Oceanics team

The Oceanics are the partially translucent blue team introduced in MarbleLympics 2016. They have competed in every MarbleLympics as of 2019.

The Oceanics are well known as "Seas" in for being fan favorites ever since MarbleLympics 2016's part 6, the Water Race. Ocean, who is the fourth team member of Oceanics, was doing quite well in the starting lineup Race B, but ended up not finishing after being knocked off the course due to an obstacle. This event seemed to truly grow the Oceanics fanbase.

However, the biggest highlight occurred in part 9, Team Pursuit, when the Oceanics surprisingly dominated the whole race and claimed their first medal as well as gold, showing their pursuit and strong team dynamic. Later in the events, the Oceanics achieved a crucial 7 points (silver) in part 11, Quartet Diving, to help the team climb up to 10th place.

In MarbleLympics 2017, their record-breaking performance was overshadowed by Team Primary's disqualification in the race after Imar, a member of Team Primary, started his portion of the race early. The disqualification led to a brawl in the stands, which made the record-breaking hardly noticeable.

The Oceanics entered the 2018 Winter MarbleLympic opening ceremony with the hashtag, #TidePride. This has become the team and fanbases' motto ever since.

During the 2018 MarbleLympics, the Oceanics saw their biggest leap in the standing. They went from 11th place from the previous year to finish in 3rd. Not only this, but the Oceanics actually held the 1st place position for a large portion of the events. They lost this lead in the final event, the Sand Mogul Race, which raised much controversy due to the event being sand-based even though it was during the Winter MarbleLympics. It is said that the event was moved to a new arena utilizing sand because of a blizzard, but many conspirators believe the event was rigged.

On 4th August, 2018, the Oceanics was announced as host for the 2019 Marblelympics.

The Oceanics, despite their name, have a reputation for performing bad in water related events, such as the Water Race (ML 2016), Underwater Race (ML 2017), 100 Meter Water Race (2018 Practice Race), Underwater Race (ML 2019 Friendly Round), Underwater Race (ML 2019), Rafting (ML 2019) and Surfing (ML 2019).

Team MembersEdit

Aqua, Sea, Shore and Ocean are the original members of the Oceanics. They are also the current members of the team. Bay was introduced to the team in 2019 as a reserve, replacing Tide, who after being the team's reserve member in 2018 became the team's coach. Ocean became team captain in 2019. Coach Tide was fired during Event 13 of the 2019 MarbleLympics and was replaced by Lagoon in Event 14 of the same tournament.

2016 Team 2017 Team 2018 Team 2019 Team
Aqua Aqua Aqua Aqua
Sea Sea Sea Sea
Shore Shore Shore Shore
Ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean Captain
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member


Coach From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
Tide 15 March 2019[1] 1 June 2019 13 0 0 0 0
Lagoon 4 June 2019 present 3 0 0 0 0

Note: Events include any kind of events (friendly rounds, other tournaments, ...).

MarbleLympics 2016Edit

Oceanics started the 2016 MarbleLympics earning a point in Balancing, however their disappointing performances in the next 7 events put them in last place. However, they earned a crucial 10 points in the Team Pursuit event, and another silver medal in Quartet Diving climbed them up to 10th place in the standings at the conclusion of MarbleLympics 2016.

Event Participant Final


Place Points Overall
Balancing All 261 cm 7 1 7th
Relay Run All 23.99 sec 9 0 13th
Collision All --- 14 0 15th
Sand Race Shore 0:59.14 min 14 0 15th
Long Jump Aqua 78,2 cm 13 0 15th
Water Race Ocean DNF 14 0 16th
High Jump Sea --- 16 0 16th
10 Meter Sprint Ocean 5.396 sec 9 0 16th
Team Pursuit All 26.119 sec 1 10 13th
Precision Slalom All --- 12 0 15th
Quartet Diving All 37,56 pts 2 7 10th
Hurdles Aqua 5.71 sec 8 1 10th

MarbleLympics 2017Edit

The Oceanics performed very well at the beginning of the 2017 games, winning the first silver medal and winning a bronze medal at the fourth event. However, starting at the seventh event, their peformance started to decline, and they ended up in 11th place at the end of the games.

# Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall
1 Funnel Spinning Aqua 1:37.41 2 20 2nd
2 Long Jump Shore 68.0 cm 14 2 8th
3 Fidget Spinner Collision All --- 10 6 11th
4 5 Meter Sprint Sea 6.69 sec. 3 15 6th
5 Hurdles Ocean 8.77 sec. 5 11 5th
6 Relay Run All 11.59 sec. 5 11 4th
7 Block Pushing All 126.9 cm 12 4 7th
8 High Jump Aqua 37 cm 6 10 7th
9 Steeplechase All 43.98 sec. 11 5 7th
10 Archery All 30,5 pts 16 0 9th
11 Underwater Race Sea 13.80 sec. 9 7 10th
12 Sand Race Ocean 1:29.00 8 8 11th

MarbleLympics 2018Edit

The Oceanics got a gold medal during the first event of the 2018 Marblelympics, the 5m Ice Dash and a bronze on the sixth event, Team pursuit. Their score then started to decline until they got yet another gold in the ninth event, Curling. Although the Oceanics got a good score in the Gravitrax biathlon and Ice hockey, they ended up in 3rd place behind the Savage speeders and the Midnight wisps. At the end of the 2018 Winter Marblelympics tensions rose between the Oceanics and the Midnight Wisps and they have become arch-rivals.

# Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall
1 5 Meter Ice Dash Sea 4.96 sec. 1 25 1st
2 Ski Jump Shore 113.2 cm 12 4 3rd
3 Halfpipe All 27.85 sec. 7 9 3rd
4 Bobsled All 13.73 sec. 5 11 2nd
5 Speed Skating Ocean 31.25 sec. 8 8 4th
6 Team Pursuit All 30.39 sec. 3 15 1st
7 Snow Rally Aqua 12 sp 14 2 4th
8 Snowboard Cross Shore 56.53 15 1 6th
9 Curling All --- 1 25 1st
10 Gravitrax Biathlon All 23.32 5 11 1st
11 Ice Hockey All --- 7 9 1st
12 Mogul Race Ocean 6.40 sec. 8 8 3rd

MarbleLympics 2019Edit

Oceanics Logo

Oceanics' original logo for the 2019 season, designed by Hersh.

During the Amazing Maze Marble Race in 2018, the Oceanics were announced as hosts of the 2019 MarbleLympics.

Friendly RoundEdit

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Funnel Race Aqua 1:45.64 1st 7 1st
Block Pushing All 82.3 cm 3rd 2 1st
Relay Run All 10.31 sec. 1st 7 1st
Underwater Race Bay 30.92 sec. 4th 1 1st

Main TournamentEdit

The Oceanics' first event in the MarbleLympics as hosts was the Underwater Race. They had a reputation for performing bad in water events prior to this event, and many fans were hoping to break the curse. However, the Oceanics finished last in their first heat, eliminating them from the competition and finishing in 13th place. Events got worse from there as a series of poor finishes caused the Oceanics to be buried in the standings. After a disappointing showing in the elimination race, Coach Tide was fired while the fans left the stadium. He was replaced by Lagoon, but things didn’t go better. They finish rock bottom of the table and was the only team to not have received any medals during the entire MarbleLympics 2019.

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Underwater Race Ocean (C) 16.01 sec. 13th 3 13th
Funnel Spinning Aqua 1:32.24 15th 1 15th
Balancing All 234 cm 8th 8 13th
Gravitrax Slalom All 10.64 sec. 16th 0 14th
5 Meter Sprint Sea 6.224 sec. 12th 4 15th
Relay Race All 9.812 sec. 13th 3 16th
Block Pushing All 56.7 cm 13th 3 15th
Summer Biathlon Aqua 32.50 sec. 6th 10 15th
Hurdles Race Ocean (C) 9.382 sec. 13th 3 15th
Hubelino Maze All 68 4th 12 15th
Dirt Race Shore DNF 7th 9 16th
Rafting All 39.11 sec. 11th 5 16th
Elimination Race Sea 26.44 sec. 15th 1 16th
Surfing Bay 42.26 14th 2 16th
Collision All 10th 5 16th
Sand Rally Aqua 2:06:72 16th 0 16th

MarbleLympics RecordsEdit

Games Event Record Holder Result
2017 MarbleLympics Relay Run Oceanics 11.16 s
2018 MarbleLympics Team Pursuit Oceanics 29.94 s

MarbleLympics ResultsEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2016 12 1 1 0 2 10th 19
2017 12 0 1 1 2 11th 99
2018 12 2 0 1 3 3rd 130
2019 16 0 0 0 0 16th 70

*Red border indicates tournament was held on home soil.

Team Members' Individual ScoresEdit

Marble Competed in Individual events
participated in
Medals Won Total Individual Points
Aqua MarbleLympics 2016
MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019
Long Jump (2016)
Hurdles (2016)
Funnel Race (2017)
High Jump (2017)
Snow Rally (2018)
Funnel Race (2019)
Summer Biathlon (2019)
Sand Rally (2019)
0 gold medals
1 silver medal
0 bronze medals
44 pts
Bay MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2019
Surfing (2019) 0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
2 pts
Ocean MarbleLympics 2016
MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019
Water Race (2016)
10 Meter Sprint (2016)
Hurdles (2017)
Sand Rally (2017)
Speed Skating (2018)
Sand Mogul Race (2018)
Underwater Race (2019)
Hurdles Race (2019)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
43 pts
Sea MarbleLympics 2016
MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019
High Jump (2016)
Underwater Race (2017)
5-Meter Sprint (2017)
5 Meter Ice Dash (2018)
5 Meter Sprint (2019)
Elimination Race (2019)
1 gold medal
0 silver medals
1 bronze medal
52 pts
Shore MarbleLympics 2016
MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019
Sand Rally (2016)
Long Jump (2017)
Ski Jump (2018)
Snowboard Cross (2018)
Dirt Race (2019)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
16 pts
Tide MarbleLympics 2018 0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
0 pts

Italics - As reserve member

Trivia Edit

  • Coach Tide is the only coach so far to have competed in the ML as well as coached.
  • Coach Tide was fired during Event 13 of the 2019 MarbleLympics. This was because of the Oceanics' poor performance through out the season.
    • This also makes the Oceanics the first and so far only team to fire their coach.
  • The Oceanics are also the only team so far to change ownership, this ownership being from Tide to the Royal Family of Dunduei.
  • The Oceanics are the first team to have a mascot, named Alvin.
  • The Oceanics have a rivalry with the O'rangers.
    • In recent months, fans have begun retooling the O'rangers chant in support of the Oceanics, as in "OOOOOOOOOOOOOceanics".
  • Oceanics are the second most popular team in the MarbleLympics, behind the O'rangers.
  • At the end of Event 16, the fans ran onto the stadium and raising the sign "NOCEANICS", showing the anger they have for the team.
  • The Oceanics are the only team that didn't get any medals in 2019.


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