The 2020 Sand Marble Rally will be the fifth edition of the Sand Marble Rally. It is set to start in Autumn 2020.


Prequalified for the 2020 Marble Rally:

2020 Marble Rally Showdown:


A race-off for the final available spots in the Marble Rally will be in the same video as the first race of the season. 4 of the 8 marbles will qualify.

Participating in the Race-off:


Qualified MarblesEdit

  1. Red Number 3
  2. Ghost Plasma
  3. Superball
  4. Crazy Cat's Eye
  5. El Capitan
  6. Blizzard Blaster
  7. Pollo Loco
  8. Cool Moody
  9. Dragon's Egg
  10. Comet
  11. Quicksilver
  12. Summer Sky
  13. Big Pearl
  14. Rastafarian
  15. Lollipop
  16. Ducktape

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