Mellow Yellow are a MarbleLympics team that has appeared in all four editions of the games. The team was notable in the first two stagings of the MarbleLympics for scoring two podium finishes, 2nd in 2016 and 3rd in 2017. This team’s name is a play on Mello Yello, a soft drink brand by Coca-Cola. The team has won eight medals across the two events (tied for most all time with the Thunderbolts and Savage Speeders) and appeared in the 2019 Marble League.


Team MembersEdit

Yellah, Yellow, Yelley and Yellup were the original members of Mellow Yellow and are the current members of the team. Yellim was also introduced to the team in 2018. Yellow became team captain in 2019.

2016 Team 2017 Team 2018 Team 2019 Team
Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow  Captain
Yelley Yelley Yelley Yelley
Yellah Yellah Yellah Yellah
Yellup Yellup Yellup Yellup
Yellim Yellim
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member


Coach From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
Mellow 25 February 2019[1] present 16 1 0 2 3

Note: Events include any kind of events (friendly events, other tournaments, ...).

MarbleLympics 2016 Edit

Mellow Yellow was founded in 2016 by Yellup, Yelley, Yellow, Yellah. Yellim also became a member of Mellow Yellow in the 2018 Winter MarbleLympics. However, Yellim is only used for the draw for pools in qualifying or if one of his teamates gets injured . In the first event of the 2016 MarbleLympics, Mellow Yellow gave the first attempt at the balancing event where they scored 312 points, a score which held the top position until the second-last attempt when the Rojo Rollers scored an impressive 347 to steal the gold medal.

Things picked up for Mellow Yellow in Event 4, the classic Sand Marble Rally. Yelley blazed through the qualifying to earn 2nd place, just 1.1 seconds behind the top marble to book a spot in the final. Seven of the top eight teams in the standings were represented in the final, but it was Yelley again who came through, overtaking Rojo Uno to claim the team's first gold medal of the MarbleLympics. The win boosted Mellow Yellow into a three-way tie for first with the Jawbreakers and Rojo Rollers.

The next six events were disappointing for Mellow Yellow, as they recorded just one scoring finish in the stretch, a bronze medal in the Water Race. Their team luck seemed to be reversing in Event 10, as they got back into the scoring, but Event 11 (Quartet Diving) saw the team play first again, but this time no team could catch them as they claimed their second gold of the MarbleLympics and vaulted into a three-way tie for 2nd place.

With just two points separating Mellow Yellow from first place, a strong finish in the Hurdles heat was all important. Yellup was selected to race the heat, and he edged out the Limers' Sublime by 0.03 seconds to move on to the final. In the last race of MarbleLympics 2016, Yellup built a solid lead early but struggled over the last hurdles as Speed of the Savage Speeders pushed through by less than 0.01 seconds to win the event and the overall title. Yellup's silver medal was Mellow Yellow's joint-record fifth medal of the games, and it was good enough to bring the team into a second place finish overall.

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Balancing All 312 cm 2nd 7 2nd
Relay Race All 24.13 sec. 10th 0 3rd
Collision All Quarterfinal Loss 8th 1 6th
Sand Rally Yelley 0:55.94 1st 10 1st
Long Jump Yellah 71.8 cm 16th 0 3rd
Water Race Yellow 1:18.84 3rd 5 3rd
High Jump Yelley X 14th 0 4th
10 Meter Sprint Yellup 5.191 sec. 10th 0 4th
Team Pursuit All 25.90 sec. 10th 0 4th
Precision Slalom All 17 pts 7th 1 6th
Quartet Diving All 40.72 pts 1st 10 3rd
Hurdles Yellup 5.34 sec. 2nd 7 2nd

MarbleLympics 2017 Edit

Mellow Yellow automatically qualified for MarbleLympics 2017 because of their second place finish in ML2016.

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Funnel Race Yellah 1:08.09 10th 6 10th
Long Jump Yellup 70.5 cm 4th 12 9th
Fidget Spinner Collision All Quarterfinal Loss 5th 11 7th
5-meter Sprint Yellow 6.13 sec. 1st 25 1st
Hurdles Yelley 11.26 sec. 14th 2 3rd
Relay Run All 11.93 sec. 11th 5 6th
Block Pushing All 137.6 cm 10th 6 8th
High Jump Yellah 38 cm 1st 25 3rd
Steeplechase All 41.66 sec. 2nd 20 2nd
Archery All 32.5 pts 11th 5 2nd
Underwater Race Yellow 14.34 sec. 15th 1 3rd
Sand Rally Yelley 1:28.69 15th 1 3rd

It took a couple events for Mellow Yellow to get up to speed in 2017. The team's first three events saw two top 5 finishes, but no medals, and they were stuck in 7th place after the first quarter of the games. Event 4, the 5-meter sprint, saw Mellow Yellow reverse its luck as Yellow won his heat by 0.1 seconds over the Oceanics' Sea. Yellow earned the second spot the final when he finished just behind Choc in the semifinal. The final saw Mellow Yellow get revenge for 2016 when Yellow came from behind to edge out Speedy of the Savage Speeders to claim the gold by 0.02 seconds.

Another dry spell ensued, as over the next three events, the best finish Mellow Yellow could muster was 10th. Yellah, however, rebounded in spectacular fashion for Event 8, the high jump. Yellah successfully cleared each of his first seven jumps to clear 38cm, setting a new MarbleLympics record. Event 9 showed just how much momentum means for a team, as in the Steeplechase Mellow Yellow posted a raw score of 40.66. Despite the success of three teammates, Yellah could not complete the course, and so his team incurred a penalty second, which pushed them to 0.09 seconds behind the gold medal winning Savage Speeders.

A narrow defeat in the Steeplechase clearly brought morale down in the locker room, as Mellow Yellow was unable to crack the top ten for the rest of the games. Even though the two teams immediately below them in the standings won the last two events, Mellow Yellow's performances early in the games were enough to secure the overall bronze medal and a guaranteed place at the 2018 Winter MarbleLympics.

MarbleLympics 2018 Edit

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.15.27 pm

2018 Mellow Yellow logo

Mellow Yellow automatically qualified for the 2018 season because of their third place finish in ML2017. They entered the season as a favorite to win the competition. Instead, they ended up in 15th place without winning a single medal, one of the biggest drops in MarbleLympics history. How they collapsed so badly is a mystery, but the team fired their coach before the season is over and replaced them with a new one.

Friendly Round Edit

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
5 Meter Ice Dash Yellup 4.94 sec. 2nd 3 2nd
Curling All - 2nd 3 3rd
Halfpipe All 38.40 sec. 2nd 3 2nd

Main Tournament Edit

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
5 Meter Ice Dash Yellup 5.04 sec. 9th 7 9th
Ski Jump Yellah 115.0 cm 6th 10 8th
Halfpipe All 27.39 sec. 10th 6 9th
Bobsled All 14.81 sec. 10th 6 12th
Speed Skating Yellow 32.48 sec. 16th 0 14th
Team Pursuit All 30.23 sec. 9th 7 14th
Snow Rally Yelley 51.53 sec. 11th 5 15th
Snowboard Cross Yellup 58.60 sec. 16th 0 16th
Curling All Quarterfinal Loss 5th 11 16th
Biathlon All 25.11 sec. 14th 2 15th
Ice Hockey All Quarterfinal Loss 6th 10 15th
Sand Mogul Race Yellow 6.50 sec. 4th 12 15th

MarbleLympics 2019 Edit

Mellow Yellow Logo

Mellow Yellow's original logo for the 2019 season, designed by Hersh.

Mellow Yellow Pim Logo

Mellow Yellow logo, designed by Pim Leurs.


Although Mellow Yellow did not automatically qualify, the team had a successful showing at Qualifiers, getting a silver medal in the Relay Race and qualifying in eleventh place.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Funnel Race Yellup 0:46.24 20th 1 20th
Block Pushing All 98.7 cm 11th 8 17th
Relay Race All 9.54 sec. 2nd 20 11th
Underwater Race Yellah 29.72 sec. 10th 9 11th

Main TournamentEdit

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Underwater Race Yellow (C) 15.80 sec. 11th 5 11th
Funnel Race Yellah 1:42.06 9th 7 10th
Balancing All 273 cm 6th 10 8th
Gravitrax Slalom All 8.86 sec. 5th 11 8th
5 Meter Sprint Yellow (C) 6.159 sec. 1st 25 6th
Relay Run All 9.063 sec. 9th 7 6th
Block Pushing All 65.1 cm 3rd 15 6th
Summer Biathlon Yelley 31.55 sec. 9th 7 4th
Hurdles Race Yellow (C) 9.133 sec. 8th 8 4th
Hubelino Maze All 26 7th 9 5th
Dirt Race Yellah DNF 15th 1 5th
Rafting All 40.21 sec. 14th 2 7th
Elimination Race Yellup 20.99 sec. 7th 9 6th
Surfing Yelley 49.11 5th 11 5th
Collision All 3rd Place Winner 3rd 15 4th
Sand Rally Yellow (C) 2:02.96 9th 7 4th

Marbula One 2019/20 Edit


Mellow Yellow will appear in the first Marbula One Competition. Their team will consist of:

MarbleLympics ResultsEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2016 12 2 2 1 5 2nd 41
2017 12 2 1 0 3 3rd 119
2018 12 0 0 0 0 15th 76
2019 16 1 0 2 3 4th 149

Team Members' Individual ScoresEdit

Marble Competed in Individual events
participated in
Medals Won Total Individual Points
Yellah MarbleLympics 2016

MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019

Long Jump (2016)

Funnel Race (2017)
High Jump (2017)
Ski Jump (2018)
Funnel Race (2019)
Dirt Race (2019)

1 gold medals

0 silver medals
0 bronze medals

49 pts
Yelley MarbleLympics 2016

MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019

Sand Rally (2016)

High Jump (2016)
Hurdles (2017)
Sand Race (2017)
Snow Rally (2018)
Summer Biathlon (2019)
Surfing (2019)

1 gold medals

0 silver medals
0 bronze medals

36 pts
Yellim MarbleLympics 2018

MarbleLympics 2019

0 gold medals

0 silver medals
0 bronze medals

0 pts
Yellow MarbleLympics 2016

MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019

Water Race (2016)

5-Meter Sprint (2017)
Underwater Race (2017)
Speed Skating (2018)
Sand Mogul Race (2018)
Underwater Race (2019)
5 Meter Sprint (2019)
Hurdles Race (2019)
Sand Rally (2019)

2 gold medals

0 silver medals
1 bronze medals

88 pts
Yellup MarbleLympics 2016

MarbleLympics 2017
MarbleLympics 2018
MarbleLympics 2019

10 Meter Sprint (2016)

Hurdles (2016)
Long Jump (2017)
5 Meter Ice Dash (2018)
Snowboard Cross (2018)
Elimination Race (2019)

0 gold medals

1 silver medals
0 bronze medals

35 pts

Italics - As reserve member

Trivia Edit

  • Despite its names sounding the same, Mellow Yellow has nothing to do with the soft drink brand "Mello Yello".
  • Mellow Yellow was one of two teams to have automatically qualified for all of the ML, until it placed fifteenth at the end of ML2018. Savage Speeders was the only team to hold that distinction until 2019, which it placed 5th, just below Mellow Yellow.
  • Mellow Yellow shares a rivalry with Savage Speeders due to close finishes at the end of ML2016 and ML2017.
  • Mellow Yellow also shares a rivalry with Pinkies for their battle in ML2018 to stay out of the "basement", referring to last place in the overall standings.
    • Mellow Yellow ultimately won this battle, finishing in fifteenth place and tying with Limers in points. However, Mellow Yellow remained in fifteenth because it had not medaled, while Limers had earned a gold medal.


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