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Project Marblearth is a community-run project founded by Stynth, a former member of the JMRC, which creates and expands the lore of the Jelle's Marble Runs universe. It is independent of affiliation from Jelle's Marble Runs and the JMA.

Stynth, along with the JMRC, initially created the lore of the JMR universe while part of the JMRC, with his work being published on the [JMR website] as official canon. After the dissolution of the JMRC, the lore became unofficial, moving to the JMR Expanded Universe. Project Marblearth is the continuation of these narratives by Stynth and other members of the marble community.[1]

Marblearth, where the narratives are set, is geographically identical to Earth but is set in an alternate universe (the marbleverse) where the events of human history never occurred.[2]


There are 27 active contributors in Project Marblearth.

Contributor Role
Stynth Editor-In-Chief
Edu G. J. Managing Director
Phoenix Managing Director
The Emperor Creative Director
Nonagon Creative Director
Smacg13 Creative Director
Laurent Rollon Design Director
Piney Design Director
ElrQ Writer
Ghostly Writer
Hector Walker Writer
Jaiden Writer
Nordique Whaler Writer
Orbitball Writer, Designer
Pastelle Writer
Ramen Powder Writer/Editor
Roilan Estates Writer
Vector Writer, Photographer
Efmo Editor
Mesp Editor
Skyfall_707 Editor
Bookity Editor, Designer
B.J.V. Dimafelix Artist
Phantasm Agaric Artist
Rojo Nico Designer
Speny Photographer
SuperJackJack Artist, Photographer
Betawolfs Former Artist
Fouc Former Writer/Editor, Graphic Designer
Bobert/Snowball Former Writer
Jacob723 Former Writer