Momo is one of the members of Team Momo. They were also part of Team Momary in Marble League 2018. They are dark green, blue, and yellow and have competed in every Marble League but one to date.



In Marble League 2016, Momo finished 10th at the 10 Meter Sprint event, and 4th at the Hurdles event, not earning a single medal. However, they did win a bronze at the Balancing event, and a gold at the Precision Slalom event along with the team.


In Marble League 2017, Momo finished 14th at the Sand Rally. They also won the second heat of the 5 Meter Sprint, nearly setting a Marble League record with 6.31 seconds and beating Choc of the Chocolatiers by 0.31 seconds. In the semifinals, they finished third with a time of 7.22 seconds, placing them 7th in total. Once again, they didn't win a medal on their own, but did win two medals along with the team, this time a silver at the Relay Run event and another silver at the Block Pushing event.


In Marble League 2018, Momo's two team members Momomo and Momomomo both fell ill during the Bobsled event, suffering altitude sickness and a concussion respectively. However, the rest of Team Momo, including Momo, merged with Team Primary to form Team Momary. Representing Team Momary, Momo finished 1st at the Snow Rally, and earned a silver at the Curling event with the new team.


Momo participated in Marbula One Season 1 and got 16 points in four races, placing 22nd in 32 racers. In Marble League 2020, they got 11th in Newton's Cradle along with Momomo and managed to get a silver in Triathlon.


Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Marble League 2016 Balancing Team 3rd 307 cm 5
Relay Race Team 11th 24.17 sec. 0
Collision Team 4th Consolation Round Losers 4
10 Meter Sprint Individual 16th 5.525 sec. 0
Team Pursuit Team 16th 27.63 sec. 0
Precision Slalom Team 1st 42 pts 10
Quartet Diving Team 6th 34.70 pts 2
Hurdles Individual 4th 5.78 sec. 4
Marble League 2017 Fidget Spinner Collision Team 16th INJURED 0
5-meter Sprint Individual 7th 7.22 sec. 9
Relay Run Team 2nd 11.89 sec. 20
Block Pushing Team 2nd 69.9 cm 20
Steeplechase Team 9th 43.42 sec. 7
Archery Team 14th 31 pts 2
Sand Rally Individual 14th 1:28.67 2
Marble League 2018 Qualifiers Curling Team 7th Heat Loss 2
Snow Race Individual 2nd 23.04 sec. 7
Halfpipe Team 6th 36.73 sec. 3
Marble League 2018 Halfpipe Team 9th 27.40 sec. 7
Bobsled Team 12th 15.06 sec. 4
Team Pursuit Team 8th 32.20 sec. 8
Snow Rally Individual 1st 45.86 sec. 25
Curling Team 2nd Runner Up 20
Biathlon Team 9th 27.16 sec. 7
Ice Hockey Team 8th Quarterfinal Loss 8
Amazing Maze Marble Race 2018 Maze Team 8th Semifinal Loss -
Marble League 2019 Qualifiers Block Pushing Team 13th 97.5 cm 6
Relay Race Team 11th 10.52 sec. 8
Marble League Showdown 2019 Collision Team 7th Quarterfinal Loss 5
Balancing Team 4th 346 cm 9
Marbula One Season 1 Savage Speedway Grand Prix Individual 12th 5:36.50 0
Momotorway Grand Prix Individual 16th 5:51.36 0
Greenstone Grand Prix Individual 6th 6:05.32 8
Midnight Bay Grand Prix Individual 6th 7:59.10 8
Marble League 2020 Qualifiers Balancing Team 240 cm 19th 1
Block Pushing Team 54.8 cm 20th 0
Marble League 2020 Balancing Team 6th 322 cm 10
Halfpipe Team 6th 57.21 sec. 10
Newton's Cradle Duo 11th 96.50 cm 5
Block Pushing Team 2nd 82.45 cm 20
Triathlon Individual 2nd 32.53 sec. 20
Relay Run Team 6th 8.740 sec. 10
Team Aquathlon Team 4th 19.05 sec. 12
Collision Team 14th Heat Loss 2
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