Minty Maniacs are the mint-green team introduced in the first season of the Hubelino Tournament. They have competed in both seasons of the tournament as well as the Winter MarbleLympics 2018, and will appear in the MarbleLympics Showdown to compete for one of eight spots in the 2020 MarbleLympics Qualifiers.



Minty Maniacs during Block Pushing

Team MembersEdit

2018 Team

Minty Drizzel
Minty Flav
Minty Fresh
Minty Swirl
Minty Mint
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member

Hubelino Tournament Season 1 Edit

Event 1 - Funnel Spinning Edit

The Minty Maniacs started off this tournament with a close finish right in front of the Black Jacks to earn them a silver medal.

Event 2 - Catwalk Edit

The Minty Maniacs placed 5th in this event. They stood in 3rd in the standings after the catwalk.

Name Score
Minty Drizzel 7
Minty Fresh 5
Minty Swirl 4
Minty Flav 7

Event 3 - Halfpipe CrashEdit

The Maniacs easily advanced to the final round, but fell 4 points short of the winners, The Green Gang. They tied for 2nd in the standings with Golden Wisps after this round.

Name Score
Minty Drizzel 7
Minty Fresh 0
Minty Swirl 0
Minty Flav 1
Name Score
Minty Drizzel 0
Minty Fresh 7
Minty Swirl 2
Minty Flav 3
Name Score
Minty Drizzel 5
Minty Fresh 7
Minty Swirl 2
Minty Flav 1

Event 4 - Elimination Maze Edit

The Minty Maniacs barely cleared round 2 in this event. Minty Fresh placed 3rd in round 6 right behind Rollo from the Ruby Rollers and Jack of Clubs from the Black Jacks. The Maniacs advanced to 2nd in the total standings.

Event 5 - Quartet Jump Edit

The Minty Maniacs went first in this event and placed 4th, putting them back into 3rd in the total standings.

Round 1
Name Score
Minty Drizzel 10
Minty Fresh 4*
Minty Swirl 1
Minty Flav 5
  • One point subtracted, tower toppled

Event 6 - Pursuit Slalom Edit

The Minty Maniacs sadly lost the first round and placed 6th, their worst performance yet. This moved them back to 4th in the standings.

Event 7 - Swing Wave Edit

The Minty Maniacs made it to the Semi-Finals, but came up short. They placed 4th and went back up to 3rd in the standings.

Event 8 - Combination Race Edit

The Maniacs placed 5th in this race

Event 9 - Halfpipe Dash Edit

The Minty Maniacs placed last in their first race and placed 3rd in the consolation round, ending up in 7th place. This dropped them down to 5th tied with the Bluefastics.

Event 10 - Relay Course Edit

In what seemed to be the opposite of a hot streak, the Minty Maniacs lost in their first heat of this round and placed 5th. They dropped to 6th in the standings.

Event 11 - Block Pushing Edit

The Minty Maniacs ended up with a disappointing 5th place after losing in their first round.  

Event 12 - Ball BattleEdit

In a tragic ending, the Minty Maniacs placed 6th in this event. They ended the tournament in 7th place.

Group B
Match Score Standings
vs. Ruby Rollers 2-1 W
vs. Bluefastics 0-1 L
vs. Team Phoenix 1-1 T
Eliminated 3-3 1-1-1

MarbleLympics 2018Edit

With Season 1 of the Hubelino Tournament officially completed, the Minty Maniacs applied to compete against the other MarbleLympics teams for a spot in the 2018 Winter MarbleLympics.

In the first event Curling, the Minty Maniacs lost barely to the Chocolatiers just because the Chocolatiers were closer. They did however come in 6th place getting 3 points. In the Snow Sprint, Minty Drizzle was able to come in second right behind Astron from Team Galactic. 7 points were added to there total having 10 points overall putting them in a three tie for second with the Rojo Rollers and the Crazy Cat's Eyes. In the third event the Ice Sprint, Minty Fresh got 4th place with a time of 4.95 getting 5 points putting them in 4th place on the edge of qualifying. In the Halfpipe, Minty Maniacs needed a good amount of points and they did get good points. They got 3rd place earning 6 points letting them qualify into 3rd place.


The MarbleLympics line-up of the Minty Maniacs.


Event Participant Final Result Place Points
5m Ice Dash Minty Fresh 5.25 sec 16 0
Ski Jumping Minty Fresh 114.7 cm 7 9
Halfpipe All 27.42 sec 8 8
Bobsleigh All 14.97 sec 11 5
Speed Skating 20m Minty Flav 30.88 sec 5 11
Team Pursuit All 30.66 sec 5 11
Snow Rally Minty Swirl 47.69 sec 12 4
Snowboard Cross Minty Fresh 53.40 sec 12 4
Curling All --- 14 2
Gravitrax Biathlon All 25.49 sec 16 0
Ice Hockey All --- 2 20
Sand Mogul Race Minty Fresh 6.58 sec 13 3

During the off-season, the Minty Maniacs competed with all of the teams that had participated in the ML2018 Qualifiers in the 100 m Water Race. Unfortunately, the team did not finish the race, with Minty Drizzle getting stuck early on the track with six other marbles.

Retirement Edit

During the Amazing Marble Maze Race, it was revealed that the Minty Maniacs, along with the Black Jacks and Golden Orbs, had rejected invitations to participate in the 2019 MarbleLympics in favor of the second season of the Hubelino Tournament. The team was considered retired from the MarbleLympics because of this.

Hubelino Tournament Season 2 Edit

Event 1 - Swing WaveEdit

The Minty Maniacs didn't start off too well and ended up not qualifying for the Swing Wave finals despite having scored the most points in Group A. The Maniacs placed 5th in this event.

Heat Score Result
Vs. Green Gang 32 W
Vs. Bumblebees 21 L
Vs. Black Jacks 16 L
TOTAL 69 1-0-2

Event 2 - CatwalkEdit

Despite coming up short in the first event, the Minty Maniacs came home with the gold. With an impressive 5-0-0 record, the Minty Maniacs rolled over the competition and shot up to first in the standings.

Group A
Heat Score Result
Vs. Variant Violets 14 W
Vs. Bumblebees 20 W
Vs. Bluefastics 33 W
TOTAL 67 3-0-0
Score Result
Vs. Golden Orbs 21 W
Score Result
Vs. Bluefastics 23 W

Event 3 - Funnel RaceEdit

The Minty Maniacs placed 2nd in this event with a time of 3:32:96, a full 20 seconds after the Variant Violets and 17 seconds after the gold medalists, The Black Jacks. Despite these results, the Maniacs were still 3 points ahead of the Black Jacks to hold on to 1st place in the standings.

Event 4 - HalfpipesEdit

The Minty Maniacs seemed to be on fire at this point, but that streak ended at the halfpipes. The Maniacs barely scraped by in the first heat and were subsequently eliminated. They placed 6th in this event and dropped to 3rd in the standings behind the Black Jacks and the Bumblebees.

Race Result
vs Ruby Rollers Elim.

Event 5 - Block BumpingEdit

The Minty Maniacs placed 3rd in Block Bumping behind the Bluefastics and the ever-present Black Jacks. The Minty Maniacs remained in 3rd in the standings.

Event 6 - Relay RaceEdit

After winning another gold, the Minty Maniacs are back on top of the standings. After a very close final round, the Maniacs are victorious.

Race Time Result
Quarter-finals vs. Valiant Violets 15.64 Won
Semifinal vs. Ruby Rollers 15.25 Won
Final vs. Golden Orbs 15.96 Won

Event 7 - MazeEdit

After amazing consistency through the first 6 rounds, the Minty Maniacs lost in the final to the Bumblebees. The Minty Maniacs were still able to hang on to the top spot.

Event 8 - Big TowerEdit

The Minty Maniacs ended with a disappointing result in this event, having been eliminated in just the first race and placing 6th. Their fate was sealed when the Bumblebees earned a gold medal in the event, placing them six points ahead of the Maniacs to win the Hubelino Tournament 2018.

MarbleLympics Showdown 2019 Edit

Although the Minty Maniacs initially declined to participate in ML2019, they were invited back to compete upon the announcement of the MarbleLympics Showdown 2019, which would serve as a "B-League" to the 2019 MarbleLympics and allow non-qualified teams from ML2019, the top two Hubelino teams, and two fanmade teams to participate. The Minty Maniacs will compete once again with the Limers, Team Momo, Team Primary, Snowballs, and the Bumblebees in the Showdown later this year.


MarbleLympics ResultsEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2018 12 0 1 0 1 13th 77
2019 Didn't participate

MarbleLympics Showdown ResultsEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2019 4

Hubelino ResultsEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2016 12 0 2 2 4 7th 61
2018 8 2 2 1 5 2nd 67

Trivia Edit

  • The Minty Maniacs will be the first team to return to the MarbleLympics series after retiring from the ML to focus on Season 2 of the Hubelino Tournament.
  • The Minty Maniacs will be the only team in the MarbleLympics Showdown that has only qualified for the MarbleLympics; they have never failed to qualify for the MarbleLympics, unlike the eight unqualified teams, and they have been in the MarbleLympics before, unlike the Bumblebees, Hornets, and Turtle Sliders.
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