The 2019 season of the Marble Rally is the fourth edition of the Sand Marble Rally. It was officially renamed to the Marble Rally 2019 as there will be races on different terrains as well. It is set to be held in 2019. Like in the 2018 season, a B League will be held again too, featuring marbles who failed to qualify for the A League.

Changes in 2019Edit

Different TerrainEdit


A normal sand course
(Race 8 (2017))

The 2019 season will see races on different terrains other than sand. Dirt, and possibly streets and water could feature.

General ChangesEdit

  • Some obstacles return, such as the drophole and the chevron sign.
  • The ghost marble will regain it's role from 2017, where it comes out of the starting gate a few seconds after the competitors, to try to push up marbles who got stuck.


The qualification format was planned to change compared to 2018 with an elimination race format[1]. But they weren't able to do this format due to a lack of time.[2]. The format was then changed where 8 marbles compete per race and the top 5 of each qualification race would qualify for the A-league. The last 3 are relegated to the B-league. There were 2 qualification races, 1 practice race for the prequalified marbles and one "wildcard race".

Prequalified for the A-league:

All the other marbles participated in the qualification round.

Practice RaceEdit

Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st Summer Sky 1:04.31 P4
2nd Pollo Loco 1:05.95 P8
3rd Phoenix 1:07.90 P3
4th H2 Blue 1:08.50 P2
5th Superball 1:08.98 P6
6th Red Number 3 1:09.12 P5
7th Black Knight 1:11.26 P1
DNF Quicksilver Did not finish P7

Qualification Race AEdit

Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st El Capitan 1:05.70 P6 Qualified
2nd Blizzard Blaster 1:08.78 P7 Qualified
3rd Dragon's Egg 1:08.92 P3 Qualified
4th Marbly McMarbleface 1:09.07 P4 Qualified
5th Cool Moody 1:09.83 P5 Qualified
6th Green Turtle 1:09.87 P1 Not qualified
7th Big Pearl 1:10.40 P8 Not qualified
8th Grasshopper 1:10.70 P2 Not qualified

Qualification Race BEdit

Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st Crazy Cat's Eye 1:06.28 P7 Qualified
2nd Slimer 1:07.66 P2 Qualified
3rd Cobra 1:08.58 P1 Qualified
4th Comet 1:08.59 P6 Qualified
5th Silver Bolt 1:09.42 P4 Qualified
6th Lollipop 1:09.94 P3 Not qualified
7th Wisp of Darkness 1:10.02 P5 Not qualified
8th White Widow 1:10.24 P8 Not qualified

Wildcard RaceEdit

Pos. Marble Time Starting
1st Reflektor 1:08.06 P7 Qualified
2nd Ghost Plasma 1:08.09 P5 Qualified
3rd Ducktape 1:08.53 P6 Not qualified
4th Deep Ocean 1:09.22 P2 Not qualified
5th Blazing Fireball 1:10.08 P4 Not qualified
6th Rastafarian 1:10.18 P1 Not qualified
7th Nemo 1:11.01 P8 Not qualified
8th Blue Moon 1:11.21 P3 Not qualified


Qualified MarblesEdit

  1. Black Knight
  2. Blizzard Blaster
  3. Cobra
  4. Comet
  5. Cool Moody
  6. Crazy Cat's Eye
  7. Dragon's Egg
  8. El Capitan
  9. Ghost Plasma
  10. H2 Blue
  11. Marbly McMarbleface
  12. Phoenix
  13. Pollo Loco
  14. Quicksilver
  15. Red Number 3
  16. Reflektor
  17. Silver Bolt
  18. Slimer
  19. Summer Sky
  20. Superball

Retired MarblesEdit

No marbles have retired between 2018 and 2019.


There is one newcomer: Cool Moody


Just like previous season, there will be an A division and B division. The B League contains 12 competitors compared to last season's 11.


Rank Marble R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 Points:
1st Black Knight
2nd Blizzard Blaster
3rd Cobra
4th Comet
5th Cool Moody
6th Crazy Cat's Eye
7th Dragon's Egg
8th El Capitan
9th Ghost Plasma
10th H2 Blue
11th Marbly McMarbleface
12th Phoenix
13th Pollo Loco
14th Quicksilver
15th Red Number 3
16th Reflektor
17th Silver Bolt
18th Slimer
19th Summer Sky
20th Superball

t: tied

Points SystemEdit

To Be Announced

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