The Minty Maniacs are a mint-green team introduced in Hubelino Tournament 2016. They have competed in both seasons of the tournament as well as Marble League 2018. They appeared in the Marble League Showdown 2019 to compete for one of eight spots in the Marble League 2020 Qualifiers. They were able to make it and then qualified for the Marble League 2020, where they medalled in the first three events, the most successful start to a Marble League so far.

Team MembersEdit

Minty Drizzel, Minty Flav, Minty Fresh, and Minty Swirl are the original members of the team. Minty Mint was added to the team in 2018. Minty Flav became team captain in 2019.

2016 H. Team 2018 Team 2019 Team 2020 Team
Minty Drizzel Minty Drizzel Minty Drizzel Minty Drizzel
Minty Flav Minty Flav Minty Flav


Minty Flav


Minty Fresh Minty Fresh Minty Fresh Minty Fresh
Minty Swirl Minty Swirl Minty Swirl Minty Swirl
Minty Mint Minty Mint Minty Mint
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member

Members Timeline Edit


Coach From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
Minty Hint Exact date unknown present 19 3 1 2 6

Note: Events include any kind of events (qualifiers, friendly rounds, other tournaments, ...).



The Minty Maniacs are a marble sports team from Herbotamia, a region within Western Asia known for growing herbs and spices. It has also gained a reputation for being the "freshest" place in the world according to Atlas Marbura, an acclaimed travel guide. The five original members of the Minty Maniacs, Minty Drizzel, Minty Flav, Minty Fresh, Minty Swirl and Minty Mint, are all candy fanatics, especially when it's mint flavored.

The five competed together in local "turf tournaments" which featured a variety events that utilized their surroundings. This could include doing a Catwalk along a wooden beam or doing a Quartet Jump down a slope into a lake. These competitions quickly grew in popularity throughout Western Asia as fun outdoor activities and potential professional sports leagues. They were mainly conducted without audiences due to the hot, dry climate of the Western Asian summertime when the land isn't being harvested or planted.

The Minty Maniacs led the first tournament, which featured themselves, the Black Jacks and the Golden Wisps. The next season, more teams from across the region joined them and officially became the Herbotamia Tournament. During the second year, marble sports started to grow in popularity worldwide. The athletes were approached to be in a sports featurette about marble sports, but they declined due to the team always seeing it as a casual activity. The featurette later went on to go viral. The Minty Maniacs later regretted not featuring in it, hesitating to take part due to shyness.

The featurette brought popularity to the Knikkegen Marble League, which began to grow at the expense of smaller leagues like the Fruit Circuit and the Herbotamia Tournament. The cost of maintaining the tournament without sponsorship started to become a problem, which wasn't helped by the announcement of Marble League 2016. The Minty Maniacs decided to retire and go into the food industry, making homemade mint chocolate ice cream. However, just as they were about to retire, the team were approached by Jelle Bakker, who currently runs the Marble League.

Although Jelle was focused on the Marble League, he missed running a regional competition. He offered the Minty Maniacs a sponsorship to keep the Herbotamia Tournament running. After contacting the other teams, the Minty Maniacs accepted, and the tournament was rebranded as the Hubelino Tournament, with the first competition, the Hubelino Tournament 2016, scheduled to start after Marble League 2016.[1]



The Minty Maniacs during the Block Push

The Hubelino Tournament differed from the Herbotamia Tournament as it was filmed for the internet, the first time for a regional tournament, so it could reach a wider audience. It also featured artificial Hubelino tracks. However, the lack of in-person audience was kept to preserve the original "friendly round" atmosphere. Eight teams competed in this tournament, including the Minty Maniacs, the Black Jacks, and the Golden Wisps.

The Minty Maniacs had a strong start in the Hubelino Tournament 2016, winning three medals in the first four events - two silvers in Funnel Spinning and Halfpipe Crash, and a bronze in Elimination Maze. The team were in 2nd overall at this point, behind the Black Jacks. However, their fortunes started to turn. A fourth place finish in Event 5, the Quartet Jump and a 6th place finish in Event 6, Pursuit Slalom dropped them to fourth overall at the start of 2017. The team continued to finish in the middle to bottom half of the table and, at the end of Event 8, Combination, original ending of the tournament, they were still in 4th.

The tournament was suddenly extended by four more events, and the Minty Maniacs continued their middle to bottom half finishes. By the end of Event 10, the Relay Course, they had dropped to 6th. During the tournament, the eight teams had become close and so, during the short break from the tournament, they all went to watch Marble League 2017.

The Minty Maniacs had never seen a competition like it and were inspired to work harder. Unfortunately, they finished the Hubelino Tournament 2016 with two bottom half finishes, dropping them to 7th overall. Some have said this is the earliest known example of the Host's Curse. However, the team were not disappointed, as they had already set their sights on training for Marble League 2018.

Jelle offered all eight of the Hubelino teams a chance to compete in the Marble League 2018 Qualifiers. The Minty Maniacs, along with the Black Jacks and the Golden Wisps (who renamed themselves to the Golden Orbs), accepted the offer, and were joined by the Raspberry Racers (who revealed that some of their members had competed for the Valiant Violets and the Bluefastics).[1]


The Minty Maniacs were seeded in Group A of the Marble League 2018 Qualifiers. Minty Drizzel performed very well in the second event, Snow Race, and finished second. The team also came third in the final event, Halfpipe. They did well enough in the other two events to come 3rd in their group and qualify for Marble League 2018. All the other Hubelino teams, except the Raspberry Racers, failed to qualify.

The Minty Maniacs' hopes of a good start to Marble League 2018 were crushed after Minty Fresh finished last in the first event, 5 Meter Ice Dash. This was followed by some more middle of the table results, taking them up to 14th by the end of Event 4, Bobsled. Two fifth place finishes in Event 5 and 6, Speed Skating and Team Pursuit suggested the team might be on the rise. Unfortunately, they stumbled again with two twelfth place finishes in Event 7, Snow Rally, and Event 8, Snowboard Cross. Things got even worse for the team when they again came last in Event 10, Biathlon, dropping the team to 15th with only two events to go.

The next event was Ice Hockey. The Minty Maniacs had competed in a similar event in the Hubelino Tournament 2016, Ball Battle, and had done poorly in it, so hopes were not high. However, the team managed to surprise everyone by making it to the final, only to lose to the Midnight Wisps there. As a result, the Minty Maniacs won their first medal, a silver, and the team rose to 13th overall. They managed to stay there at the conclusion of Marble League 2018.

After Marble League 2018, the Minty Maniacs were acutely aware how the Hubelino Tournament had not prepared them for the Marble League. The team took part in the 100 Meter Water Race and had Minty Drizzel represent them. Unfortunately, he failed to finish. The Minty Maniacs decided to retire from the Marble League, which was announced during the Amazing Maze Marble Race. They were joined by the Black Jacks and the Golden Orbs. They all decided to not take part in the Marble League 2019 Qualifiers in favor of the Hubelino Tournament 2018.[2]

The Minty Maniacs' experience may not have helped them in Marble League 2018, but it did help them in the Hubelino Tournament 2018. The team won five medals, two golds, two silvers and one bronze. They only missed the podium in three event, Swing Wave, Halfpipes and the final event, Big Tower. They had been on the top of the standings going into the final event, but unfortunately they finished sixth in the event. Meanwhile, the Bumblebees, who took the place of the now-retired Team Phoenix, won their fourth gold medal and the championship in an underdog upset. The Minty Maniacs dropped to 2nd at the end of the tournament.

After their successes, fans were calling for the Minty Maniacs to take part in the Marble League 2019 Qualifiers, but the team were looking forward to the next Hubelino Tournament. Unfortunately, it never came. Rumors of teams such as the Green Gang and the Valiant Violets retiring, coupled with a lack of ticket sales and interest from the fans, led to the disbandment of the Hubelino Tournament, despite Jelle's best efforts.[1]


With no competition available for them, the Minty Maniacs decided to disband in early 2019 as they returned to Herbotamia. During this time, they collaborated with the Chocolatiers to produce a Marble League-branded mint chocolate ice cream flavor name "Mint Chocolate Condition". The proceeds went to support regional marble sports tournaments around the world.

When the Marble League Showdown 2019 was announced, the Minty Maniacs regrouped and had a discussion about the tournament, deciding whether to come out of retirement and take part. They were guaranteed a spot in the tournament due to their second place finish in the Hubelino Tournament 2018. With the encouragement of the Black Jacks and the Golden Orbs, the Minty Maniacs decided to reunite and compete. Minty Flav was voted to be team captain, and Minty Hint joined the team as their coach.

The Minty Maniacs were the only team to compete in the Marble League Showdown 2019 that had competed before and had never failed to qualify, as well as the only team to come out of retirement. Despite this, the team faced fierce competition from old teams and newcomers alike. Halfway through the competition, the team were in 11th overall after an eighth place finish in Sand Rally and a last place finish in Collision. They realized they needed a good result to qualify.

Then came Event 3, Funnel Race. Minty Swirl was chosen to represent the Minty Maniacs in the event due to her expertise in funnel spinning. True to her name, she swirled around in mint condition, winning her a silver medal. The team jumped to 6th. This also made them the first team to have earned a medal in the Marble League, Marble League Showdown and the Hubelino Tournament.

Despite their best efforts, the Minty Maniacs could not get back to their Hubelino 2018 form in the final event, Balancing. They finished in ninth place, two centimeters ahead of Shining Swarm. The Minty Maniacs ended the Showdown with 22 points, the same as the Shining Swarm, but their silver medal put them just ahead. The team finished in 8th overall and thus qualified for the Marble League 2020 Qualifiers in the final spot.[1]


The Minty Maniacs were ready to start fresh in 2020 with the Marble League 2020 Qualifiers. They had a good score of 347 in the first qualifier event, Balancing. They came out with with two finishers, good enough for an 8th place spot.

Hopes were high for the Minty Maniacs in Event 2, Funnel Endurance. Minty Fresh represented the team, despite Minty Swirl's expertise in the area. Minty Fresh was placed into Heat 1, finishing 4th in the heat and 10th total, with a time of 2:05.14. This caused them to be pushed back into 10th overall, but still good enough for a qualifying spot.

Tension rising in Event 3, they knew they needed a good finish in Block Pushing. They were placed into Heat 7 with the Bumblebees. They just beat out the Bumblebees with a finish of 59.6, putting them at 11th place overall.

The Minty Maniacs were feeling confident going into the final event, the 5 Meter Sprint. All they needed to do was maintain their position and hold on. Minty Fresh was the competitor in the group, Heat 3. They were racing against the Savage Speeders, the Oceanics, and the Jungle Jumpers, a tough group. It was a very close race, but he came in last in the heat, with a time of 5.259. Things were looking grim, but somehow, Minty Fresh came in 5th for the team thanks to his time being better than most of the other competitors' times. This bumped up the Minty Maniacs' position to 6th overall, and they had qualified for the 2020 Marble League.

Their start to Marble League 2020 has been the best start in Marble League's history. They got 1st in the first event Balancing, a bronze in Halfpipe, and then another gold in Funnel Endurance. By the fifth event Minty Maniacs are top of the Marble League with a record-high 83 points. However, their form began to get worse, and disappointing 14th and 10th place finishes left them 4th with 99 points. However, their captain Minty Flav managed to clinch a bronze at the Sand Mogul Race, which is the 9th event. This bronze sent them to second in the Marble League, just 10 points off leaders O'rangers. A gold in the 5 Meter Sprint skyrocketed them into 1st with a nine point buffer, but an abysmal 16th in the very next event, Black Hole Funnel, saw the Maniacs fall back into 2nd with just five events to go.

Hubelino Tournament 2016 Edit

Main article: Hubelino Tournament 2016
Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Funnel Spinning * - 2nd 10 2nd
Catwalk All 23 pts 5th 4 3rd
Halfpipe Crash All 15 pts 2nd 10 3rd
Elimination Maze Minty Fresh Eliminated 6th 3rd 7 2nd
Quartet Jump All 20 pts 4th 5 3rd
Pursuit Slalom All 16.34 sec. 6th 3 4th
Swing Wave All 14 pts 4th 5 3rd
Combination * - 5th 4 4th
Halfpipe Dash * - 7th 2 6th
Relay Course All 12.36 sec. 5th 4 6th
Block Push All 9.0 pts 5th 4 6th
Ball Battle All Heat Loss 6th 3 7th

* Exact participant is unknown

Marble League 2018Edit

Main article: Marble League 2018

Minty Maniacs 2018 logo



The Marble League line-up of the Minty Maniacs.

The Minty Maniacs qualified for Marble League 2018.
Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Curling All First Round Loss 6th 3 6th
Snow Race Minty Drizzel 19.59 sec. 2nd 7 3rd
5 Meter Ice Dash Minty Fresh 4.95 sec. 4th 5 4th
Halfpipe All 39.77 sec. 3rd 6 3rd

Main Tournament Edit

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
5 Meter Ice Dash Minty Fresh 5.25 sec. 16th 0 16th
Ski Jump Minty Fresh 114.7 cm 7th 9 12th
Halfpipe All 27.42 sec. 8th 8 13th
Bobsled All 14.97 sec. 11th 5 14th
Speed Skating Minty Flav 30.88 sec. 5th 11 13th
Team Pursuit All 30.66 sec. 5th 11 12th
Snow Rally Minty Swirl 47.69 sec. 12th 4 13th
Snowboard Cross Minty Fresh 53.40 sec. 12th 4 15th
Curling All Heat Loss 14th 2 15th
Biathlon All 25.49 sec. 16th 0 15th
Ice Hockey All Runners Up 2nd 20 13th
Sand Mogul Race Minty Fresh 6.58 sec. 13th 3 13th

Other 2018 Competitions Edit

The Minty Maniacs took part in the 100 Meter Water Race.

Event Participant Final Result Place
100 Meter Water Race Minty Drizzel DNF 26th

Hubelino Tournament 2018Edit

Main article: Hubelino Tournament 2018
Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Swing Wave All Heat Loss 5th 4 5th
Catwalk All Winners 1st 15 1st
Funnel Race - 3:32.96 2nd 10 1st
Halfpipes - 27.55 sec. 6th 3 3rd
Block Bumping All 23 pts 3rd 7 3rd
Relay Race All 15.96 sec. 1st 15 1st
Maze - Eliminated 7th 2nd 10 1st
Big Tower - 1:35.79 6th 3 2nd

Marble League Showdown 2019Edit

Main article: Marble League Showdown 2019

The Minty Maniacs qualified for the Marble League 2020 Qualifiers.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Sand Rally Minty Drizzel 2:15.55 8th 4 8th
Collision All Heat Loss 12th 0 11th
Funnel Race Minty Swirl 1:56.21 2nd 15 6th
Balancing All 214 cm 9th 3 8th

Marble League 2020 Edit

Main article: Marble League 2020

Qualifiers Edit

The Minty Maniacs qualified for Marble League 2020.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Balancing All 347 cm 8th 12 8th
Funnel Endurance Minty Fresh 2:05.14 10th 10 10th
Block Pushing All 59.6 cm 11th 9 11th
5 Meter Sprint Minty Fresh 5.259 sec. 5th 15 6th

Main Tournament Edit

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Balancing All 380 cm 1st 25 1st
Halfpipe All 59.43 sec. 3rd 15 1st
Funnel Endurance Minty Drizzel 2:08.71 1st 25 1st
Newton's Cradle Minty Flav (C) & Minty Fresh 102.40 cm 6th 10 2nd
Long Jump Minty Swirl 81.20 cm 8th 8 1st
5 Meter Hurdles Minty Flav (C) 9.041 sec. 8th 8 1st
Block Pushing All 72.30 cm 14th 2 3rd
Triathlon Minty Drizzel 31.77 sec. 10th 6 4th
Sand Mogul Race Minty Flav (C) 9.164 sec. 3rd 15 2nd
5 Meter Sprint Minty Fresh 5.993 sec 1st 25 1st
Black Hole Funnel Minty Drizzel & Minty Mint 61.91 sec. 16th 0 2nd


Marble League ResultsEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2018 12 0 1 0 1 13th 77
2019 Did not participate
2020 16 3 0 2 5 1st* 139*

*Currently Ongoing

Marble League Showdown ResultsEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2019 4 0 1 0 1 8th 22
2020 Did not participate

Hubelino Tournament ResultsEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2016 12 0 2 1 3 7th 61
2018 8 2 2 1 5 2nd 67

Trivia Edit

  • In the current Minty Maniacs logo, the M is depicted as two leaves, whilst the white spike in the center represents a stem.
  • The Minty Maniacs are the first team to return to the Marble League series after retiring from the ML to focus on the Hubelino Tournament 2018.
  • The Minty Maniacs are the only team in the Marble League Showdown 2019 that had never failed to qualify for any Marble League edition they have participated in so far, unlike the eight unqualified teams, and they have been in the Marble League before, unlike the Bumblebees, the Hornets, and the Turtle Sliders.
  • The Minty Maniacs are the only team to have won a medal in the Marble League, Marble League Showdown, and Hubelino Tournament.
  • The Minty Maniacs have the record for best three-event start, besting the total of 61 set by the Balls of Chaos in 2018 with their own total of 65 in 2020; and the best five-event start with 83 points.
    • They are the first team to medal in the first three events of a Marble League.
    • They are the second team to get two golds in the first three events. The first team was the Savage Speeders in 2019.



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