rd 5:25.52 8th 4 8th 13th 15th
Momotorway Razzy 12th 5:50.28 14th 0 10th 16th 17th
Hivedrive Rezzy 6th 5:36.72 6th 8 9th 20th 16th
Greenstone Rezzy 12th 6:06.81 10th 1 13th 23rd 19th
Short Circuit Razzy 16th 5:34.72 12th 0 14th 27th 20th
Razzway Razzy 14th 5:37.43 9th 2 15th 29th 24th
Midnight Bay Rezzy 7th 7:59.19 7th 6 14th 28th 19th

Marble League 2020

Main article: Marble League 2020

Friendly Round

The team won the Friendly Round.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Block Pushing All 58.6 cm 2nd 4 2nd
Funnel Endurance Razzy (C) 2:24.11 1st 7 1st
Balancing All 340 cm 2nd 4 1st
5 Meter Sprint Rozzy 5.245 sec. 1st 7 1st

Main Events

The team finished in 9th with 133 points, one gold, one silver and one bronze.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Balacing All 355 cm 2nd 20 2nd
Halfpipe All 56.32 sec. 9th 7 4th
Funnel Endurance Rezzy 2:04.30 9th 7 4th
Newton's Cradle Rizzy & Rozzy 105.10 cm 3rd 15 4th
Long Jump Rizzy 79.40 cm 15th 1 4th
5 Meter Hurdles Razzy (C) & Ruzzy (R)* 8.311 sec. 1st 25 4th
Block Pushing All 79.05 cm 6th 10 5th
Triathlon Ruzzy (R) 32.63 sec. 11th 5 5th
Sand Mogul Race Rozzy 8.607 sec. 11th 5 5th
5 Meter Sprint Razzy (C) 6.020 sec. 4th 12 5th
Black Hole Funnel Rezzy & Rozzy 63.97 sec. 15th 1 6th
Relay Run All 8.601 sec. 4th 12 6th
High Jump Ruzzy 36.0 cm 15th 1 7th
Team Aquathlon All 18.19 sec. 5th 11 6th
Collision All Heat Loss 15th 1 8th
Marble Marathon Rezzy 10:52.43 16th 0 9th

*Ruzzy replaced Razzy in the final of Hurdles due to health problems.

Marbula One Season 2

Main article: Marbula One Season 2

The Raspberry Racers took part in Marbula One Season 2. The team consisted of Razzy and Ruzzy.

S2 Razzy 6th 11th 11th 15th DNQ 3rd 20th (30) 14th (48)
Ruzzy DNQ 11th 3rd DNQ 16th 14th 34th (18)

The team finished 14th in this tournament with 48 points and two bronzes.

Grand Prix Participant Qualifying
Time Place Points Overall
Minty Mania Razzy 6th 8:09.52 6th 10 6th 6th -
O'raceway Ruzzy 18th - - 0 9th 11th 35th
Honeydome Razzy 7th 7:59.85 11th 2 10th 13th 36th
Aquamaring Ruzzy 14th 8:19.59 11th 2 13th 17th 30th
Tumult Turnpike Razzy 13th 7:57.00 11th 2 15th 19th 31st
Arctic Circuit Ruzzy 14th 8:10.06 3rd 16 9th 23rd 19th
Raceforest Razzy 9th +1 lap 15th 0 12th 27th 20th
Momotorway Ruzzy 18th - - 0 15th 29th 22nd
Palette Park Ruzzy 6th 6:43.34 16th 0 16th 33rd 26th
Misty Mountain Razzy 17th - - 0 16th 34th 26th
Savage Speedway Ruzzy 11th 7:05.56 14th 0 17th 35th 31st
Midnight Bay Razzy 3rd 7:55.28 3rd 16 14th 20th 34th

Marble League Winter Special

Main article: Marble League Winter Special

The team finished 4th in this tournament with 58 points and a gold.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Ice Dash Rezzy 4.818 sec. 4th 12 4th
Snowboard Cross Razzy (C) 20.40 sec. 5th 11 4th
Speed Skating Rizzy 31.25 sec. 9th 7 6th
Bobsled All 7.722 sec. 13th 3 9th
Ice Hockey All Winner 1st 25 4th

2020/21 Offseason

Event Participant Final Result Place
Marble League 2021 Practice Race Razzy (C) 3:08.66 22nd

Marble League 2021

Main article: Marble League 2021


The Raspberry Racers competed in Group B. They qualified for Marble League 2021.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Wave All 36 pts 1st 15 1st
Funnel Endurance Rezzy 2:33.37 1st 15 1st
Relay Race All 8.687 sec. 3rd 10 1st
Sand Rally Razzy (C) 1:46.96 10th 2 1st

Main Tournament

The team finished 2nd in this tournament with 157 points, one gold, two silvers and a bronze.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Wave All 36 pts 2nd 20 2nd
Balancing All 289 cm 3rd 15 1st
5 Meter Sprint Razzy (C) 6.156 sec. 16th 0 3rd
Funnel Endurance Rezzy 2:21.36 2nd 20 1st
5 Meter Relay All 8.638 sec. 10th 6 2nd
Jousting Rizzy & Rozzy Quarterfinal Loss 6th 10 2nd
5 Meter Hurdles Ruzzy (R) 9.486 sec. 6th 10 2nd
Block Pushing All 180.65 cm 1st 25 2nd
Triathlon Razzy (C) 26.34 sec. 12th 4 2nd
Steeplechase All 23.36 sec. 5th 11 2nd
Sand Mogul Race Rozzy 57.49 sec. 12th 4 2nd
Diving All 7.88 pts 8th 8 3rd
Elimination Race Rezzy Eliminated Round 9 8th 8 1st
Sand Rally Razzy (C) 1:24.47 5th 11 1st
Football All Round of 16 Loss 12th 4 1st
Marblocross Rizzy 7:42.98 15th 1 2nd

Marble League Records

Current Marble League records

Event Record holder Result Previous Record Notes
Block Pushing Raspberry Racers 92.95 cm 85.80 cm


Record broken in the first run of the first heat, their second run also broke the previous record

Former Marble League records

Event Record Holder Result Previous Record Current Record Notes
5 Meter Hurdles Razzy 8.439 sec. 8.552 sec.


8.126 sec.


Record broken in Heat 3 and Semi Final A, record later broken in Semi Final B. Ruzzy's time in the final also broke Razzy's record
8.386 sec. 8.439 sec.


Marble League

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2018 12 0 1 1 2 8th 110
2019 16 1 3 4 8 1st 216
2020 16 1 1 1 3 9th 133
2021 16 1 2 1 4 2nd 157
2022 Qualified
Total 60 3 7 7 17 - 616

Marbula One

Season Grands
Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
S1 8 0 0 0 0 14th 27
S2 12 0 0 2 2 14th 48
Total 20 0 0 2 2 - 75

Career Events

# Events Gold Silver Bronze Total
2017 4 1 0 1 2
2018 14 1 1 1 5
2019 20 1 3 4 8
2020 34 3 3 2 8
2021 32 4 2 3 9
Total 104 10 9 11 30

Team Members' Individual Scores

Marble League

Marble Competed in Individual events
participated in
Medals Won Total Individual Points
Razzy Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
5 Meter Ice Dash (2018)
Funnel Race (2019)
Hurdles Race (2019)
Sand Rally (2019)
5 Meter Hurdles (2020)*
5 Meter Sprint (2020)
5 Meter Sprint (2021)
Triathlon (2021)
Sand Rally (2021)
0 gold medals
2 silver medals
1 bronze medal
84 pts
Rezzy Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
Underwater Race (2019)
Elimination Race (2019)
Funnel Endurance (2020)
Black Hole Funnel (2020)
Marble Marathon (2020)
Funnel Endurance (2021)
Elimination Race (2021)
1 gold medal
1 silver medal
0 bronze medals
72 pts
Rizzy Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
Snow Rally (2018)
Sand Mogul Race (2018)
Summer Biathlon (2019)
Surfing (2019)
Newton's Cradle (2020)
Long Jump (2020)
Jousting (2021)
Marblocross (2021)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
2 bronze medals
66 pts
Rozzy Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
Ski Jump (2018)
Snowboard Cross (2018)
5 Meter Sprint (2019)
Dirt Race (2019)
Newton's Cradle (2020)
Sand Mogul Race (2020)
Black Hole Funnel (2020)
Jousting (2021)
Sand Mogul Race (2021)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
2 bronze medals
72 pts
Ruzzy Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
Speed Skating (2018)
5 Meter Hurdles (2020)
Triathlon (2020)
High Jump (2020)
5 Meter Hurdles (2021)
1 gold medal
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
53 pts

Italics - As reserve member

*Razzy competed in the 5 Meter Hurdles until the final when they dropped out due to illness. They were replaced by Ruzzy who is awarded the points here.

Marbula One

Marble Competed in Races
participated in
Medals Won Total Individual Points
Razzy Marbula One S1
Marbula One S2
Savage Speedway GP (S1)
Momotorway GP (S1)
Short Circuit GP (S1)
Razzway GP (S1)
Minty Mania GP (S2)
Honeydome GP (S2)
Tumult Turnpike GP (S2)
Raceforest GP (S2)
Misty Mountain GP (S2)
Midnight Bay GP (S2)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
1 bronze medal
38 pts
Rezzy Marbula One S1 O'raceway GP (S1)
Hivedrive GP (S1)
Greenstone GP (S1)
Midnight Bay GP (S1)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
19 pts
Ruzzy Marbula One S2 O'raceway GP (S2)
Aquamaring GP (S2)
Arctic Circuit GP (S2)
Momotorway GP (S2)
Palette Park GP (S2)
Savage Speedway GP (S2)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
1 bronze medal
18 pts


  • The Raspberry Racers are the only team from the Fruit Circuit that did not initially compete in the Marble League that went on to compete in a later season.
  • The Raspberry Racers hold the record for the most medals in a season and most points in a season with 8 medals and 216 points in 2019.
  • The Raspberry Racers share a fierce rivalry with the Limers, and have placed above the Limers in every tournament after they joined the Marble League.
  • They were the first team to sub in a reserve during an individual event.
  • The team's reserve, Ruzzy, was the first reserve to win an individual gold medal in the Marble League.
  • The team also became the second team to have every athlete in the team win an individual medal, behind the Savage Speeders.
  • They were the first team to be shown a blue flag in a Marbula One race.
  • They were the first team to be successfully saved by the Safety Marble in Marbula One.
  • They were the first team to place in the top three in the standings for a whole Marble League which they achieved in Marble League 2021.



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