The Midnight Wisps are a team introduced in the 2017 MarbleLympics. They are marbles with turquoise streaks circling a black backdrop. They are the winners of the 2018 MarbleLympics.



Team Members Edit


Wespy, Wispy, Wospy and Wuspy are the original members of the Midnight Wisps and are the current members of the team. Waspy joined the team in 2018. Wispy became team captain in 2019.

2017 Team 2018 Team 2019 Team
Wispy Wispy Wispy Captain
Wespy Wespy Wespy
Wospy Wospy Wospy
Wuspy Wuspy Wuspy
Waspy Waspy
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member

Name Presence Best Non-Qualifying Event Notes
Waspy 2018-Present N/A Waspy is not an active competitor, and is not included in team events.
Wespy 2017-Present Long Jump (2017) None
Wispy Sand Race (2017) Wispy was in the infamous crash with Momomomo in 2017, that caused Momomomo to be temporarily retired from the MarbleLympics. This can be found at the MarbleLympics 2017 part 3: Fidget Spinner Collision page.
Wospy Underwater Race (2017) Wospy snagged the gold medal in the Underwater Race, the best event of the Midnight Wisps’.
Wuspy Hurdles (2017) None


Coach From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
Wyspy 25 February 2019[1] present 16 2 1 0 3

Note: Events include any kind of events (friendly events, other tournaments, ...).

MarbleLympics 2017Edit


The Midnight Wisps were introduced as a new team for the MarbleLympics 2017. In the first qualifying event Relay Race, the team did poorly and ended up with the worst time. In Sand Race, Wispy ended up taking 4th place in his respective heat, but overall received 11th place, with 2 points. In Block Pushing, they were in the middle of the pack with the eighth spot and 5 points. Up until this point, they were not going to pass the qualification rounds, until Wospy snatched first place in the Funnel Spinning event and made the Midnight Wisps rise up to the final 7th place with a total of 22 points, making it into the main competition.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Relay Race All 12.78 sec. 16th 0 16th
Sand Race Wispy 27.18 sec. 11th 2 15th
Block Pushing All 60.9 cm 8th 5 15th
Funnel Spin Wospy 1:08.76 1st 15 8th

Main TournamentEdit

The first event, Funnel Spinning, showcased Wospy as the first member to compete solo in an event of the main tournament, and surprisingly did mediocre since Wospy won a similar event during the qualifications, ending up at 13th place with 3 points. On the other side of the spectrum, Wespy ended up taking second place in Long Jump, losing to the Chocolatiers and winning over the Thunderbolts on the podium. In Fidget Spinner Collision, the team did fairly well and ended up 6th. In the 5 Meter Sprint, Wispy boosted through the first heat unexpectedly, surpassing the Oceanics, who would've took the second place to move on to the semi-finals. However, Wispy was not fast enough during the second round and, as a result, took 8th overall.

They took the fourth spot in the competition with a total of 118 points, 1 point away from getting a tie with Mellow Yellow, the 3rd team of the season.

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Funnel Race Wospy 1:03.21 13th 3 13th
Long Jump Wespy 71.1 cm 2nd 20 4th
Fidget Spinner Collision All Quarterfinal Loss 6th 10 5th
5-meter Sprint Wispy 7.24 sec. 8th 8 8th
Hurdles Wuspy 10.32 sec. 11th 5 9th
Relay Run All 11.53 sec. 9th 7 8th
Block Pushing All 128.4 cm 11th 5 10th
High Jump Wespy 36.5 cm 9th 7 10th
Steeplechase All 42.03 sec. 3rd 15 8th
Archery All 32.5 pts 12th 4 9th
Underwater Race Wospy 13.27 sec. 1st 25 4th
Sand Rally Wispy 1:28.34 7th 9 4th

MarbleLympics 2018 Edit

Midnightwisps (1)

The Midnight Wisps logo in 2018


The Midnight Wisps competed in Group B.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Curling All Runner Up 2nd 7 2nd
Snow Race Wuspy 24.16 sec. 5th 4 2nd
5 Meter Ice Dash Wespy 5.00 sec. 4th 5 2nd
Halfpipe All 37.20 sec. 5th 4 4th

Main Tournament Edit

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
5 Meter Ice Dash Wespy 5.25 sec. 8th 8 8th
Ski Jump Wispy 112.4 cm 14th 3 11th
Halfpipe All 28.47 sec. 3rd 15 6th
Bobsled All 13.39 sec. 3rd 15 5th
Speed Skating Wospy 31.50 sec. 10th 6 6th
Team Pursuit All 35.77 sec. 16th 0 11th
Snow Rally Wuspy 46.23 sec. 3rd 15 9th
Snowboard Cross Wespy 54.84 sec. 6th 10 9th
Curling All Heat Loss 10th 6 9th
Biathlon All 23.16 sec. 4th 12 10th
Ice Hockey All Winners 1st 25 4th
Sand Mogul Race Wispy 5.92 sec. 1st 25 1st

MarbleLympics 2019 Edit

Midnight Wisps Logo

Midnight Wisps' original logo for the 2019 season, designed by Hersh.

Midnight Wisps Pim Logo

2019 Midnight Wisps logo, designed by Pim Leurs.

The Midnight Wisps automatically qualified for ML2019 after winning ML2018. They competed in a Friendly round on 02 February 2019 against the other pre-qualified teams, they finished third.

Friendly RoundEdit

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Funnel Race Wospy 1:35.96 2nd 4 2nd
Block Pushing All 96.6 cm 2nd 4 3rd
Relay Run All 10.50 sec. 2nd 4 2nd
Underwater Race Wespy 30.49 sec. 3rd 2 3rd

Main TournamentEdit

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standings
Underwater Race Wispy (C) 16.08 sec. 8th 8 8th
Funnel Race Wespy 1:39.11 10th 6 9th
Balancing All 220 cm 10th 6 9th
Gravitrax Slalom All 9.03 sec. 6th 10 9th
5 Meter Sprint Wuspy 6.356 sec. 15th 1 11th
Relay Run All DSQ 16th 0 13th
Block Pushing All 68.2 cm 1st 25 9th
Summer Biathlon Wispy (C) 33.87 sec. 15th 3* 12th
Hurdles Race Wuspy 8.744 sec. 1st 25 8th
Hubelino Maze All 26 15th 1 8th
Dirt Race Wespy DNF 14th 2 10th
Rafting All 36.06 sec. 2nd 20 5th
Elimination Race Wispy (C) 22.59 sec. 9th 7 7th
Surfing Wospy 42.84 13th 3 8th
Collision All Group Loss 13th 3 9th
Sand Rally Wuspy 2:02.95 8th 8 10th

* 2 consolation points were awarded due to an equipment failure

Marbula One 2019/20 Edit


The Midnight Wisps will be taking part in Marbula One 2019/20. Their team will consist of:

MarbleLympics resultsEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2017 12 1 1 1 3 4th 118
2018 12 2 0 3 5 1st 139
2019 16 2 1 0 3 10th 128

Team Members' Individual Scores Edit

Marble Competed in Individual events
participated in
Medals Won Total Individual Points
Waspy MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019
0 gold medal
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
0 pts
Wespy MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019
Long Jump (2017)
High Jump (2017)
5 Meter Ice Dash (2018)
Snowboard Cross (2018)
Funnel Race (2019)
Dirt Race (2019)
0 gold medal
1 silver medals
0 bronze medals
53 pts
Wispy MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019
5-Meter Sprint (2017)
Sand Rally (2017)
Ski Jump (2018)
Sand Mogul Race (2018)
Underwater Race (2019)
Summer Biathlon (2019)
Elimination Race (2019)
1 gold medal
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
62 pts
Wospy MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019
Funnel Race (2017)
Underwater Race (2017)
Speed Skating (2018)
Surfing (2019)
1 gold medal
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
37 pts
Wuspy MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019
Hurdles (2017)
Snow Rally (2018)
5 Meter Sprint (2019)
Hurdles Race (2019)
Sand Rally (2019)
1 gold medal
0 silver medals
1 bronze medals
54 pts

Italics - As reserve member

Trivia Edit

  • Despite numerous allegations, the Midnight Wisps and Team Momo do not have a rivalry because of Momomomo's injury against the two teams in the Fidget Spinner Collision. In fact, the Midnight Wisps gave a generous sum of donation to help cover Momomomo's medical bills.
  • Midnight Wisps share a rivalry with Savage Speeders because of their one-point victory in ML2018.
  • Coming into the last two events of the 2018 Winter Marblelympics, the Wisps were tenth, and nowhere near the championship fight. Through excellent team work in Hockey and an incredible performance by Wispy in the Sand Mogul Race, they were able to clinch the championship with the most notable comeback so far in MarbleLympics history.
  • Midnight Wisps were the second team to win two consecutive gold medals. These medals were in the 2018 Ice Hockey and Sand Mogul Race. The first team was Balls of Chaos earlier on in the same MarbleLympics edition.

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