Pulsar is one of the members of Team Galactic and has so far been present in the Marble League every year since Marble League 2016.


In Marble League 2016, Pulsar competed in the Water Race, although they didn't finish the race. They also competed in Balancing, Relay Race, Collision, Team Pursuit, Precision Slalom, and Quartet Diving along with their teammates.   In Marble League 2017, Pulsar competed in the Funnel Race, finishing last, only lasting 56.39 seconds. They also competed in the Underwater Race, and finished after 13.88 seconds, placing them seventh, and earning the team 9 points. They also competed in Fidget Spinner Collision, Relay Run, Block Pushing, Steeplechase, and Archery with their team.

During Marble League 2018, Pulsar finished 12th in the 5 Meter Ice Dash after 5.13 seconds. They also competed in Halfpipe, Bobsled, Team Pursuit, Curling, Biathlon and Ice Hockey with their teammates. In the Curling event, with the team down 3-2, Pulsar, the final stone of the match, made a great play by using Green Eye to help them land in the outer blue ring, tying the match at 3 and allowing Team Galactic to advance.

In the Marble League 2019 Qualifiers, Pulsar achieved equal first in the Underwater Race, helping Team Galactic to qualify. Pulsar's first individual event came in the Summer Biathlon, where two comeback victories saw them through to the final, but placed fourth there. They also competed in Surfing, where two short surfs caused them to finish the event in 15th place.

Pulsar has yet to win a medal on their own in the Marble League, although together with the rest of the team Pulsar won two silver medals in the Bobsled in Marble League 2018 and Block Pushing in Marble League 2019.

Pulsar was selected for the Team Galactic Marbula One Season 1 team, and despite winning at the Hivedrive, Pulsar was unable to keep up this momentum, and only scored 4 points in the other Grands Prix.


Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Marble League 2016 Balancing Team 10th 233 cm 0
Relay Race Team 8th 24.34 sec. 2
Collision Team 7th Quarterfinal Loss 1
Water Race Individual 6th DNF 2
Team Pursuit Team 7th 26.89 sec. 1
Precision Slalom Team 9th 10 pts 0
Quartet Diving Team 7th 34.64 pts 1
Marble League 2017 Qualifiers Relay Race Team 6th 10.51 sec. 7
Block Pushing Team 7th 61.3 cm 6
Funnel Spin Individual 3rd 57.96 sec. 10
Marble League 2017 Funnel Race Individual 16th 56.39 sec. 0
Fidget Spinner Collision Team 8th Quarterfinal Loss 8
Relay Run Team 15th 12.78 sec. 1
Block Pushing Team 4th 65.6 cm 12
Steeplechase Team 5th 42.45 sec. 11
Archery Team 8th 33.5 pts 8
Underwater Race Individual 7th 13.88 sec. 9
Marble League 2018 Qualifiers Curling Team 2nd Runners Up 7
5 Meter Ice Dash Individual 2nd 4.91 sec. 7
Halfpipe Team 8th 36.90 sec. 1
Marble League 2018 5 Meter Ice Dash Individual 12th 5.13 sec. 4
Halfpipe Team 11th 27.26 sec. 5
Bobsled Team 2nd 13.29 sec. 20
Team Pursuit Team 10th 30.60 sec. 6
Snowboard Cross Individual 8th 58.80 sec. 8
Curling Team 8th Quarterfinal Loss 8
Biathlon Team 10th 24.20 sec. 6
Ice Hockey Team 4th 3rd Place Match Loss 12
Amazing Maze Marble Race 2018 Maze Team 7th Semifinal Loss -
Marble League 2019 Qualifiers Block Pushing Team 6th 105.6 cm 13
Relay Race Team 13th 10.64 sec. 6
Underwater Race Individual 1st 28.16 sec. 25
Marble League 2019 Balancing Team 5th 300 cm 11
Gravitrax Slalom Team 10th 9.07 sec. 6
Relay Run Team 5th 9.279 sec. 11
Block Pushing Team 2nd 67.0 cm 20
Summer Biathlon Individual 4th 32.452 sec. 12
Hubelino Maze Team 15th 26 pts 1
Rafting Team 4th 37.24 sec. 12
Surfing Individual 15th 38.70 pts 1
Collision Team 15th Heat Loss 1
Marbula One Season 1 O'raceway Grand Prix Individual 12th 5:29.06 0
Hivedrive Grand Prix Individual 1st 5:33.27 25
2020 Short Circuit Grand Prix Individual 11th 5:34.54 0
Razzway Grand Prix Individual 8th 5:36.59 4
Marble League 2020 Friendly Round Block Pushing Team 1st 60.8 cm 7
Balancing Team 4th 296 cm 1
5 Meter Sprint Individual 3rd 5.266 sec. 2
Marble League 2020 Balancing Team 15th 191 cm 1
Halfpipe Team 5th 57.54 sec. 11
Newton's Cradle Duo 2nd 106.55 cm 20
Block Pushing Team 5th 79.10 cm 11
Triathlon Individual 5th 32.82 sec. 11
Black Hole Funnel Duo 5th 89.61 sec. 11
Relay Run Team 5th 8.544 sec. 11
Team Aquathlon Team 14th 19.52 sec. 2
Collision Team 9th Heat Loss 7



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