The 2020 Marble Rally Showdown was scheduled to be the third edition of the Sand Marble Rally B-League before it was cancelled in September 2020.

Competing Marbles

Twelve marbles were going to be competing in the 2020 SMR Showdown. The 17th-20th of 2019 A-League (CobraMarbly McMarblefacePhoenix and H2 Blue) and the 9th-12th of 2019 B-League (Wisp of DarknessBlue MoonGrasshopper and Green Turtle) were going to be competing. The 5th-8th marbles in the race-off were also going to be competing.

  1. Cobra
  2. Marbly McMarbleface
  3. Phoenix
  4. H2 Blue
  5. Wisp of Darkness
  6. Blue Moon
  7. Grasshopper
  8. Green Turtle


In September 2020 it was revealed that Qualification for Marble Rally 2020 had been scrapped and instead 20 individual marbles were invited to take part based on their previous performance and physical condition.[1] The B-League was also scrapped.[2]

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