Mo is one of the marbles on Team Momo. She has so far competed in all MarbleLympics. She's dark green, blue, and yellow.

History Edit

2016 Edit

In the MarbleLympics 2016, Mo competed in the Long Jump, jumping an impressive 97,3 cm, thus winning the bronze medal of the event. Her team also won a bronze in the Balancing event, and a Gold in the Precision slalom event.

2017 Edit

In the 2017 MarbleLympics, Mo once again competed in the Long Jump event. However, she had a distance of 65.5 cm, placing last. Things went better in the underwater race, however, where she placed 6th. Other than that she would also manage to earn two silver medals along with her team in the Relay Run and Block Pushing events.

2018 Edit

At the Winter MarbleLympics 2018, Mo started things off with the 5 Meter Ice Dash where she finished 13th. Things only got worse as Momomo and Momomomo both had to leave the MarbleLympics after suffering altitude sickness and a concussion respectively. After that, team Momo merged with team Primary to form team Momary, which meant Mo kept going in the MarbleLympics. Mo finished second to last in the Sand Mogul Race, but did however earn a silver medal with his team in the Curling event.

Medals Edit

Mo only ever won one medal on his own: The bronze medal of the Long Jump event in 2016. Other than that, however, she won a bronze in the 2016 Balancing event, silver medals in Relay Run (2017), Block Pushing (2017), and Curling (2018), and a gold medal in the Precision Slalom event of 2016 along with her team.

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