Minty Swirl is a member of Minty Maniacs.


Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Hubelino Tournament 2016 Catwalk Team 5th 23 pts 4
Halfpipe Crash Team 2nd 15 pts 10
Quartet Jump Team 4th 20 pts 5
Pursuit Slalom Team 6th 16.34 sec. 3
Swing Wave Team 4th 14 pts 5
Relay Course Team 5th 12.36 sec. 4
Block Push Team 5th 9.0 pts 4
Ball Battle Team 6th Heat Loss 3
Marble League 2018 Qualifiers Curling Team 6th Heat Loss 3
Halfpipe Team 3rd 39.77 sec. 7
Marble League 2018 Halfpipe Team 8th 27.42 sec. 8
Bobsled Team 11th 14.97 sec. 5
Team Pursuit Team 5th 30.66 sec. 11
Snow Rally Individual 12th 47.69 sec. 4
Curling Team 14th Heat Loss 2
Biathlon Team 16th 25.49 sec. 0
Ice Hockey Team 2nd Runner up 20
Hubelino Tournament 2018 Swing Wave Team 5th Heat Loss 4
Catwalk Team 1st Winners 15
Block Bumping Team 3rd 23 pts 7
Relay Race Team 1st 15.96 sec. 15
Marble League Showdown 2019 Collision Team 12th Heat Loss 0
Funnel Race Individual 2nd 1:56.21 15
Balancing Team 9th 214 cm 3

Note: This a list of all known appearances. Most of the individual events of the Hubelino Tournament did not specify which marble competed for the team so there may be some missing.

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