Mimo is one of the members of Team Momo. He was also part of Team Momary in Marble League 2018. He is the first ever reserve marble to replace a team member in Marble League history, replacing Momomomo starting in Event 4 of Marble League 2017 after Momomomo's injury.



After Momomomo's injury in the Fidget Spinner Collision during Marble League 2017, Mimo was announced as his replacement. He brought Team Momo a bronze medal in the High Jump event, having cleared 37.5 cm.


Momomomo recovered after his injury and Mimo became the reserve member, but after Momomo and Momomomo's injury Team Momo merged with Team Primary to become Team Momary. Mimo then joined the new team with Mo and Momo as the team's reserve member. He participated in Speed Skating and then he participated with the team in the Ice Hockey event.


After 2018, Mimo together with the other Team Momo members, rejoined and Mimo continued in his reserve member role.


Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Marble League 2017 Relay Run Team 2nd 11.89 sec. 20
Block Pushing Team 2nd 69.9 cm 20
High Jump Individual 3rd 37.5 cm 15
Steeplechase Team 9th 43.42 sec. 7
Archery Team 14th 31 pts 2
Marble League 2018 Qualifiers Halfpipe Team 6th 36.73 sec. 3
Marble League 2018 Bobsled Team 12th 15.06 sec. 4
Speed Skating Individual 15th 32.43 sec. 1
Team Pursuit Team 8th 32.20 sec. 8
Curling Team 2nd Runner Up 20
Biathlon Team 9th 27.16 sec. 7
Ice Hockey Team 8th Quarterfinal Loss 8
100 Meter Water Race Water Race Individual 9th 4:02.62 -
Marble League Showdown 2019 Collision Team 7th Quarterfinal Loss 5
Marbula One Season 1 O'raceway Grand Prix Individual 11th 5:28.32 0
Hivedrive Grand Prix Individual 9th 5:39.78 2
Short Circuit Grand Prix Individual 7th 5:32.88 6
Razzway Grand Prix Individual 3rd 5:33.06 15
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