Pulsar is one of the members of Team Galactic and has so far been present in the Marble League every year since Marble League 2016.



In the 2016 MarbleLympics, Pulsar competed in the Water race, although he didn't finish the race. He also competed in Balancing, Relay run, Collision, Team pursuit, Precision slalom, and Quartet diving along with his teammates.  


In the 2017 Marblelympics, Pulsar competed in the Underwater race, and finished after 13.88 seconds, placing him seventh, and earning the team 9 points.  In the Funnel spinning, however, he finished last, only lasting 56.39 seconds. He also competed in Fidget spinner collision, Relay run, Blockpushing, Steeplechase, and Archery along with his team.


During the 2018 Winter Marblelympics, Pulsar finished 12th in the 5m Ice dash after 5.13 seconds. He also competed in Halfpipe, Bobsleigh, Team pursuit, Curling, Gravitrax Biathlon and Hockey with his teammates.

In the curling event, with his team down 3-2, Pulsar, the final stone of the match, made a great play by using Green Eye to help him land in the outer blue ring, tying the match at 3 and allowing Team Galactic to advance.

2019 Edit

In the 2019 qualifiers, Pulsar achieved equal first in the Underwater Race, helping Team Galactic to qualify. Pulsar's first individual event came in the Biathlon, where two comeback victories saw him through to the final, but placed fourth there. He also competed in surfing, where two short surfs caused him to finish the event in 15th place.


Pulsar has yet to win a medal on his own in the Marblelymics, although he together with his team won two silver medals in the 2018 Bobsleigh and 2019 Block Pushing events.


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