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The Quicksilvers are a former Marble League team introduced in Marble League 2017. The team is named after Marble Rally competitor Quicksilver. They were represented by Argent, Mercurial, Quix, Silvery, and Gallum. Following a last-place finish in Marble League 2017, and a failure to qualify the next year, the team retired.

Team Members

The Quicksilvers (top)

Argent, Mercurial, Quix and Silvery were the original members of Quicksilvers and remained the members of the team until retirement. They were joined in late 2017 by a reserve member named Gallum (who was previously unnamed due to the retirement of the team).

2017 2018
Argent Argent
Mercurial Mercurial
Quix Quix
Silvery Silvery
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member


Pre-Marble League

Before competing in the Marble League, the Quicksilvers competed in the Surculo.[2] The team was run by the Marble Rally competitor Quicksilver.[3] In the 2015 Surculo tournament, the Quicksilvers finished third overall. The top three teams were invited to compete in Marble League 2016. The Quicksilvers declined their invitation in favor of one more shot at winning the Surculo. Their invitation was eventually given to the Chocolatiers, who had finished fifth.[4]

The Quicksilvers failed to win the 2016 Surculo, instead finishing second behind the Jungle Jumpers. Both teams were invited to participate in the Marble League 2017 Qualifiers, and this time the Quicksilvers (and the Jungle Jumpers) accepted.[2] The Quicksilvers' place was initially meant for the Gliding Glaciers, who were denied entry for looking too similar to the Jawbreakers, and so the place was offered to the Quicksilvers.[5]


Argent winning their heat in the Funnel Race

The Quicksilvers had a mediocre start to the Marble League 2017 Qualifiers, finishing 10th in the Relay Race, but jumped to seventh after Quix finished 6th in the Sand Race. They again performed poorly in the next event, Block Pushing, dropping them to 13th overall and putting them in danger of missing out on Marble League 2017. Thankfully, Argent performed very well in the final event, the Funnel Race, and finished 2nd. The Quicksilvers qualified for Marble League 2017, qualifying in 5th overall.

Unfortunately, Argent's second place in the Qualifiers could not be replicated in the first event, the Funnel Race, finishing in 14th place. The Quicksilvers followed this up with two more bottom five finishes, dropping them to last place overall. However, two ninth-place finishes in the 5-meter Sprint and the Hurdles allowed them to get into 15th overall.

The Quicksilvers finish in 4th in Archery

The Quicksilvers continued to perform poorly, with another three consecutive bottom five finishes, but they somehow managed to cling onto 15th place ahead of the Jungle Jumpers, who were having an equally poor season. Things looked like they were improving for the Quicksilvers when they came seventh in the Steeplechase and then 4th in Archery, their best finish of the competition. Despite their better performance, the Quicksilvers dropped back into last place thanks to the Jungle Jumpers' gold medal in Archery. A 15th-place finish in the Underwater Race made it almost inevitable they would finish in last, falling to 17 points behind Team Primary, who were also having a poor season despite having won the first event. The Quicksilvers finished Marble League 2017 on a higher note with Silvery taking a 6th-place finish in the Sand Rally, but this was not enough. The Quicksilvers remained in last place at the end of the tournament with only 58 points.


The Quicksilvers face the Chocolatiers in the Halfpipe

The Quicksilvers returned in the Marble League 2018 Qualifiers, where they competed in Group A, with Gallum joining the team as reserve member. The team's poor performances continued with a last-place finish in the opening event, Curling. They continued to perform poorly with a 6th-place finish in the Snow Race, and another last-place finish in the 5 Meter Ice Dash. Just as they had done in 2017, the team managed to get a 4th-place finish in the Halfpipe, but this was not enough to take them out of last place, where they had been for their entire time at the Qualifiers. The team thus failed to qualify for Marble League 2018, but they decided to watch the competition from the stands.

The Quicksilvers watch Marble League 2018 from the stands

The Quicksilvers competed in two off-season events, where Silvery represented them. These two events were the Marble League 2018 Consolation Race and the 100 Meter Water Race. Despite their improvements in the off-season, given that Silvery had managed to finish in 4th and 11th in both off-season races respectively, Quicksilver decided to let go of the team so they could focus on the Marble Rally. During the Amazing Maze Marble Race, it was announced that the Quicksilvers had indeed retired. This was because they had lost interest in the competition due to their disappointing performance in Marble League 2017 and their failure to qualify for Marble League 2018.[6]

Marble League 2017


The Quicksilvers qualified for Marble League 2017.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Relay Race All 10.86 sec. 10th 3 10th
Sand Race Quix 26.41 sec. 6th 7 7th
Block Pushing All 54.7 cm 12th 1 13th
Funnel Spin Argent 1:01.48 2nd 12 5th

Main Tournament

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Funnel Race Argent 1:01.85 14th 2 14th
Long Jump Mercurial 68.2 cm 13th 3 15th
Fidget Spinner Collision All Heat Loss 14th 2 16th
5-meter Sprint Quix 6.31 sec. 9th 7 15th
Hurdles Silvery 9.83 sec. 9th 7 15th
Relay Run All 11.95 sec. 12th 4 15th
Block Pushing All 117.5 cm 15th 1 15th
High Jump Argent 35.5 cm 16th 0 15th
Steeplechase All 43.32 sec. 7th 9 15th
Archery All 36 pts 4th 12 16th
Underwater Race Quix 14.34 sec. 15th 1 16th
Sand Rally Silvery 1:28.14 6th 10 16th

Marble League 2018


The Quicksilvers failed to qualify for Marble League 2018. They competed in Group A.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Curling All First Round Loss 8th 1 8th
Snow Race Quix 21.50 6th 3 8th
5 Meter Ice Dash Silvery 5.22 sec. 8th 1 8th
Halfpipe All 39.67 sec. 4th 5 8th

Other 2018 Competitions

The Quicksilvers took part in two other competitions in 2018: the Marble League 2018 Consolation Race and the 100 Meter Water Race.

Event Participant Final Result Place
Marble League 2018 Consolation Race Silvery 44.86 sec. 4th
100 Meter Water Race Silvery 4:02.97 11th


Marble League

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2017 12 0 0 0 0 16th 58
2018 Did not qualify
Total 12 0 0 0 0 - 58

Career Events

# Events 1st 2nd 3rd Total
2017 20 0 1 0 1
2018 2 0 0 0 0
Total 22 0 1 0 1

Team Members' Individual Scores

Marble League

Marble Competed in Individual events
participated in
Medals Won Total Individual Points
Argent Marble League 2017 Funnel Race (2017)
High Jump (2017)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
2 pts
Mercurial Marble League 2017 Long Jump (2017) 0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
3 pts
Quix Marble League 2017 5-meter Sprint (2017)
Underwater Race (2017)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
8 pts
Silvery Marble League 2017 Hurdles (2017)
Sand Rally (2017)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
17 pts


  • The Quicksilvers were the first team to have qualified for at least one Marble League edition and then subsequently retire. They would be followed by the Jawbreakers and Hornets in 2021.
  • On 24 September 2021, it was revealed in a recent RetRollSpective that the reserve member’s name was Gallum.


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