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The logos for the teams participating in the 2019 Qualification


The teams participating in the 2017 Qualification

Sixteen teams participate in the Marble League each season, with the best three teams of each season, along with the host team, automatically qualifying for the next season. The rest of the teams are sent to the qualifiers, which are a series of events in which the teams gain a set amount of points based on their performance. The top 12 teams with the most points, qualify.

When the Marble League Showdown was added, the top 8 will proceed to the qualifiers for the next year. The Marble League Showdown is basically a preliminary round.

All teams and their uniform colors Edit

Marble League Qualified Teams Timeline Edit

Team 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Appearances
Balls of Chaos 8th X 5th 9th ? 3
Black Jacks - - X - - 0
Bumblebees - - - - ? 0
Chocolatiers 13th 8th X 12th ? 3
Crazy Cat's Eyes - - 10th 11th ? 2
Gliding Glaciers - - X - - 0
Golden Orbs - - X - - 0
Green Ducks - - - 2nd 2
Hazers - - 6th 3rd 3
Hornets - - - - ? 0
Indigo Stars - - - 14th ? 1
Jawbreakers 7th 13th X X ? 2
Jungle Jumpers - 15th X 7th ? 2
Kobalts 9th X X X X 1
Limers 15th 10th 14th X X 3
Minty Maniacs - - 13th - ? 1
Mellow Yellow 2nd 3rd 15th 4th ? 4
Midnight Wisps - 4th 1st 10th ? 3
O'rangers 5th 1st 4th 6th ? 4
Oceanics 10th 11th 3rd 16th ? 4
Pinkies 16th 6th 16th 15th ? 4
Quicksilvers - 16th X - - 1
Raspberry Racers - - 8th 1st 3
Rojo Rollers 6th X X X ? 1
Savage Speeders 1st 2nd 2nd 5th ? 4
Shining Swarm - 7th X X X 1
Snowballs 14th X 7th X ? 2
Team Galactic 11th 5th 11th 8th 5
Team Momo 4th 9th 12th X ? 3
Team Plasma - - X - - 0
Team Primary 12th 14th X X ? 2
Thunderbolts 3rd 12th 9th 13th ? 4
Turtle Sliders - - - - X 0

Table Legend Edit

Symbol Meaning
1st Champions
2nd Runners-up
3rd 3rd Place
4th-16th Team participated (Final placement)
? Team eligible for qualification
X Team did not qualify
- Team did not exist yet or retired

Marble League 2016 Teams Edit

Marble League 2017 Newcomers Edit

Marble League 2018 Newcomers Edit

*Since the Gliding Glaciers were forced to withdraw from the 2017 Marble League Qualifiers, they were technically a newcomer in 2018.

**Team Momo and Team Primary temporarily merged to become Team Momary.

Marble League 2019 Newcomers Edit

*Four teams were chosen to compete in the Marble League Showdown, alongside the eight teams that failed to qualify for ML 2019. The Bumblebees and the Minty Maniacs placed first and second in the Hubelino Tournament 2018. The Hornets and the Turtle Sliders were chosen by the fans, and this marked the first time these two teams competed in a marble race.

**The Indigo Stars, much like the Gliding Glaciers before them, have been known about since 2017. However, 2019 was their first appearance in the ML Qualifiers.

Retired Teams Edit

*Though the real reason for the Quicksilvers and the Gliding Glaciers retiring from the ML is unknown, it is most likely due to both teams' sub-par performance in the 2018 ML Qualifiers.

**All of the Hubelino teams chose to retire from the ML following the announcement of the second Hubelino Tournament. These teams included the Black Jacks, the Golden Orbs, and the Minty Maniacs. The Minty Maniacs later came back in the Marble League Showdown, so they aren’t counted as retired teams.

***Team Plasma were originally going to compete in the 2019 ML Qualifiers, but later retired and had the Green Ducks take their place.

Marble League StandingsEdit

2016 Edit

Team Placement Points
Savage Speeders 1st 44
Mellow Yellow 2nd 41
Thunderbolts 3rd 41
Team Momo 4th 38
O'rangers 5th 31
Rojo Rollers 6th 30
Jawbreakers 7th 21
Balls of Chaos 8th 21
Kobalts 9th 20
Oceanics 10th 19
Team Galactic 11th 19
Team Primary 12th 17
Chocolatiers 13th 16
Snowballs 14th 14
Limers 15th 12
Pinkies 16th 12

2017 Edit

Team Placement Points Qualification
O'rangers 1st 156 2017 Qualifiers 3rd
Savage Speeders 2nd 150 2016 Marble League 1st
Mellow Yellow 3rd 119 2016 Marble League 2nd
Midnight Wisps 4th 118 2017 Qualifiers 8th
Team Galactic 5th 114 2017 Qualifiers 5th
Pinkies 6th 113 2017 Qualifiers 1st
Shining Swarm 7th 112 2017 Qualifiers 5th
Chocolatiers 8th 110 2017 Qualifiers 9th
Team Momo 9th 105 2016 Marble League 4th
Limers 10th 101 2017 Qualifiers 11th
Oceanics 11th 99 2017 Qualifiers 4th
Thunderbolts 12th 83 2016 Marble League 3rd
Jawbreakers 13th 83 2017 Qualifiers 11th
Team Primary 14th 71 2017 Qualifiers 2nd
Jungle Jumpers 15th 66 2017 Qualifiers 9th
Quicksilvers 16th 58 2017 Qualifiers 5th
Non-Qualified Teams
Kobalts 17th N/A 2017 Qualifiers 13th
Snowballs 17th N/A 2017 Qualifiers 13th
Balls of Chaos 17th N/A 2017 Qualifiers 13th
Rojo Rollers 20th N/A 2017 Qualifiers 16th

2018 Edit

Teams Placement Points Qualification
Midnight Wisps 1st 139 2018 Qualifiers Group B 4th
Savage Speeders 2nd 138 2017 Marble League 2nd
Oceanics 3rd 130 2018 Qualifiers Group B 1st
O'rangers 4th 121 2017 Marble League 1st
Balls of Chaos 5th 116 2018 Qualifiers Group C 1st
Hazers 6th 111 2018 Qualifiers Group A 1st
Snowballs 7th 110 Hosts
Raspberry Racers 8th 110 2018 Qualifiers Group C 2nd
Thunderbolts 9th 109 2018 Qualifiers Group C 3rd
Crazy Cat's Eyes 10th 96 2018 Qualifiers Group A 4th
Team Galactic 11th 95 2018 Qualifiers Group A 2nd
Team Momo
Team Momary*
12th 90 2018 Qualifiers Group B 3rd
Team Momo Injury/Team Primary Merge
Minty Maniacs 13th 77 2018 Qualifiers Group A 3rd
Limers 14th 76 2018 Qualifiers Group C 4th
Mellow Yellow 15th 76 2017 Marble League 3rd
Pinkies 16th 65 2018 Qualifiers Group B 2nd
Non-Qualified Teams†
Rojo Rollers 17th N/A 2018 Qualifiers Group A 5th
Kobalts 17th N/A 2018 Qualifiers Group B 5th
Team Primary 19th N/A 2018 Qualifiers Group C 5th
Golden Orbs 19th N/A 2018 Qualifiers Group B 6th
Black Jacks 21st N/A 2018 Qualifiers Group C 6th
Jawbreakers 22nd N/A 2018 Qualifiers Group A 6th
Jungle Jumpers 22nd N/A 2018 Qualifiers Group B 7th
Chocolatiers 24th N/A 2018 Qualifiers Group A 7th
Team Plasma 25th N/A 2018 Qualifiers Group C 7th
Gliding Glaciers 26th N/A 2018 Qualifiers Group B 8th
Quicksilvers 27th N/A 2018 Qualifiers Group A 8th
Shining Swarm 27th N/A 2018 Qualifiers Group C 8th

*Team Momo placed 3rd in Group B and qualified, while Team Primary placed 5th in Group C and did not qualify. After Team Momo suffered multiple injuries in Event 4: Bobsled, Team Momo and Team Primary merged to become Team Momary.

†Due to teams being split into groups for Qualifiers, final standings are based on each team's point accumulation as if all non-qualified teams had been in one Qualifiers group.

2019 Edit

Teams Placement Points Qualification
Raspberry Racers 1st 216 2019 Qualifiers 8th
Green Ducks 2nd 204 2019 Qualifiers 4th
Hazers 3rd 184 2019 Qualifiers 1st
Mellow Yellow 4th 149 2019 Qualifiers 11th
Savage Speeders 5th 146 2018 Marble League 2nd
O'rangers 6th 139 2018 Marble League 4th*
Jungle Jumpers 7th 138 2019 Qualifiers 5th
Team Galactic 8th 134 2019 Qualifiers 2nd
Balls of Chaos 9th 131 2019 Qualifiers 7th
Midnight Wisps 10th 128 2018 Marble League 1st
Crazy Cat's Eyes 11th 125 2019 Qualifiers 3rd
Chocolatiers 12th 121 2019 Qualifiers 12th
Thunderbolts 13th 119 2019 Qualifiers 9th
Indigo Stars 14th 112 2019 Qualifiers 6th
Pinkies 15th 97 2019 Qualifiers 10th
Oceanics 16th 70 2018 Marble League 3rd
Non-Qualified Teams
Limers 17th N/A 2019 Qualifiers 13th
Team Momo 18th N/A 2019 Qualifiers 14th
Rojo Rollers 19th N/A 2019 Qualifiers 15th
Kobalts 20th N/A 2019 Qualifiers 16th
Jawbreakers 21st N/A 2019 Qualifiers 17th
Snowballs 22nd N/A 2019 Qualifiers 18th
Shining Swarm 23rd N/A 2019 Qualifiers 19th
Team Primary 24th N/A 2019 Qualifiers 20th

*With the Oceanics being named hosts, they automatically qualified, and their 3rd place qualification spot was passed down to the O'rangers, who finished 4th (If another team were hosts, the O'rangers would not have automatically qualified as it is top 3 and the hosts who automatically qualify).

2020 Edit

Teams Placement Points Qualification
Raspberry Racers TBA TBA 2019 Marble League 1st
Green Ducks TBA TBA 2019 Marble League 2nd
Hazers TBA TBA 2019 Marble League 3rd
Team Galactic TBA TBA Hosts
Teams Pending Qualification
Mellow Yellow TBA TBA TBA
Savage Speeders TBA TBA TBA
O'rangers TBA TBA TBA
Jungle Jumpers TBA TBA TBA
Balls of Chaos TBA TBA TBA
Midnight Wisps TBA TBA TBA
Crazy Cat's Eyes TBA TBA TBA
Chocolatiers TBA TBA TBA
Thunderbolts TBA TBA TBA
Indigo Stars TBA TBA TBA
Oceanics TBA TBA TBA
Snowballs TBA TBA TBA
Rojo Rollers TBA TBA TBA
Team Primary TBA TBA TBA
Jawbreakers TBA TBA TBA
Bumblebees TBA TBA TBA
Minty Maniacs TBA TBA TBA
Non-Qualified Teams
Shining Swarm 25th N/A 2019 Showdown 9th
Kobalts 26th N/A 2019 Showdown 10th
Turtle Sliders 27th N/A 2019 Showdown 11th
Limers 28th N/A 2019 Showdown 12th
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