Orangin O'Marble is the reserve member of the O'rangers Marble League team. She has competed in Marble League 2018 and 2019, as well as Marbula One 2020.

History Edit

Orangin comes from the O'Marble family and runs an orange farm close to Orlango with her family.

Orangin joined the O'rangers along with her four brothers Mandarin, Clementin, Tangerin, and Kinnowin after Mandarin founded the team in 2006.

The team was invited to the Fruit Circuit after performing well enough to be noticed by Greg Woods in 2008. Orangin competed with her siblings in the Fruit Circuit for eight years alongside teams such as the Limers, Raspberry Racers, and Mellow Yellow, before it shut down in 2016.

Although her team competed in Marble League 2016, Orangin was a reserve member and did not compete in any Marble League event until Marble League 2018. In that year, she served as goalie for the O'rangers in the Ice Hockey event, and her team placed 4th in the overall standings.

After training vigorously at the O'raceway in the off-season, Orangin competed in the 5 Meter Sprint, Hubelino Maze, and Collision events during Marble League 2019.

In October 2019, the O'rangers revealed that they would be participating in the Marbula One 2020 season, sending Clementin and Orangin to represent them.


Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Marble League 2018 Ice Hockey Team 5th Quarterfinal Loss 11
Marble League 2019 Friendly Round Funnel Race Individual 4th 1:08.67 1
Marble League 2019 5 Meter Sprint Individual 8th 6.364 sec. 8
Hubelino Maze Team 6th 49 pts 10
Collision Team 1st Winner 25
Marbula One Season 1 O'raceway Grand Prix Individual 14th 5:30.92 0
Hivedrive Grand Prix Individual 8th 5:38.26 4
Greenstone Grand Prix Individual 1st 6:00.16 25
Razzway Grand Prix Individual 2nd 5:32.08 19*

*Orangin set the fastest lap, thus earning her a bonus point



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