The 2020 Sand Marble Rally is the fifth edition of the Sand Marble Rally. It began on the 15th September 2020. There are currently 12 races planned, the first time since 2017, although this is subject to change.

Changes in 2020

Starting Order

The Marble Rally 2019 (top) starting grid compared to the Marble Rally 2020 (bottom) starting grid

The starting grid's numbering was changed for the 2020 season.


Invited marbles

  1. Black Knight
  2. Blazing Fireball
  3. Blizzard Blaster
  4. Cobra
  5. Comet
  6. Cool Moody
  7. Crazy Cat's Eye
  8. Dragon's Egg
  9. Ducktape
  10. El Capitan
  11. Ghost Plasma
  12. Lollipop
  13. Marbly McMarbleface
  14. Nemo
  15. Pollo Loco
  16. Quicksilver
  17. Red Number 3
  18. Slimer
  19. Summer Sky
  20. Superball

Non-invited marbles

  1. Big Pearl
  2. Blue Moon
  3. Deep Ocean
  4. Grasshopper
  5. Green Turtle
  6. H2 Blue
  7. Phoenix
  8. Rastafarian
  9. Reflektor
  10. Silver Bolt
  11. White Widow
  12. Wisp of Darkness

Retired Marbles

No marbles have retired between 2019 and 2020


There are no newcomers this season.

Scrapped Qualification

MR2020 Training Camp.

At the end of Marble Rally 2019, the qualification system for 2020 was released.

Prequalified for the 2020 Marble Rally:

  • Top 12 of 2019 and Top 4 of 2019 B-League

2020 Marble Rally Showdown:

  • 17th-20th of 2019 and 9th-12th of 2019 B-League

A race-off for the final available spots in the Marble Rally was planned. Four out of the participating eight would have qualified from here.

Participating in the Race-off:

  • 13th-16th of 2019 and 5th-8th of 2019 B-League

However, in September 2020, it was announced that the Race-off had been cancelled, and instead 20 individual marbles were invited to take part based on their previous performances and physical condition.[1] The Showdown was also cancelled.[2]


Rank Marble R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 Points:
1st Crazy Cat's Eye 20
2nd Cool Moody 17
3rd Marbly McMarbleface 14
4th Lollipop 12
5th Pollo Loco 11
6th Black Knight 10
7th Quicksilver 9
8th Superball 8
9th Ghost Plasma 7
10th Red Number 3 6
11th El Capitan 5
12th Slimer 4
13th Comet 3
14th Ducktape 2
15th Blazing Fireball Ret
16th Summer Sky Ret
17th Blizzard Blaster Ret
18th Dragon's Egg Ret
19th Cobra Ret
20th Nemo Ret

t: tied

Ret: Retired/Did Not Finish

Point System

  • 1st: 20pts
  • 2nd: 17pts
  • 3rd: 14pts
  • 4th: 12pts
  • 5th: 11pts
  • 6th: 10pts
  • 7th: 9pts
  • 8th: 8pts
  • 9th: 7pts
  • 10th: 6pts
  • 11th: 5pts
  • 12th: 4pts
  • 13th: 3pts
  • 14th: 2pts
  • 15th: 1pt


Race Winner Time Margin Starting position
R1 Crazy Cat's Eye 1:53.76 +0.17 P4
  • Note:
    • P1–P10 is on the front row
    • P11–P20 is on the back row

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  1. Jelle's Marble Runs (13th September 2020). Jelle's Marble Runs Community Tab. “Instead of a qualifiers system like previous years, this year 20 marbles were invited to take part based on their performance in the last season and their physical condition.”
  2. JMR_throwaway (13th September 2020). Race 1 of Marble Rally 2020 this Tuesday! (click through for more on qualification). Reddit.
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