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The Marble Rally (formerly the Sand Marble Rally) is a marble sports event, which has been hosted yearly since the first edition in 2016. In the Sand Marble Rally, marbles race in tracks made out of sand on a sandy hillside. All competitors are 25 mm in diameter.[1]


Season Races Champion
2016 12 Ghost Plasma
2017 13 Dragon's Egg
2018 8 Red Number 3
2019 8 Red Number 3
S5 12 Superball


The tracks are constructed by Jelle Bakker. He usually gets assisted by his brother Dion Bakker and/or volunteers. Every track constructed hosts 2 races.

Marble Rally Season 5 was the first season to feature a non-sand race with Race 7 taking place on snow.


(1) Doornse Gat
(2) Dopersduin Bregtdorp & Klimduin Schoorl
(3) Papenberg Castricum
(4) 't Peeske Montferland
(5) SnowWorld Amsterdam


The following sandhills have held Marble Rally races:



In the 2016 Sand Marble Rally and mainly the 2017 Sand Marble Rally there were obstacles placed on the tracks. "Artificial" obstacles were removed from the 2018 Sand Marble Rally on to make the races more fair and less reliant on luck. In 2019, the chevron sign, boost and drophole were reinstated. In 2020, the "Shuffle Board" was introduced to mix up the order and make the races less predictable.

A list of obstacles

  • Split / Junction
  • Rotating mill / beacon / chevron sign
  • Jump / Ramp
  • Drophole
  • Unrimmed curve
  • Slalom
  • Teardrop
  • Plinko board
  • Hairpin
  • Braid
  • Tunnel
  • Loose Items (These items can sometimes be moved by marbles after been hit, but can also bounce back the marbles)
  • Dummy Balls: They will just roll down the course after been hit.
  • Conifer Cones, Acorns, Chestnuts: These things will just roll down a part of the course and can hinder the marbles, but these can be pushed off track.
  • Sticks / Twigs: Loose sticks or twigs can be pushed aside of the track. However, a stick or twig which has been pushed in the course can bounce the marbles back. They are usually found in splits or junctions.
  • Tree roots: They will launch or bounce back marbles when struck.
  • Stones / Rocks / Pebbles: Little ones will be simply pushed away, but larger ones will bounce off or misdirect the marbles. When a marble hits a stone with high speed, the marble can suffer injury which would eliminate the marble from the rest of the tournament.
  • Leaves: These will reduce the speed of the marbles.
  • Shuffle Board: A flat wooden plate followed by a banked turn that can slow down marbles quite extremely


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The entire 2020 roster.

All Sand Marble Rally marbles have a diameter of 25 mm.


  1. @Jelles_com. Twitter (11th January 2018). “The official size of marblelympic athletes is 16mm, but their friends from Sand Marble Racing are actually bigger with a diameter of 24mm!”